Social Investments

Social Investments

Over many years, NAOC has contributed to hundreds of communities in the areas of access to energy, education, infrastructure, health, agricultural assistance and various forms of empowerment.

Access to energy
  • Our access to energy projects have delivered power through the Independent Power Plant (IPP), connections to off-grid systems and to NAOC facilities.

  • High literacy levels are important for sustainable communities. Therefore, NAOC provides support to the educational system in Nigeria by giving scholarship opportunities to youth/students especially in the host states of Bayelsa, Delta, Imo and Rivers states. Since 1992, many scholarships and bursaries have been disbursed. Additionally, a large number of primary and secondary schools, living quarters for teachers and libraries have been constructed and furnished.

  • Other forms of infrastructural developments have delivered different forms of sustenance. For instance road networks, bridges and jetties encourage transportation of people and products; markets and public buildings encourage central meeting areas for different purposes, potable water schemes have increased standards of hygiene in rural communities.

Socio-economic development
  • The Green River Project, an agricultural initiative, has been of significant benefit for the communities living in the Rivers, Bayelsa, Imo and Delta States, lending support to farmers and co-operatives. The project provides seedlings, fish fingerlings, and training and agricultural extension activities to a large number of co-operatives and farm families with consideration to women, youth and other vulnerable groups.

    The NAOC empowerment programmes aim to develop capacity through vocational training and skills acquisitions, to enhance the growth of small and medium enterprises and community contractors. Similarly, an appreciable number of the local population are employed directly and indirectly by NAOC, contributing to increased employment in the Niger Delta.

  • NAOC’s investment strategy in the area of healthcare aims to make health services available to less privileged populations particularly in the rural Niger Delta. Investments have been made in infrastructural health projects, ranging from building and equipping of primary healthcare centers, doctors’ and nurses’ quarters and ancillary utilities.

    These are consolidated with several community health initiatives including awareness campaigns (HIV/AIDS) and definitive interventions maternal and child health, eradication of malaria and other endemic diseases.

Last updated on 16/11/18