The company’s four-year investment plan is focused on high value projects with quick returns and the development of conventional projects.

Capital expenditure

2014 2015 2016
Exploration & Production (€ million) 10,156 9,980 8,254
Gas & Power (€ million) 172 154 120
Refining & Marketing and Chemicals (€ million) 819 628 664
Corporate and financial companies (€ million) 113 64 55
Impact of unrealized intragroup profit elimination (€ million) -82 -85 87
Capital expenditure - continuing operations (€ million) 11,178 10,741 9,180
Capital expenditure - discontinued operations (€ million) 561 781 -
Capital expenditure (€ million) 11,872 11,302 9,180

Source: Integrated Annual Report 2016

Technological innovation

2014 2015 2016
R&D expenditure(¹) (€ million) 174 176 161
First patent filing applications (number) 64 33 40
- of which filed on renewable sources (number) 29 16 12

(¹) Net of general and administrative costs

Source: Integrated Annual Report 2016

Eni Corporate University

Contacts Eni Corporate University Eni Corporate University is dedicated to the development of technical and managerial knowledge and development and promotion of Eni's corporate identity and employer brand. [...] training has played a key role at Eni. The company's founder had great confidence that people could make a contribution ...

1 August 2017 Section: careers

Eni Award

out more Research Research is the basis of our competitiveness which is why we invest in technology. The meaning of the Eni Award is looking to the future. Claudio Descalzi [...] Changes ahead with the 10th award Energy scenarios change, the landscape evolves, new talents emerge. The Eni Award will celebrate ...

20 October 2016 Section: media

Being part of Eni

balanced generational change. People who become part of the Eni team are given the opportunity to: accelerate their professional growth : when joining Eni, everyone has the opportunity to access training of the [...] respect for the environment to the promotion of the wellbeing of the communities where we operate. Eni in ...

27 July 2017 Section: careers

Versalis: industrial chemical company in Eni

portfolio with higher added-value products. In completing the transformation process, we will continue to invest both in the development of a product portfolio offering greater added value and in international

31 August 2017 Section: operations

The business integration strategy in Eni

in the world and the first ever in the Barents Sea. The strength of our core business enables us to invest in the energy of tomorrow by integrating natural gas in the transition to renewables and developing

20 July 2016 Section: operations

What it means to work at Eni

Home Being part of eni With 29,000 employees in 66 countries, working at Eni is a unique experience for each one of our colleagues. But our passion for delivering excellence, our ability to innovate and [...] excellence and continuous innovation. The best way to achieve this success is to invest ...

12 May 2016

Eni at the "Access to Energy in Africa" WAME Seminar

Eni at the "Access to Energy in Africa" WAME Seminar Eni at the "Access to Energy in Africa" WAME Seminar Roberto Casula, Chief Development, Operations & Technology Officer of Eni will be the speaker [...] access to energy". Eni works primarily with local communities, NGOs, local governments of the countries it operates ...

14 May 2015 Section: enipedia

Upstream Italy

in production Ravenna: towards a low-carbon future with Italian gas Eni has been conducting Upstream activities in Ravenna since 1952 , the year the first gas discovery was made. This long tradition has [...] represents Eni's industrial history in Sicily. The Upstream activities conducted here are carried out by Eni Mediterranea ...

31 August 2017 Section: operations

Eni is a partner of the 42nd edition of the International Study Days at the Centro Pio Manzù

Eni is a partner of the 42nd edition of the International Study Days at the Centro Pio Manzù Eni is a partner of the 42nd edition of the International Study Days at the Centro Pio Manzù A female 21st [...] regardless of the culture in any part of the world where ...

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Performance and investments

We wanted to ensure the company was capable of operating even under adverse conditions and chose to invest in technologies and the capacity to exploit our assets by using our resources and know-how. This [...] moment. How we achieve our results We are prepared to face difficult conditions, we have chosen ...

31 August 2017 Section: operations