HSE Integrated Policy

(Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Radiation Protection)

Nigerian Agip Oil Company Ltd. – naoc, Agip Energy and Natural Resources Ltd. – aenr and Nigerian Agip Exploration Ltd. – nae and Nigerian Agip CPFA Ltd. are committed to the exploration and production of oil and gas. We fully accept the principle that in addition to being a statutory requirement, sound Health, Safety, Environment, Quality and Radiation Protection practices play a significant role in all successful management initiatives. Consequently, the Companies have the primary objective to comply with all relevant legislations, standards or requirements and to ensure:

  • Health and Safety of our employees and the people who could be directly impacted by our activities.
  • Protection and Preservation of the Environment and the adoption of principles of Environmental Sustainability.
  • Achieving continuous improvement in Health, Safety and Environment performance through implementation of the HSE IMS (Integrated Management System) for all our projects and operational activities.
  • Quality and control of all procedures.
  • Radiation Protection for all personnel.

To meet its objectives, The Companies will operate in accordance with the following principles:

  • Promote a culture inside the whole Companies in which all employees share HSE commitment and are fully involved in its implementation;
  • Acting in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, the Management System Guidelines HSE, the HSE Integrated Management System, Eni E&P Standards, all agreements that are voluntarily subscribed by the Companies and, where laws and regulations are not available, apply the recognized international standards;
  • Establish accountability and responsibility for HSE within organizational line management;
  • Establish a framework to set and monitor the HSE objectives in order to ensure their accomplishment;
  • Identify and evaluate HSE risks related to its operations in a documented manner, implementing all practicable measures to ensure healthy and safe working conditions;
  • Implement programs and appropriate protective measures to control risks and to respond quickly and effectively to any emergency resulting from its operations;
  • Prevent accidents, injuries and occupational illnesses of workers, contractors and the people who may be directly impacted by its activities;
  • Ensure that employees and contractors are adequately trained and aware of the importance of HSE aspects of their job;
  • Establish selection and management processes for purchase, supply and contracting of goods and services, to ensure that suppliers’ and contractors’ policies are in line with our Policies;
  • Ensure and support the principle “Stop any activity at any time if you feel that safety is compromised”;
  • Seek economically viable ways to minimize the environmental impact of its operations, reduce waste generation, conserve resources and respect biodiversity;
  • Develop and maintain knowledge throughout the organization, by timely communication of information, education and training;
  • Ensure quality and control of all operations and provide products that meet the specified quality requirements, which are consistent with contractual specifications and statutory requirements.
  • Reviewing, at appropriate intervals, the adequacy, suitability and effectiveness of the HSE IMS and its performance against the requirements of reference standards and other agreements, including strategic eni objectives, targets and HSE Policy. 


January 2016

Last updated on 16/11/18