LNG Shipping S.p.A. operates in the transport by sea of liquefied natural gas (LNG)

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LNG Shipping

LNG Shipping S.p.A. operates in the transport by sea of liquefied natural gas (LNG)

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LNG Shipping

LNG Shipping manages the business of LNG shipping controlled by Eni - Chief Midstream Gas & Power.

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Eni’s subsidiaries and affiliates

The Eni Corporate operates both on the National and International market also through subsidiaries and associated companies.

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Marco Seracini

auditor elected from the list presented by the Ministry of Economy and Finance Statutory auditor. He was born in Florence in 1957 and has been a statutory auditor in Eni since May 2014. He is a certified chartered [...] is currently Chairman of the Statutory Auditors of Ing. Luigi Conti Vecchi ...

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Stories of the earth born of the sea

Stories of the earth born of the sea The 2016 Eni Award is given to Emiliano Mutti for his research into deep-sea sedimentation. Currents at sea help understand the earth and climate The sands carried

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Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting May 27, 2005

reimbursement of the expenses incurred because of the office. Directors' profiles Roberto Poli He was born in Pistoia in 1938. He was appointed Chairman of Eni S.p.A. in May 2002. He is currently President [...] appointed President of RizzoliCorriere della Sera S.p.A and Publitalia S.p.A ...

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Eni brings Raphael's "La Madonna di Foligno" to Milan.

wood, transferred to canvas, 301 x 198 cm Pinacoteca Vaticana, Vatican City Raphael (born Raffaello Sanzio) Raphael was born in Urbino on 6 April 1483. His father Giovanni Santi was the owner of the city's [...] inspiration from a reading of the work that focuses on the more airy chromatic ...

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Enrico Mattei: biography

the life of Enrico Mattei - born into a family of modest means, but who would go on to become chairman of Eni. Childhood and the quest for independence Enrico Mattei was born on 29 April 1906 in Acqualagna,

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Photographs from Eni’s Historical Archive

editor of the title. Photographs from Eni's Historical Archive The historic photo archive of Eni was born in February of 2005: what are the assets that make it up and the contents. Documents from Eni's Historical

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Enrico Maria Bignami

elected from the list of candidates presented by Italian and foreign institutional investors. He was born in Milan in 1957 and he has been standing Statutory Auditor of Eni since April 2017. He is a certified [...] He is a founder and CEO of "Bignami Associati - Consulenza Aziendale Societaria Tributaria". He ...

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Eni in the world

Back to globe We were born in Italy, but we have our head in the world: we operate in 66 countries and every day we create value. Eni men and women have a passion for challenges, continuous improvement, [...] improvement, excellence and particularly value people, the environment and integrity. We were ...


"Water. Like the tears of love"

blue cobalt . "Water is the essence of the existence of Istanbul. From water and for water, it was born. It has bestowed power, which was then lost and regained. Through water Istanbul has nurtured itself [...] Knowledge and ignorance. Immediacy and reflection. Conflict and tolerance. This is how my spaces are ...

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Eni at the Meeting di Rimini 2013

designers who have overseen the entire design for the event and the video stories. Donatella Esposito Born in 1984, she is a graduate of the Accademia di Belle Arti in Urbino. Graphic designer and illustrator, [...] water, goldfish, good music and rounded shapes. She likes to listen to a tell stories ...

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