Eni is doing "Exploration" in Ecuador since 1988

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  • Exploration

    The green-light was given in 2014 to the projects Villano Phase VI - with production start-up in 2016 - and Oglan with start-up expected in 2017 and a potential estimated at 300 million barrels of oil in place. The discovery is located in the vicinity of the productive infrastructure of the operated field of Villano.


Eni’s activities in Ecuador are mainly focused in the Exploration & Production and Refining & Marketing sectors

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The biggest gas field in the Mediterranean

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Eni’s activities in Ecuador

through the companies Esain, Esacontrol and Tecnoesa Eni offices and contacts in Ecuador Exploration & Production Eni has been operating in Ecuador since 1988 and its service activities are regulated [...] cylinders). The Ecuador group has a market share of about 40% and is the market leader in the distribution of LPG ...

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Eni’s sustainability projects in Ecuador

Eni's Sustainability in Ecuador 2011 pdf 10 MB Financial statement for Eni's Sustainability in Ecuador 2011 pdf 10 MB Read also Eni's activities in Ecuador Eni's activities in Ecuador are mainly focused [...] Eni's sustainability projects in Ecuador Eni's sustainability projects in Ecuador Overview In ...

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Community development projects

Overview In detail: the countries, around the world, in which Eni has conducted community development projects areas in which Eni is active (health, education, socio-economic empowerment) data on community [...] 1.859 1.621 - of which contributions to Eni Foundation (a) 10.000 - 6 - of which sponsorships for the territory 26 ...

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Invisible Pipeline

2011 - Invisible Pipeline is a photographic collection, produced by Eni, which documents a trip to Ecuador, tracing an invisible pipeline: in a little known, yet important vast area of the Amazon forest. In [...] coexist with highly sensitive and complex areas of nature. The preface of the book, produced by Eni ...

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Grievance Mechanism

17 subsidiaries/districts, specifically: Eni East Africa (Mozambique) Eni Pakistan Agip Karachaganak (Kazakhstan) Eni Congo Eni Angola Eni North Africa (Libya) Eni Indonesia NAOC (Nigeria) DIME (South Italy [...] (Italy) Agip Oil Ecuador IEOC (Egypt) Eni Myanmar Eni Ghana Eni Gabon Eni Norge (Norway) The application of the Grievance Mechanism at ...

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Activities of exploration and productions of Eni

Exploration and production activities worldwide Eni operates in 42 countries in the exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas. Exploration and Production Eni is active in the exploration, [...] ongoing production start-ups at the discoveries in Block 15/06 in Angola COUNTRIES WHERE ACTVITIES IN EXPLORATION, DEVELOPMENT AND PRODUCTION ...

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Exploration and production strategy

production start-ups while maintaining average expenditure for exploration in line with 2015 levels. Despite an 18 per cent reduction of upstream Capex, Eni expects to achieve a cumulative increase in production [...] News Exploration and production strategy We expect that by 2019, the industry will see an increase in production as ...

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Successful Exploration of new deposits

innovation makes us extremely competitive in oil exploration, even in extreme environments. Successful Exploration Eni develops cutting-edge technology for oil exploration, key to its success in the discovery of [...] Knowing where to start before beginning: the first secret of Eni's exploration success is its technology for the study of ...

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Exploration activities and successful discoveries

Coast the exploration portfolio was renewed through the acquisition of about 21,500km2 net to Eni of new acreage. Exploration wells In 2015, 29 exploratory wells were completed (19.1 net to Eni), compared [...] Congo, where the exploration of the pre-salt sequences of the Marine XII Block (Eni 65 per ...

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Eni’s activities in Timor Leste

sector conducted by Eni in Timor Leste are in four offshore exploration blocks Eni offices and contacts in Timor Leste Exploration & Production The first phase of the exploration programme, lasting three [...] the offshore block JPDA 03-13 (Eni 10.99%), where the Bayu Undan natural gas and liquids field is in ...

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