Environmental Impact Assessment Reports

Environmental Impact Assessment Reports

The Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited (NAOC) conducts integrated Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA) studies in compliance with the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Act 2004, Department of Petroleum Resource’s (DPR’s) Environmental Guidelines and Standards for the Petroleum Industry in Nigeria (EGASPIN) and eni’s Guidelines and Standards that made EIA mandatory for development projects in the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria.

Through a data collection process, ESHIA provides information on the potential environmental, socio-economic and health impacts of proposed projects and promotes environmentally sound and sustainable development on the basis of the identification and implementation of appropriate mitigation and enhancement measures.  

Types of project activities requiring EIA are as follows:

  • Seismic Operations.
  • Oil and gas field developments onshore, near-shore, offshore and deep offshore.
  • Laying of crude oil and gas delivery flow-lines/pipelines.
  • Hydrocarbon processing facilities:
    • Oil refineries and petrochemicals;
    • Liquefied Natural Gas/Natural Gas Liquids/Gas Condensate Plants;
    • Blending Plants;
  • Product filling stations;
  • Construction of product depot;
  • Construction of waste treatment and/or disposal facilities;
  • Dredging activities, etc.

A selection of Executive Summaries of EIA reports that have received final regulatory approvals is reported below.

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Last updated on 16/11/18