The company’s four-year investment plan is focused on high value projects with quick returns and the development of conventional projects.

Gas Supply

In 2016, Eni’s consolidated subsidiaries supplied 82.64 bcm of natural gas, down by 2.75 bcm or 3.2% from 2015. Gas volumes supplied outside Italy from consolidated subsidiaries (76.64bcm), imported in Italy or sold outside Italy, represented approximately 93% of total supplies, down by 2.02 bcm or 2.6% from 2015. This reflected lower volumes purchased in Libya, in Russia and in the Netherlands, partially offset by higher purchases in Algeria (up by 6.85 bcm).

OCTP Project Benefits

300,000 people has been developed by Eni Foundation within the framework of eni Community Health Programs. Moreover, in collaboration with IFC/WB, the OCTP JV Community Investment Strategy is under preparation [...] Area, in ways that are sustainable and tapping opportunities generated by OCTP investments. The OCTP JV sees community ...

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Intervento dell'Amministratore Delegato, Claudio Descalzi al Parlamento Europeo

reduce prices. For all these reasons, today's gas supply is even more secure, diversified and competitive than in the past. We cannot waste the efforts and investments made in the past decades, but we have to [...] Stato un'offerta di gas sicura, concorrenziale e diversificata". È questa la posizione ...

12 May 2016

Targets up to 2020 and the action taken to reach them

Contacts Targets up to 2020 and the action taken to reach them Concrete action taken by Eni to achieve the objectives set out in the 2017-2020 strategic plan: Upstream, Mid-downstream, financial strategy, [...] in 2025: 10 MTPA - Cumulative CFFO 2017-2020: 2.6 billion - Full realignment with the market of gas supply ...

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The funds of Eni’s Historical Archive

leading figures of the Eni Group and important personalities closely associated with Enrico Mattei, made in the 1980s by Eni's Historical Archive itself. A collection of testimony by Eni pioneers is currently [...] on activities conducted by Eni over the years in collaboration with companies and consortia such as Aipa ...

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Eni’s proved and undeveloped reserves

delivery obligations set forth in a long-term gas supply agreement currently in force. In order to secure fulfillment of the contractual delivery quantities in Libya, Eni will implement phased production start- [...] mainly due to: extensions and discoveries (up by 873 mmboe), in particular in Egypt due to final investment decision ...

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Eni’s strategic transformation in Gas & Power

gas and power sector Main actions to be taken to ensure Eni meets its targets in the years ahead Profit and simplification of operations In 2016 Eni foresees a slight increase in demand in the Gas & Power [...] cashflow earnings, by means of the following interventions: a complete adjustment of the ...

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The six legged dog history

of the world's largest energy companies, dies in a plane crash. 1962 Eni signs the first major gas supply contract with Russia. 1969 Eni starts the first studies to produce electricity by photovoltaic conversion. [...] of all Eni becomes a public limited company and starts the privatisation process. 1992 Eni ...

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The results of 2016 and how they were achieved

cash neutrality level - Eni has halfed its cash balance point from $127/barrel in 2013 to $50/barrel in 2016 - In the period 2014-2016, despite a 50% fall in the price of oil, Eni achieved a cumulative liquidity [...] 2016, of which over 2 billion in 2016 (vs. 400 million in ...

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Access to energy in Ghana

energy in Ghana Focus on A new record for Eni in deep-field production - Watch the video Eni starts production ahead of schedule and with a record time-to-market Eni has launched production from the Integrated [...] celebrate First Oil from the Sankofa field in Takoradi, in the presence of President Akufo-Addo and ...

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Eni’s activities in Nigeria

related to the E&P sector in the country, where Eni has been present since 1962 a focus on the onshore and offshore blocks of the Niger Delta in which Eni operates Eni offices and contacts in Nigeria Exploration [...] hydrocarbon production, net to Eni, amounted to 117,000 boe/day ...

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