OCTP Project Benefits

Contacts OCTP Project Benefits Through reliable supply of power, the OCTP Project will contribute significantly to the economic growth of Ghana's in the short-to-medium term. Ghana domestic natural gas [...] service delivery for power continuity against shortages currently being experienced in-country. OCTP Project multiple benefits can be summarized in the ...

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Ghana: the OCTP project

Contacts Ghana: the OCTP project The Offshore Cape Three Points (OCTP) is an integrated oil and gas development project being a major contribution to access energy in Ghana. Caption Description OCTP will [...] and where needed most. Eni Ghana Exploration and Production Ltd is the Operator (47.222%) of the Project ...

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Eni’s sustainability projects in Ghana

Cape Three Point oil and gas project (OCTP) the Livelihood Restoration Plan applied in the country to support local families and encourage socio-economic development the project launched by the Eni Foundation [...] access to energy is Ghana. In fact, Eni has launched the integrated Oil and Gas Offshore Cape Three Points ...

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Gas advocacy

development and production. Gas and local benefit: access to energy with OCTP in Ghana The Offshore Cape Three Points (OCTP) project is making an important contribution to energy access in Ghana. In only two-and-a- [...] & Gas Development Project in the Ghana offshore block. Back in January 2015, we signed an agreement ...

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Access to energy in Ghana

countries that host us also grow. Claudio Descalzi What is this project? What is this project? The Integrated Oil&Gas Development Project is the only deep-water non-associated gas development in Sub-Saharan [...] integrated Offshore Cape Three Points (OCTP) to start production, and in a record time. The Energy Minister Boagye Agyarko ...

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Eni reaches all-time production record

described it. Our record In 2017, Eni started production from Angola's East Hub field, Ghana's OCTP project , Indonesia's Jangkrik and - in a record time for the industry - Egypt's Zohr , the largest gas field

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Eni’s activities in Ghana

since 1960 the main development activities for oil and gas reserves concentrated in the Offshore Cape Three Points (OCTP) area Eni offices and contacts in the country Exploration & Production In March [...] block (Eni's interest 44.44%). In case of exploration success, the block will benefit from the OCTP project ...

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Exploration model

analyses for development are made during exploration. The information collected enables us to improve project engineering and reduce the amount of time required to reach the final investment decision (FID) . [...] 20m cubic metres per day. In record time, less than three years after the FID, OCTP in Ghana - a project ...

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to sustain their livelihoods and ensure they benefit from the economic activity generated by OCTP Project, pursuing sustainable development. In this regard, a sustainable and extensive social investment [...] economic development, building local capacity to access long-term opportunities generated by the Project and in the wider area. In addition to the ...

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Eni’s relations with local communities

of the project, put together a number of measures during the selection and acquisition of land to avoid and minimise the environmental and social impact. To support families affected by the project, a recovery [...] with local stakeholders, aimed at promoting collaboration with the communities in all phases of the project ...

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