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    Eni’s refining system in Italy is made up of thre directly owned refineries (Sannazzaro, Livorno and Taranto) and a 50% ownership of the refinery in Milazzo. Each of Eni’s refineries has operating and strategic features that aim to maximise the associated value of the plant structure, its geographic location with respect to end markets, integration with Eni’s activities and the development of ‘green’ technologies.


Eni operates in Italy with all its activities: Exploration & Production, Gas & Power and Refining & Marketing and Chemicals.

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Eni’s refining operations both in Italy and abroad

new facilities Eni is strengthening its presence in the refining sector, focusing on high-quality products and modern facilities. The situation in Italy and abroad In 2016, Eni's refining throughputs in [...] News Refining Along with a growth in volumes, there have been increases in processing in Italy, modernisation and environmental ...

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Eni’s activities in Italy

refinery) Eni offices and contacts in Italy Exploration & Production Eni has been operating in Italy since 1926. In 2016, Eni's oil and gas production amounted to 133 kboe/d. Eni's activities in Italy are [...] Milanese (MI) Tel. +39 02 52 01 Refining & Marketing Via Laurentina, 449 00142 Roma ...

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Supply and refining in 2016

and refining in 2016 Supply and refining in 2016 Overview In detail: data on supply and trading of petrochemical products and the launch of Eni Diesel + fuel Eni's refining throughputs in Italy and [...] 5%, hydrocarbons Unburned up to 40% and particulate up to 20%). Refining in Italy and outside ...

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Refining and Marketing

Eni fuel Diesel+. Created with technology developed at the biorefinery in Venice, the environmental impact of the fuel is reduced. Refining and sales around the world Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland [...] which we process crude oil for fuel and high-quality lubricants, quality products that we sell in Italy and abroad ...

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Refining and marketing: performance and investments

expenditure Capital expenditure amounting to 664 million mainly related to: refining activities in Italy and outside of Italy ( 298 million), aiming mainly at maintain plants' integrity, as well as initiatives [...] News Refining and marketing: performance and investments The improvement in results is due to better refining margins as well as ...

3 May 2017 Section: operations

Refining & Marketing: 2016 performance and capital expenditure

2016, capital expenditure in the Refining & Marketing and Chemicals segment amounted to 664 million and mainly related to: refining activity in Italy and outside Italy ( 298 million) aiming at maintain [...] Refining & Marketing: 2016 performance and capital expenditure Refining & Marketing: 2016 performance and capital expenditure Overview In detail: performance data for ...

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The refining, commercialization and marketing activities of Eni

countries and communities where we operate. Registered Head Office Piazzale Enrico Mattei, 1 00144 Rome, Italy Company Share Capital 4.005.358.876,00 paid up Rome Company Register, Tax Identification Number 00484960588

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Sales of refined products in 2016

Other sales in Italy and outside Italy (12.03 mmtonnes) decreased by approximately 1.05 mmtonnes or 8%, mainly due to lower sales volumes to oil companies. The table of markets REFINING & MARKETING - [...] well as in Slovenia and Hungary in the second half of 2016. Retail sales in Italy: 2016 ...

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What it means to work at Eni

Home Being part of eni With 29,000 employees in 66 countries, working at Eni is a unique experience for each one of our colleagues. But our passion for delivering excellence, our ability to innovate and [...] our global operations. Eni talent: excellence and innovation We are an integrated company that ...

12 May 2016

Giuseppe Ricci

Giuseppe Ricci Chief Refining & Marketing Officer Born in Casale Monferrato in 1958, he was appointed as Chief Refining & Marketing Officer on 12 September 2016. He has been a board member of Eniservizi [...] Eniservizi since April 2016. Experience He joined Eni in 1985 initially working in the study and development of ...

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