Eni has been operating in Mexico since 1967


  • Exploration & Production

    Eni has been present in Mexico since 2015. Eni is operator of the offshore Area 1 (Eni’s interest 100%), where development activities progress in the Amoca, Miztón and Tecoalli discoveries, located in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico, regulated by PSA. In June 2017, Eni was awarded the operatorship of the Block 10 (Eni’s interest 100%), the Block 14 (Eni’s interest 60%) and the Block 7 (Eni’s interest 45%) located in the Sureste basin. Furthermore, in February 2018, Eni was awarded a 65% interest and the operatorship of the Block 24. The new blocks are closed to Area 1 block and, in the case of a successful exploration campaign they will allow significant operational synergies. In March 2018, Eni was awarded the operatorship of the Block 28 (Eni’s interest 75%), located in Cuenca Salina Basin, in offshore Mexico. The contract award is subject to approval from the Authorities.


Since 1967, Eni's activities in Mexico have been mainly in the Upstream area.

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Offices and contacts
Eni México S. de R.L. de C.V.
Paseo de las Palmas N.425, Piso 10
Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec
11000 Ciudad de México

Eni in Messico

  • Commencement of operations 1967
  • Employees until December 31, 2017 46

The Gulf of miracles

Houston and New Orleans, the key players in the United States climb in the world rankings for crude oil production, have benefited immensely from the proceeds of the great energy boom in the Gulf of Mexico. This marine area of over 600 square miles, which stretches from Florida to Mexico ...


Mexico: the power of exploration

An excellent discovery among natural treasures.

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Mexico: the power of exploration

to Mexico and which over time has become the international centre of the Oil Dream. Read the article Mexico becomes the first Latin American member of IEA After adopting a series of reforms, Mexico has [...] Press Release | Eni successfully tests the Tecoalli 2 well in Area-1, offshore Mexico A wealth ...

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Eni's activities in Mexico

activities in Mexico Eni's activities in Mexico Overview In detail: the main activities related to the Upstream sector Eni offices and contacts in Mexico Upstream Eni has been present in Mexico since 2015. [...] 2015. Eni is operator of the offshore Area 1 (Eni's interest 100%) over a undeveloped ...

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Green Economy

Guayule: from Mexico to Sicily Versalis is expanding its green chemistry portfolio with an innovative natural rubber. Guayule: from Mexico to Sicily Versalis is expanding its green chemistry portfolio [...] sustainable-rubber and renewable-chemical sectors. Using the latest genetic technologies , guayule will become an attractive and profitable crop for independent growers in ...

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Supply and sales of natural gas in 2016

In 2016, main gas volumes from equity production derived from: Italian gas fields (4.5 bcm) certain Eni fields located in the British and Norwegian sections of the North Sea (2.2 bcm) Libyan fields (1.5 [...] Eni's share of sales made by equityaccounted entities and upstream sales in ...

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Archive Acquisitions and Disposals

out by Eni. Acquisitions and Disposals 2013 Disposals 26 July Eni completes sale of 28.57% of Eni East Africa'share to CNPC 31 May Eni completes the sale of 6.7% of Galp's share capital 08 May Eni launches [...] market 21 March Eni acquires 32 new exploration licenses ...

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Exploration in 2017

Caspian Sea. The block will be operated by a joint operating company established by KMG and Eni on a 50/50 basis. Eni will leverage on its proprietary technologies, significant experience in exploration activities [...] offshore Mexico. Exploration successes and the modelling reservoir revision resulted in a rise in estimated hydrocarbons ...

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2017: annual and fourth quarter performances

fourth-quarter results for 2017 reveal growth at Eni, more than doubling the adjusted net profit and adjusted operating profit for the third quarter. In 2017 Eni saw an adjusted operating profit of 5.8 billion [...] we are predicting a 3 per cent growth in production for 2018. Mexico also offered ...

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Exploration and development activities

offshore field. Eni has also signed an agreement with Qatar Petroleum, assigning it a share in the block subject to the approval of the country's authorities. Following these agreements, Eni will manage operations [...] transfer to Eni 50 per cent of the hydrocarbons prospecting and production rights in the Isatay ...

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Production in 2017

production as a result of planned and unplanned shutdowns in Norway, the United Kingdom and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as declines from mature fields. When excluding price effects at PSAs contracts and OPEC [...] year of 2016. Price effect, OPEC cuts and shutdowns in Norway, the United Kingdom and ...

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The exploration model and projects

effectiveness while converting discoveries into production. How to reach first oil before other companies Eni is active in the exploration, development and extraction of oil and natural gas in 44 countries, including [...] XII block (Eni operator, with a 65 per cent stake): (i) the installation and launch of a new ...

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The production activities of Eni oil fields

Shorouk block (operated and 60 per cent owned by Eni) offshore of Egypt has over 850 billion m^3 of potential gas in place (approximately 5.5 billion boe ). Eni recently launched the second production unit [...] News Production activities Eni continued its growth in 2017, reaching a record production level ...

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Career paths

true experts Clare Falcon is a Sedimentologist for Eni US Operating Co. Inc. in Houston. She is mainly based in the Gulf of Mexico and has worked for Eni for few years, in a variety of areas. She explains [...] geographic mobility, often on an international level, for personnel as soon ...

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2017 results

issues. Environment PATH TO DECARBONIZATION Eni intends to play a leading role in the energy transition process, supporting the objectives of the Paris Agreement. Eni has been committed for a long time to promoting [...] 2017 results Eni's results in 2017 in the company's annual profile. In 2017 Eni ...

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Volume 1 – World Oil Review 2017

to 2016. The OPEC cuts, in particular in Saudi Arabia, along with the deep decline in Venezuela and Mexico drove a decrease in Medium & Sour category (-3%). On the other side, recovery in Libya and US tight [...] Mb/d increase vs 2016. In Europe, a minor cut reduced capacity by ...

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Seismic data

reservoir that the oil industry explores. Today Eni produces oil and gas from turbidite reservoirs beneath the Adriatic Sea and in West Africa, the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea and Indonesia . Recent exploration [...] with 3D Gravity Flow Eni proprietary software. The canyon is about 30km (18.6 miles) long. Colours ...

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Eni: the history of a great company

Mattei's Eni, in collaboration with the country, was able to play a delicate and courageous diplomatic role in the dialogue between the parties. A stratified strategy In the following years, Eni decided [...] of Bouri, the largest oil field in the Mediterranean. The following year, Eni discovered other fields in ...

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Biodiversity: protection of water

are the following: DIME - Val d'Agri; AOE - Villano; Eni Congo - M'Boundi camp; Eni US Operating Company - Nikaitchuq field (Alaska) and Gulf of Mexico; IEOC - Egypt, Abu Madi, Nidoco, Baltim SW, Port Said [...] Environment (HSE), as well as Eni's operating practices. In 2017, Eni updated the BES Policy ...

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Exploration & Production: 2017 performance and capital expenditure

consolidated subsidiaries. (c) Three-year average. (d) Hydrocarbon production from fields fully operated by Eni (Eni's interest 100%) amounting to 137 mln toe, 122 mln toe and 125 mln toe in 2017, 2016 and 2015, [...] training and continuing education initiatives as well as HSE awareness programs have been developed. Eni ...

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OPEC and non-OPEC agreement: will extending production cuts be enough?

outside the Organization - namely Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Brunei, Equatorial Guinea, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Oman, Russia, Sudan, South Sudan - joined the OPEC decision and announced an overall commitment

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Enrico Mattei: biography

in the life of Enrico Mattei - born into a family of modest means, but who would go on to become chairman of Eni. Childhood and the quest for independence Enrico Mattei was born on 29 April 1906 in Acqualagna, [...] the aim of Italian energy independence. He built an international network ...

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