Andrea Gemma

He was born in Rome in 1973 and has been a Board Member in Eni since May 2014. He is Professor of Private Law at The Third University of Rome and was visiting professor at European Universities and at Villanova University. He is member of the strategic board of the American University of Rome. He is   Appeal Court Lawyer. He is also Deputy Chairman of Serenissima SGR SpA and member of the Board of Directors of Banca UBAE SpA and of Global Capital PLC. He is President of Board of Statutory Auditors of PS Reti S.p.A. and Sirti S.p.A. He is also Official Receiver of Valtur SpA, Liquidator of Novit Assicurazioni SpA and Sequoia Partecipazioni SpA.

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Andrea Gemma

Andrea Gemma Director elected from the list of candidates submitted by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance He was born in Rome in 1973 and has been Director of Eni since May 2014. He is Professor of

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FAQs Board of Directors

Control and Risk Committee : Alessandro Lorenzi (Chairman) Andrea Gemma, Karina Litvack and Diva Moriani. Compensation Committee : Andrea Gemma (Chairman), Pietro A. Guindani, Alessandro Lorenzi and Diva [...] Decree N° 332/1994 as converted by Law N° 474/1994. Is the Chairman nominated by the Shareholders' Meeting? Yes, the Chairman is nominated ...

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List of Relevant Persons

Emma Marcegaglia Chairman of the Board of Directors Claudio Descalzi Chief Executive Officer Andrea Gemma Director Pietro A. Guindani Director Karina Litvack Director Alessandro Lorenzi Director

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Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting May 8, 2014

Board. The Directors are: - Emma Marcegaglia, Chairman(1)* - Claudio Descalzi, Director(1); - Andrea Gemma, Director(1)*; - Pietro A. Guindani, Director(2)*; - Karina A. Litvack, Director(2)*; - Alessandro

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FAQs Statutory Auditors

Statutory Auditors are there? How are they nominated? Who can propose slates for the Board of Statutory Auditors? Why is the Board of Statutory Auditors nominated by slate voting system? How long is the [...] from the slate submitted by the shareholder Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance. How are they ...

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Composition and Appointment of the Board of Statutory Auditors

presented by shareholders. Two standing members and one alternate are selected from among the candidates nominated by the non-controlling shareholders. Slates are divided into two sections: the first containing

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Enrico Mattei: biography

the local Christian Democratic Party , which in light of his organisational and military skills nominated him commander of the Volunteers for Freedom Corps. This was the first grouping of partisan forces

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