The Fact Book is a supplement to the Annual Report providing additional financial and operational information.

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Press announcements 2006

main operations and events, available to download in PDF format. At the bottom of the page you will find announcements published in newspapers from 2007 to 2015. Documents Quarterly Report at 30.9.2006 [...] dividend pdf 47 KB Confirmation of AGM-EGM 2006 dates pdf 63 KB Quarterly Report at 31 ...

12 May 2007 Section: enipedia

Eni selected operating data

Contacts Selected operating data Here you can find the annual operating data by business sector. You can read the chart and an interactive version. Effective January 1, 2016, management elected to change

10 April 2017 Section: investors

Data managers privacy

managers privacy The data managers referred to by the various web pages of In this page you can find the list of the data managers referred to by the various web pages on this site ( Communication [...] data management on, as per Legislative ...

12 May 2016 Section: privacy policy

Selected consolidated financial data

Contacts Selected consolidated financial data Here you can find the annual economic and financial data by business sector. You can read the chart and an interactive version. Effective January 1, 2016,

10 April 2017 Section: investors

Local Content: the new Mattei Formula

section dedicated to the presence of Eni in the world you can find out more about Eni's presence and sustainability projects in the different countries. Find out more on eni pedia [...] value that the company can bring to the socio-economic system of the countries in which it operates, it ...

12 May 2016 Section: Sustainability

Eni at the Meeting di Rimini 2013

emergence of human values is possible and that anywhere in the world, today as in the past, people can find strength in the impulse of their desire, reignited by an encounter, by an incident, by experience. [...] the graphics produced by the talents, visitors can contribute with their own ideas and ...

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call Citibank N.A. when you move so that your account records can be updated and your dividend check is sent to the right address. How can I find out Eni ADR dividend information? On the Eni's profile on [...] Do I always get an ADR certificate? How can I ...

12 May 2016 Section: enipedia

FAQs Eni on the stock exchange and dividends

place between Italy and single foreign countries can entitle to a reduction of said witholding tax under certain circumstances. The foreign individual investor can claim to the Italian tax authority a reimbursement [...] " Eni on the Stock Markets" /en_IT/investors/ In this area, you can also find detailed information ...

12 May 2016 Section: enipedia

The refining, commercialization and marketing activities of Eni

in Sustainability We are an energy company. We are working to build a future where everyone can access energy resources efficiently and sustainably. Our work is based on passion and innovation, on our

12 May 2016 Section: operations

Singularity University Summit: let's imagine the future

the technologies we are investing in today can become "exponential" tomorrow - and to what extent Big Data can help us in our future business development. Find out more Circumstances have changed Francesco

25 September 2017 Section: media