Eni operates in the territory in Italy and elsewhere by creating relationships that are based on correctness and transparency and continuous dialogue with stakeholders, in order to pursue shared objectives for the creation of value and opportunities for sustainable development. To this end, Eni informs and engages local communities involved in its business activities, promoting dialogue in all phases of operational projects, with the aim of: (1) evaluating expectations regarding new projects, (2) sharing the process of evaluation of impacts on the territory, (3) planning action to mitigate eventual negative impacts, (4) identifying possibilities for the facilitation of local development. In order to ensure access to information and the participation of the communities, all of Eni's associated companies have created a special unit for community relations to ensure that the legitimate expectations of the local communities in the pursuit and conduct of the company's business activities are given due consideration and to encourage mechanism for the adequate distribution of profits from extraction activities. Such involvement is foreseen in each phase of the project, often by means of committees and ad hocwork groups. Special attention is given to listening to vulnerable groups, such as indigenous peoples.

Our sustainable story

A story that endures over time.

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Local community development: Eni’s projects

with numerous projects and social initiatives on the territory Eni promotes local development of populations in the countries where the company operates.

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Local Content: the new Mattei Formula

Eni’s presence in less-industrialised countries brings great development opportunities for the socio-economic fabric of the locality.

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Local communities development

Contacts Local communities development Eni has always been committed to projects that contribute to the development of the countries in which it operates. In favour of communities Initiatives aim to promote [...] transparency: our projects for community development Around the world, Eni promotes and implements projects to foster development, designed to ...

12 May 2016 eni.com Section: Sustainability

Eni’s relations with local communities

Eni's relations with local communities In the countries in which it operates, Eni actively contributes to the development of local communities. Fairness and transparency When we undertake social development [...] new projects to share local impact assessments to design interventions to mitigate any potential threats to encourage local development. To ...

12 May 2016 eni.com Section: Sustainability

How we work: Internationalism, dialogue, an integrated approach

News How we work Internationalism, dialogue, an integrated approach. These elements underpin how the men and women of Eni approach their roles every day. Creating sustainable value Our corporate aim is [...] term agreements with the governments of the countries concerned and local people, implementing projects that benefit local communities and ...

1 January 2016 eni.com Section: company

Community development projects

Community development projects Community development projects Overview In detail: the countries, around the world, in which Eni has conducted community development projects areas in which Eni is active [...] The projects we promote are aimed at community development and involve local players and drive the growth of society. The macro sectors ...

12 May 2016 eni.com Section: enipedia

Enhancing local resources

projects Around the world, Eni promotes projects to encourage development and respond to the needs of local communities. Training its people Through Eni Corporate University Eni provides for the training of [...] programmes Documents Eni Code of Ethics pdf 127 KB Eni's "our people" policy pdf 603 KB Eni Code ...

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Eni’s environmental management system: approach and strategies

participation. The safety and health of people at Eni, the community and our partners, and the protection of the environment, are key priorities for Eni in the conduct of its business. from the "Operational [...] the different production units the adoption of ad hoc methods based on critical criteria relating to ...

12 May 2016 eni.com Section: Sustainability

Eni in Myanmar: local content development

Contacts Eni in Myanmar: local content development Eni promotes projects in the field of Sustainability in the country, with training programmes and activities aimed at local communities. In the context [...] cooperation with the authorities of Myanmar and MOGE, Eni Myanmar has set up training programmes aimed to transfer technological know-how ...

30 September 2016 eni.com Section: media

Eni and Republic of Congo

Solutions studied for communities Solutions studied for communities Eni has developed a series of important projects for the local population and promoted an investment programme for local development in Congo, [...] The integrated Hinda project Developed in collaboration with local institutions for the improvement of the living conditions of local communities ...

6 December 2017 eni.com Section: media

The Environment Day in Eni

Contacts The Environment Day in Eni On 5 June, to coincide with World Environment Day, Eni will hold its first Safety and Environment Day, at the same time as its sixth Safety Day. Our first Environment [...] prevents the progressive cultural, economic and social impoverishment of the indigenous peoples and local ...

30 May 2017 eni.com Section: Sustainability

Eni’s sustainability projects in Pakistan

complaints. Information is shared with local communities before starting any activity or project and the economic opportunities are divided among the community through Eni Pakistan and a number of sub-contractors [...] operating in the country. As a socially responsible company, Eni Pakistan has invested in a range of projects for the ...

12 May 2016 eni.com Section: enipedia