The strategic transformation outlined in the plan will create a much more robust Eni, able to face a period of low oil prices while continuing to create sustainable value.

Business lines

  • Exploration & Production

    E&P is our main business. It is currently present in over 40 countries and is focused on finding and producing oil and gas. Eni’s strategy is to deliver organic production growth, leveraging on a highquality portfolio of assets and longstanding relationships with host countries. Our strategy combines geographical diversification with scale benefits and project synergies.

  • Gas & Power

    G&P is engaged in all phases of the gas value chain: supply, trading and marketing of gas and electricity, gas infrastructures, and LNG supply and marketing. Eni sells more than 60% of its gas outside Italy and its leading position in the European gas market is supported by competitive advantages, including its multicountry approach, longterm gas availability, access to infrastructure, market knowledge, wide product range and strong customer base.

  • Refining & Marketing and Chemicals

    R&M refines and markets fuels and other oil products primarily in Italy. Our R&M division is relatively small compared to the R&M segment of our peers. Eni is the largest refiner in Italy and the leading operator in retail marketing of fuels with a market share of around 25%. Eni’s strategy in R&M is to cut capacity and costs and enhance margins to return to profitability.

R&M - 2017 highlights

  • adj operating profit (€ millions) 991
  • capex (€ billions) 0.7
  • throughput (Mtonnes/year) 24

E&P - 2017 highlight

  • adj operating profit (€ millions) 5.2
  • capex (€ billions) 7.7
  • production (Mboe/d) 1.82
  • proved reserves with a life index of 11,6 y (bln boe) 7
  • organic reserve replacement ratio (%) 103

G&P - 2017 highlights

  • adj operating profit (€ millions) 214
  • capex (€ billions) 0.1
  • gas sold worldwide (bcm) 81
  • electricity sold (TWh) 35

2018 Business Outlook

Management’s expectations for our business performance in 2018 are provided below.

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Our mission

Our model for sustainable development.

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Eni's strategy

Our commitment and aims for the period to 2021

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Eni's 2018-2021 plan: value expansion in all business. 2018-2021 Strategy.

Eni financial highlights and key performance Indicators

The key financial, economic and operational figures on continuing operations. Economic, financial and operational performance over the past three years Over the past three years, we have made significant [...] both growth and the creation of value. This process of radical change, begun in 2014, has enabled ENI to transform its ...

3 May 2017 Section: investors

Our answers to Amnesty International - Key finding 1 - Failure to take all reasonable measures to prevent spills

vs 2013). Minor bunkering remains active in two areas only. These results highlight the Company's commitment to constantly improve its performance in the area notwithstanding its challenges. NAOC JV cannot [...] approximately covering 3.000 km) have been a target of criminal groups and militants with easier access to the ...

16 March 2018 Section: media

Our answers to Amnesty International - Key finding 4 - Request for information

environment protection From 2017, a series of public awareness campaigns has started in the most sensitive areas of NAOC JV operations 03/16/2018 - 5:00 PM We are an energy company.We are working to build a future

16 March 2018 Section: media

Eni's upstream model: the key to business development

Eni's upstream model: the key to business development Eni's upstream model: the key to business development Overview In detail: the date of the event and a list of speakers the presentation viewable [...] Production Documents eni's upstream model - the key to business development pdf 3 MB Conference call ...

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Our answers to Amnesty International - Key finding 2 - Failure to take prompt steps to prevent pollution

inform you once again that the disruption of JIV/repair intervention is a recurrent problem in this area. OAA/ENV/HSE/PH/0035/17 (21/02/2017).please be informed that the JIV was conducted under the search [...] manage oil spill emergencies, the NAOC JV developed an Oil Spill Contingency ...

16 March 2018 Section: media

Reserved area

and Password for access to the reserved area. If you have received an email with instructions for access to the reserved area of the eni portal, click on the key icon and insert the User ID and Password [...] Reserved area Reserved area Access to the reserved area of the portal ...

1 January 2016 Section: reserved area

Eni in Myanmar: Stakeholder Engagement

Eni in Myanmar: Stakeholder Engagement Eni Myanmar adopted a systematic approach for the efficient management of the stakeholder engagement process. Dialogue with stakeholders Eni promotes the sharing [...] local stakeholders. This process has also been tailored to fit the reality of the project areas. In this regard, Eni Myanmar undertook pre-emptive ...

30 September 2016 Section: media

Point of Ayr Land Management Programme – Environment education

the Point of Ayr Gas Terminal in North Wales, a key element of the Liverpool Bay development at that time. The conservation of the area Since 2014, when Eni took over 100% operatorship of the Liverpool Bay [...] preserving and enhancing natural environmental features of key importance in this area of ...

6 February 2018 Section: media

Our answers to Amnesty International - Key finding 3 - Unreliable or misleading information

data recording. The fact that the JIV reports are publicly available, makes it possible to compare key data agreed on the field, and those reported by the company. At the end of the Joint Investigation [...] report. Moreover, the digital copy of the JIV report is available on the NAOC sustainability ...

16 March 2018 Section: media

Exploration and development activities

offshore field. Eni has also signed an agreement with Qatar Petroleum, assigning it a share in the block subject to the approval of the country's authorities. Following these agreements, Eni will manage operations [...] manage operations in this area and own a 55 per cent stake. In Kazakhstan, an agreement ...

11 May 2018 Section: operations

Eni Governance Awards Archive

2013 Eni Governance awards in 2012 Eni Governance awards in 2011 Eni Governance awards in 2010 Eni Governance awards in 2009 Eni Governance awards in 2008 Eni Governance awards in 2007 Eni Governance [...] board committees. Eni Governance Awards Archive Overview Eni Governance awards in 2017 Eni Governance awards in 2016 ...

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Eni’s activities in Libya

kilometers net to Eni). Production activity is carried out in the Mediterranean Sea near Tripoli and in the Libyan Desert area and includes six contract areas. Onshore contract areas are: Area A, consisting [...] interest 50%); Area D with Block NC 169 that feeds the Western Libyan Gas Project (Eni's ...

12 May 2016 Section: enipedia

Eni’s sustainability projects in Norway

goods and services by Eni Norge reached 87%, increasing opportunities for small and medium-sized Norwegian companies to participate in tenders. Education In the education field, Eni Norge encourages the [...] and encouraged cultural exchange with local stakeholders. During the "Varangerfestival", Eni Norge also created "Eni Arctic Talent", a project that provides ...

12 May 2016 Section: enipedia

Supply and refining in 2016

11% from North Africa, 1% from West Africa, 1% from North Sea and 2% from other areas. In January 2016 Eni launched the new Eni Diesel + fuel that contains about 15,000 renewable components produced from vegetable [...] trading of petrochemical products and the launch of Eni Diesel + fuel Eni's ...

9 August 2017 Section: enipedia

Eni's sustainability projects in Kenya

purchase and supply of medical equipment and water wells in the coastal area access to water: water wells in the northern coastal area of the country education and access to energy: Light in Dadaab, the energy [...] intervention on the ground. Eni Kenya is playing its part . As part of its ...

30 August 2017 Section: enipedia

Eni’s sustainability project in Congo

Exploration & Production sector in conventional and deep offshore and onshore areas. Link Eni and Congo, a long-standing friendship Eni Foundation EITI Eni's sustainability project in Congo Overview Focus [...] the local communities located in the MBoundi, Kouakouala, Zingali and Loufika onshore area (Hinda District), where Eni Congo operates. The project ...

12 May 2016 Section: enipedia

Exploration in 2016

exploration wells (10.2 for Eni). The commercial success rate is at the top levels for the industry (50% for Eni). At the end of the year there were 79 wells in progress (40 for Eni). Exploration wells and [...] hydrocarbon reserves In 2011, 16 new exploration wells (10.2 for ...

10 August 2017 Section: enipedia

Eni’s sustainability projects in Indonesia

the vicinity of our working area is the key. Eni Indonesia established a permanent meeting point named "Rumah Singgah" or "Shelter House" which is located in the residential area of the local community in [...] entering the area, a social baseline study was conducted in 2013 in cooperation with a prominent ...

12 May 2016 Section: enipedia

Exploration and research of hydrocarbons

oil exploration, even in extreme environments. Successful Exploration Eni develops cutting-edge technology for oil exploration, key to its success in the discovery of new fields in extreme environments. [...] geological events that have taken place in the areas under investigation. To reduce the number of exploration wells, lead times, costs and ...

12 May 2016 Section: Innovation

Eni’s sustainability projects in Myanmar

order to cover a wide rural area governed by more than 90 small and medium sized 90 villages, a database of over 45,000 cultivated fields, state-owned areas and protected areas was created, for which, to [...] and/or uncultivated areas. Despite the lack of local infrastructure, Environmental sensitivities, especially regarding ...

5 October 2016 Section: enipedia