Eni has been operating in Great Britain since 1964


  • Development

    Development activities were mainly related to the completion of the second phase of the West Franklin field (Eni 21.87%) with the installation of the production platform and the connecting pipeline to the treatment facilities in the area, the start- up and ramp-up of production of the Jasmine project (Eni 33%) following the completion of commissioning activities and the start-up of four additional production wells.

  • Exploration

    Eni is involved in exploration activities in eleven blocks, two of which as operator, with stakes of between 7% and 50%. Activities have been successful thanks to the discovery of Romeo North, already connected to the Jade field production platform. During the year, operatorship was obtained for exploration blocks 22/19c (Eni 50%), 22/19e (Eni 57.14%) and 30/1b (Eni 100%) in the North Sea.

  • Gas Sales

    Eni markets natural gas in the UK through the ETS subsidiary that sells the equity gas produced at Eni’s fields in the North Sea and operates in the main hubs of northern Europe (NBP, Zeebrugge, TTF). 

  • Production

    In 2015, Eni’s net production of oil and gas averaged 76 kboe/d. As for production, Eni currently holds interests in 5 production areas of which the Liverpool Bay is operated by Eni with a 100% interest and Hewett Area is operated with an 89.3% interest. The other fields are Elgin/Franklin (Eni’s interest 21.87%), J-Block and Jasmine (Eni’s interest 33%), Jade (Eni’s interest 7%) and MacCulloch (Eni’s interest 40%), which in 2015 accounted for 59% of Eni’s production in the UK.

United Kingdom

Eni’s activities in the United Kingdom are in the Exploration & Production, Gas & Power and Refining & Marketing sectors

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G&P: 2015 Gas Sales (with North Europe)

  • Direct Sales (bcm) 1,96
  • E&P sales (bcm) 2.75
Source: eni.com

E&P: 2015 Production

  • Hydrocarbons (kboe/d) 76
  • Liquids (kbbl/d) 28
  • Natural gas (mmcf/d) 266
Source: eni.com

Eni in United Kingdom

  • Commencement of operations 1964
  • Employees until December 31, 2015 1,113

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Eni partner: "Cubisti Cubismo"at Complesso del Vittoriano

Eni partner: "Cubisti Cubismo"at Complesso del Vittoriano Eni partner: "Cubisti Cubismo"at Complesso del Vittoriano ni is a partner for a major exhibition entitled Cubisti Cubismo on the work of Picasso, [...] Spreading rapidly in the space of three years, Cubism won the enthusiasm of artists in Spain, Holland, Great ...

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Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting May 27, 2005

Directors to dispose: - up to 7,043,400 Eni treasury shares as follows: - up to 1,600,000 Eni treasury shares to implement the stock grant Plan 2003-2005; - up to 5,443,400 Eni treasury shares, to implement the [...] the relevant information and documentation. Resolutions Eni S.p.A. Ordinary ...

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Activities of exploration and productions of Eni

production activities worldwide Eni operates in 42 countries in the exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas. Exploration and Production Eni is active in the exploration, development

12 May 2016 eni.com Section: operations

The procurement and sale of natural gas

The procurement and sale of natural gas The procurement and sale of natural gas Eni is active in the supply and sale of gas. The volumes of natural gas procured in 2015 increased. The long journey of gas

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Eni Trading & Shipping (ETS)

Eni Trading & Shipping (ETS) Eni Trading & Shipping (ETS) One hundred per cent owned by Eni, ETS is the company responsible for the integrated management of all trading and shipping activities. Global [...] Global operations The Eni Trading and Shipping team works with passion to seize all opportunities offered by the energy ...

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The assets and operations of development of Eni's oilfields

Marine XII Block (Eni 65 per cent, operator) in Congo. The overall production plateau of the two fields in the next four years is estimated at 40,000 barrels per day Kizomba Satellite Phase 2 (Eni 20 per cent), [...] Angola, with peak production estimated at about 70,000 barrels per ...

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Eni’s activities in the United Kingdom

the development of Jasmine field. Exploration Eni holds interests in 26 exploration blocks ranging from 7% to 100%, in 16 of these Eni is operator. In 2015, Eni was awarded four exploration licenses in the [...] ago. Offices and contacts Exploration & Production Eni (UK) Ltd Eni House 10 Ebury Bridge Road ...

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Eni shares and stock quotes

Eni shares Eni shares Eni is listed on both the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the FTSE MIB of the Milan Stock Exchange. Eni stock code All shares listed on the Italian Stock Exchange are distinguished [...] abbreviation may vary, according to the following: Code Number for Eni Shares Agency ...

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Archive Acquisitions and Disposals

out by Eni. Acquisitions and Disposals 2013 Disposals 26 July Eni completes sale of 28.57% of Eni East Africa'share to CNPC 31 May Eni completes the sale of 6.7% of Galp's share capital 08 May Eni launches [...] market 21 March Eni acquires 32 new exploration licenses ...

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International Careers

work and outside of work - in 2003 Eni created a dedicated company: Eni International Resources Ltd (EIRL). EIRL's team is based in London, UK. EIRL's purpose is to ensure Eni remains a destination of choice [...] transport HR services Individualized training and development Eni International Resources Ltd certified as ...

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