• Exploration & Production

    Eni has been operating in the country since 1963 when it established the company Agip Cyprus Co., subsequently sold in 1972. Today Eni is engaged in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas and operates through Eni Cyprus Limited.


Eni's activities in Cipro are mainly concentrated in the Exploration & Production area, since 1963

The production activities of Eni oil fields

hydrocarbon production wells totalled 9,241 (3,667.5 net to Eni). In particular, oil production wells totalled 6,558 (2,439.1 net to Eni). Natural gas production wells totalled 2,683 (1,228.4 net to Eni). [...] US, as well as production increases in Libya more than offset ...

12 May 2016 Section: operations

Exploration and production strategy

the Exploration & Production sector will undergo an increase in production. Production increases and new discoveries In the period 2016-19, we expect an increase in hydrocarbon production of more than 3 per [...] Exploration and production strategy Exploration and production strategy We expect that by 2019, the industry will see an increase ...

12 May 2016 Section: operations

Activities of exploration and productions of Eni

Exploration and production activities in countries Exploration and production activities worldwide Eni operates in 42 countries in the exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas. Exploration [...] Exploration and Production Eni is active in the exploration, development and extraction of oil and natural gas, primarily in Italy, Algeria, Angola ...

12 May 2016 Section: operations

Electricity production and selling

Electricity production Electricity production In 2015, Eni produced 20.69 terawatt hours of electricity (up by 1.14 TWh compared with 2014) and sold 3.9 per cent more than in 2014. Continual growth Ferrera [...] availability of electricity Eni produces electricity at the Ferrera Erbognone, Ravenna, Livorno, Mantua, Brindisi, Ferrara ...

12 May 2016 Section: operations

Goliat: production start-up

Goliat FPSO was successfully floated off the heavy vessel transport vessel Mediagallery Goliat adopts the most advanced technological solutions in order to minimize the impact on the environment, than

13 May 2015 Section: operations

Eni’s sustainability projects in Myanmar

Myanmar with a major role in the energy sector, specifically in Exploration & Production. Eni Corporate University Eni Corporate University is responsible for recruiting, selecting and training Eni's staff. [...] Myanmar Overview Alongside its Exploration & Production activities in Myanmar - two onshore (RSF-5 and PSC-K) and two offshore (MD-02 and MD-04) blocks ...

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Energy research, production and distribution

of the communities in which we operate. Reliability and safety In 2015 we maintained a level of production growth of 9 per cent, despite having reduced investments by 17 per cent in response to lower oil

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Eni’s activities in China

and is active in the lubricants market. Today our activities extend across sectors Exploration & Production and Refining & Marketing. Exploration & Production In 2015 average hydrocarbon production, net [...] offshore field into production. Exploration and production activities in China are regulated by Production Sharing Agreements (PSA). Production comes from offshore Blocks 16/08 ...

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Eni’s activities in Timor Leste

operate with a Production Sharing Agreement. In this area also we are also involved in the offshore block JPDA 03-13 (Eni 10.99%), where the Bayu Undan natural gas and liquids field is in production and in the [...] field in the and production started in October 2011. The production of ...

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Eni’s activities in the energy industry

exploration and production, gas and power, refining and marketing and pursue the entire value creation chain. Energy is our business Producing and distributing energy is our heritage and our future. Eni is a leading [...] in 66 countries around the world. From the exploration to distribution of gas, oil and energy ...

12 May 2016 Section: operations