The Eni symbol emerged in 1953 after a competition to design a corporate logo for the company. The name of the designer only became public thirty years later. In fact, Luigi Broggini (sculptor, designer and painter), never admitted that the design was his and only after his death was it possible to ascertain the truth, that came from his son in an interview with the journalist Dante Ferrari. Although Broggini loved design, it was an area in which he always used pseudonyms, or presented work under the name of his associates, anything to ensure that his own name did not appear. Also for the Eni competition he preferred to present the drawings of the "Six-legged dog" through the Milan-based designer Giuseppe Guzzi, who had merely assisted in its creation.

Eni’s brand identity

The six-legged dog has established the values that underpin corporate communication. Today this is also expressed through the campaign Eni with Italy.

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The six-legged dog: a history of Eni’s logo from 1953 to 1998

Follow the evolution of our brand through a series of steps reflecting the history of both the company and the Italian nation.

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The six legged dog history

History of the six legged dog company. From the foundation of Eni passing through nowadays to get to know what will be the future of energy.

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Our sustainable story

towards the countries in which we operate is well represented by the image of the dual flag: the six-legged dog and the local flag. The two flags fly side by side not only at facilities and operational fields,

13 July 2018 Section: Sustainability

Liverpool bay

located in Wales, a region that has welcomed us from the beginning given its similarity with our six-legged dog and the dragon in the country's flag. Two strong and determined creatures that symbolise energy,

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Preserving the past with the historical archive

commercials by Ettore Scola for the launch of Supercortemaggiore petrol - famous for the slogan "The six-legged dog, man's best friend on four wheels"- to sound recordings of the speeches of Enrico Mattei, newsreels [...] same software used all types of documents held by the Historical Archive and a special photo ...

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Egyps 2018

with important discoveries in Egypt, Angola, Congo, Gabon, Ghana and Mozambique. The company's six-legged dog first let its traces in the Egyptian desert in 1954. And today Africa provides over half of

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Feeling safe! Safety++, wearable technology designed for personal safety

News Feeling safe! Safety++, wearable technology designed for personal safety The Safety++ project, a result of Eni's partnership with MIT, aims to improve safety in the workplace. A multidisciplinary

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packages. By exploiting the most advanced simulation and design tools/software and continuously updating skills, it is able to carry out all stages of design: feasibility studies and the selection of development [...] Tecnomare and Eni engineering e&p EniProgetti is able to provide a complete range of international level design ...

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The new tells Eni's world

follow the same concept, with a clean and clear design and development on horizontal bands that facilitate the reading and scanning of information; a design solution based on mobile, which maintains the [...] the new Maybe stories are just data with a soul. Brene Brown The main objective of ...

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The rebirth of Ponticelle

was completed in 2001 and signed off by the Province of Ravenna. Phase II - for which an alternative design was presented that involves using capping to permanently secure the site, thus ensuring the highest [...] redevelopment Reclamation work for Ponticelle NOI is scheduled to begin in 2019, once the executive design ...

11 June 2018 Section: operations

Local communities development

involving the population and local stakeholders in the creation of new opportunities. Such projects are designed on the basis of local needs and structured in an integrated manner across a range of sectors. In [...] project. The objectives are: to assess expectations on new projects to share local impact assessments to ...

5 July 2018 Section: Sustainability

Towards a reduction in the ecological footprint

such as methanol and ethylene . Such transformations are achieved using novel catalysts specially designed and synthesised as a result of knowledge acquired from the detailed analysis of materials and existing [...] take place on the surface of solid catalysts during catalytic conversion. This knowledge is used to design and synthesize nanoscopically ...

20 October 2016 Section: Innovation

Upstream: hydrocarbon production in extreme environments

operational excellence in the upstream sector, we focus on quality and precision in every aspect of the design and construction of wells. We have developed and patented internationally recognised drilling, completion [...] optimisation technologies, with net gains in terms of safety for the environment and people. We have also designed proprietary ...

1 January 2016 Section: Innovation

Water wells along the coastline of northern Kenya

were shared with all stakeholders and a programme targeting health and access to clean water was designed and agreed with the County Government of Lamu through a memorandum of understanding on 10 November, [...] to reallocate funds to pay for a desalination plant . Once again, in-house expertise helped in the design ...

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furniture Development of project initiatives: with regard to project management activities for the design and realisation of real estate, security systems and access verification systems. Business services [...] and multifunction, fax) and the development of projects for the rationalisation of printing systems designed to promote sustainability, reduce costs and protect the ...

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Eni’s sustainability projects in Angola

established by Eni Angola with the Ministry of Energy and Water. As a result of the study, Eni Angola designed an integrated social project of access to energy and water, health and capacity building, for two [...] of Luanda. The Kilunda health centre is deprived of electricity. The study carried out ...

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Eni's sustainability projects in Kenya

were shared with all stakeholders and a programme targeting health and access to clean water was designed and agreed with the County Government of Lamu through a memorandum of understanding on 10 November [...] to reallocate funds to pay for a desalination plant . Once again, in-house expertise helped in the design ...

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Eni’s sustainability projects in Norway

organised locally, including: oil spill training courses held by the colleges of Lofoten and Vesteraalen designed to sensitise students on environmental issues in the coastal area of the north of Norway activities [...] operator of the Goliat licence PL229/229B and its partner Statoil, selected the best option following a design ...

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Mobile app

Google Play Eni Station Partita Iva The new `Eni Station Partita IVA' app is easy to use, secure and designed for all professionals or holders of an Italian VAT number (IVA). The new app lets users pay for [...] on iTunes Eni Station Partita Iva The new `Eni Station Partita IVA ...

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Green Data Center and HPC

Efficiency, reliability, security Eni's supercomputer was designed to meet three main objectives:efficiency, reliability and security. It is a "galaxy of skills" and a "nerd paradise" that will enable [...] calculations of the HPC. There are more than 7,000 systems with more than 60,000 core CPUs, and the ...

2 May 2018 Section: Innovation

Liverpool Bay. Safety and environment

in safety, citizenship and life skills. Trained `Danger Rangers' guide the groups. The centre is designed like a real film set with the zones used to deliver safety education tours. DangerPoint, safe children [...] to replicate in a classroom environment. Trained `Danger Rangers' guide the groups. The centre is designed like ...

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Human Rights Impact Assessment

In 2015, the first step for a human rights impact assessment related to the Myanmar activities was designed and launched for the exploration phase of the onshore block RSF-5 . To this end Eni Myanmar benefited

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