• Exploration & Production

    In the context of upstream activities, to date the economic commitment sustained is equal to 70% of the total expenditure on activities for the valorisation of mature fields. Following the ruling by the Italian Council of State on 31 August 2016 rejecting the appeal made by various environmental associations and four Sicilian municipalities, we have confirmed that we wish to continue with the project to develop the offshore Argo and Cassiopea gas fields.


On 6 November 2014, Eni signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the Ministry of Economic Development with trade unions, institutions and Confindustria, for the conversion of the site into a bio-refinery, based on the model adopted in Venice, and the creation a logistics hub. In August 2017 VIA/AIA authorisation by the Italian Ministry of the Environment and Protection of the Seas and Territory and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage marks an important stage in the completion of the project, which is expected by June 2018.

Targets up to 2020 and the action taken to reach them

billion) - Upstream CAPEX: -13% (vs. previous Plan) - 1 billion in savings from active portfolio management (Dual exploration model) - 2.3 billion in savings from revision of project lead-times and procurement [...] Contacts Targets up to 2020 and the action taken to reach them Concrete action taken by Eni to achieve the ...

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Eni Ceo's Claudio Descalzi statement on the Gela agreement

Eni Ceo's Claudio Descalzi statement on the Gela agreement Eni Ceo's Claudio Descalzi statement on the Gela agreement This agreement confirms Gela's role at the center of Eni industrial footprint; it

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The results of 2016 and how they were achieved

cash neutrality level - Eni has halfed its cash balance point from $127/barrel in 2013 to $50/barrel in 2016 - In the period 2014-2016, despite a 50% fall in the price of oil, Eni achieved a cumulative liquidity [...] contracts - R&M: reduction of more than 30% in refining capacity, the ...

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Eni’s operations: mission, challenges and exploratory successes

#NessunDorma - Zohr | Podcast Interview with Giorgio De Rita - Eni Basilicata (in Italian only) Exploration successes Thanks to our innovative dual exploration model we have achieved important results throughout [...] research, and aim to convert the industrial areas of Venice and Gela into bio-refineries. Discover more Eni's commitment to energy transition ...

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2016 results

strengthening its growth prospects and preserving a robust balance sheet. Exploration&Production Exploration : continuing strong exploration track record. Discovered 1.1 billion boe of additional resources at [...] costs reduction. Goliat : start-up of Goliat field (Eni operator 65%) in the Barents Sea. Reached the production target of 100 kboe/d (65 ...

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Eni’s activities in Italy

Laurentina, 449 00142 Roma Tel. +39 06 59 88 1 Link Eni Station Eni Gas e Luce Eni per le imprese Eni's activities in Italy Overview Exploration & Production Gas & Power Refining & Marketing and [...] the country and the Green Refinery (the conversion into a bio-refinery) Eni offices and contacts in ...

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Our Africa

began in the 1950s. Eni begins exploration activities abroad, starting with Somalia. 1953 Meeting between Mattei and Nasser regarding the involvement of Agip Mineraria in oil exploration in Egypt. 1954 Somip, [...] pipeline, which connects Mellitah, in Libya, with Gela, in Sicily, begins operation. 2004 Eni and Sonangol announce the success ...

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Eni: Raffineria di Gela begins an internal inquiry

Eni: Raffineria di Gela begins an internal inquiry Eni: Raffineria di Gela begins an internal inquiry The fire, which developed in a confined section of the supporting structure and piping of the Isola [...] Isola 7 Nord area, was promptly contained and put out. Gela, March 20th, 2014 - Raffineria di Gela ...

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Photographs from Eni’s Historical Archive

history of Eni and many of its companies. This page provides a brief description of the resources that make it up. The AGIP photographic archive the historical and industrial evolution of Eni from the [...] historic photo archive of Eni was born in February of 2005: what are the assets that ...

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Upstream Italy

at 2020). Gela: new activities in a wide-ranging project Gela is a symbolic city that represents Eni's industrial history in Sicily. The Upstream activities conducted here are carried out by Eni Mediterranea [...] Central Northern District 671 people working in the Central Northern District Gela and the environment The bio ...

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