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    Eni has been present in the United States since 1968. Activities are performed in the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, and in Texas onshore, over a developed and undeveloped acreage of 2,105 square kilometers (1,052 square kilometers net to Eni). In 2017, Eni’s oil&gas production was 77 kboe/d.

United States

Eni’s activities in the US are focused on Exploration & Production, the Gas & Power and Refining & Marketing and Chemicals sectors.

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Being part of Eni

with balanced generational change. People who become part of the Eni team are given the opportunity to: accelerate their professional growth : when joining Eni, everyone has the opportunity to access training [...] Contacts Being Part of Eni Our real energy comes from our people; the factor that allows us to maintain ...

27 July 2017 Section: careers

What it means to work at Eni

abroad. Job opportunities Be part of our future success When you join us, you will be working with talented people who have helped us to become one of the world's most successful energy companies. Our activities [...] Home Being part of eni With 29,000 employees in 66 countries, working ...

12 May 2016

Email us

Email us Email us Before writing, please consult AskNow where you can find the answers to the most common questions about Eni and its activities. INFORMATION CONCERNING THE USE OF PERSONAL DETAILS AS [...] mail at Eni or write to Eni S.p.A., RASI, Piazzale Enrico Mattei, 1 - 00144 Roma ...

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The exploration model and projects

XII block (Eni operator, with a 65 per cent stake): (i) the installation and launch of a new production platform ; (ii) the creation of a new sealine to export production to the Kitina hub (Eni operator, [...] integration of various production chains. Our Upstream model Eni's exploration strategy is driven ...

8 June 2018 Section: operations

Restructuring Mid-Downstream sector

development and production, and the Gas & Power sector, involved in the supply and sale of natural gas, buying and selling LNG and the production and sale of electricity, have always worked together at Eni, but in [...] TM - a project for the development of top-quality biofuel - gave us green diesel, which ...

26 April 2018 Section: operations

La posizione di Eni sui Conflict Minerals

La posizione di Eni sui Conflict Minerals La posizione di Eni sui Conflict Minerals Overview In questo approfondimento la posizione di Eni sui "Conflict mineral" pubblicata in adempimento alla normativa [...] diritti umani. La posizione di Eni sui "conflict minerals" è pubblicata in adempimento alla normativa emanata dalla US SEC (disponibile ...

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Activities of exploration and productions of Eni

Exploration and production activities worldwide Eni operates in 42 countries in the exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas. Exploration and Production Eni is active in the exploration, [...] discovery in offshore Egypt ongoing production start-ups at the discoveries in Block 15/06 in Angola COUNTRIES WHERE ACTVITIES IN ...

12 May 2016 Section: operations

Core sampling

of hydrocarbons. They tell us the age of the rocks , measure their porosity and permeability and enable us to plan our production of hydrocarbons over time. They also help us to understand the environment [...] world beneath our feet requires advanced technologies, enabling us to reconstruct complex geological events in the ...

1 January 2016 Section: Innovation

Company profile

term value. The values that inspire us Eni stands for sustainability, innovation and environmental protection. These principles guide all our actions and provide us with a unique way of working. Our activities [...] fight against corruption. OUR PEOPLE: VIEW THE INFOGRAPHIC Eni and energy transition In 2017, the Carbon Disclosure Project ...

12 May 2016 Section: company

Eni's strategy

value chain Upstream 4YP Exploration: 2 bln boe new equity resources 2017-2021 Production CAGR: +3.5% per year New production from start-ups and ramp-ups: 700 kboe/d by 2021 Cash Flow per barrel end of [...] -80% vs 2014 Upstream 4YP Exploration: 2 bln boe new equity resources 2017-2021 Production CAGR ...

5 July 2018 Section: investors

Upstream: hydrocarbon production in extreme environments

operational excellence Eni adopts processes, technologies and equipment to maximise operational safety and efficiency, as well as reduce the impact on the environment. Excellence and safety Eni applies the highest [...] productivity and safety. Hydrocarbon production in extreme environments Achieving operational excellence means working in a safe and sustainable way. This ...

1 January 2016 Section: Innovation

Eni in Myanmar

presence in Myanmar Eni has been active in Myanmar since 2014 with the award of onshore and offshore exploration licences, thus strengthening its presence in the Asian Far East. Eni was one of the first [...] a major player in the energy sector. Eni enters Myanmar: Production Sharing Contracts signed for ...

30 September 2016 Section: media

Green Economy

in the production of synthetic rubber , natural rubber accounts for almost half the overall rubber market, with approximately 10.5 tonnes per year produced (there is no natural rubber production in Europe). [...] sustainable-rubber and renewable-chemical sectors. Using the latest genetic technologies , guayule will become an attractive and profitable crop for ...

31 October 2017 Section: operations

Green Diesel and Eni Diesel +

Thomas, a researcher, describes how Eni Diesel + is created. He works on technologies in the Downstream process and from his laboratory leads us through the production of Green Diesel - a 100 per cent [...] Green Diesel and Eni Diesel + Sustainable solutions drive our business. Green Diesel and Eni Diesel + Sustainable solutions ...

2 May 2018 Section: Innovation

Research alliances and collaborations

News Research alliances and collaborations Eni focuses on synergies between science and industry by collaborating with leading universities and research centres both in Italy and abroad. Integrating competencies [...] possesses - such as material physics and developing large-scale power plants. Internationalising excellence Eni collaborates with leading universities and advanced research centres in ...

3 July 2018 Section: Innovation

The sea: passion and opportunity

importance of the sea is to have an overall view of the environment and the reality that surrounds us. I need the sea because it teaches me Pablo Neruda Life on a platform: a biodiversity project In 2016,

8 June 2017 Section: media

Mexico: the power of exploration

Innovation in pursuit of excellence The production testing and reservoir studies on oil fields in Amoca and Miztón in Area 1 - carried out in December 2017 - allowed us to increase our estimate for the total [...] hydrocarbons in Area 1 90 % estimated oil in Area 1 90 % estimated oil in Area ...

20 February 2018 Section: operations

A year of solid results for the Company

enabled us to monetise reserves worth $10.3 billion. These outstanding results are the fruit of our integrated exploration and development model, perfected over the last few years, that has enabled us to reduce [...] Project), which has listed us as one of the major Oil & Gas companies in the Climate ...

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uncertainty. The skills and commitment of our people make us the best-in-class in exploration, reservoir modelling, drilling and development and enable us to identify opportunities where others see difficulties. [...] approach to our projects Seven special projects with one thing in common: extremely rapid approval and production start-up times. The secret ...

1 March 2017 Section: media

Second and third generation of Biofuel

News Green Refinery Eni has converted its refinery in Porto Marghera, Venice, to the production of high quality bio-fuel from vegetable oil and biomass. From oil to biomass Eni has breathed new life into [...] refinery For us, the conversion of an oil refinery to a bio-refinery is not only of ...

12 May 2016 Section: Innovation