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Model of Excellence

To help people reach their full potential, we have clearly defined the distinctive behaviours that define our 'model of excellence'. This model is a set of skills, behaviours and competencies that people who work for us need to display at different levels of seniority. The 'model of excellence' is used in all of our evaluation, feedback, training and development processes.

The model of excellence

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    Knowledge and know-how

    is the part of the model which represents skills, development and the sharing of know-how, as well as the capacities to put these into practice in order to reach objectives.

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    Courage to change

    refers, on the one hand, to strategic vision, awareness of markets and change and, on the other, to courage in decision-making, planning and completing new initiatives while assuming risk in a responsible way.

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    is the ability to involve, integrate and collaborate with peers, a fundamental element at all organizational levels, but is also people leadership, the ability to manage and develop resources by creating conditions of mutual trust.

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    refers to motivation, engagement and positive outlook, as well as energy, dynamism, tenacity and stamina, particularly in difficult and stressful situations.

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    Setting an example

    means, on the one hand, a responsible attitude regarding results and resources, conformity of actions and transparency of operations, and on the other, the level of credibility gained both within the business and externally.

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Last updated on 13/08/14