Eni decided to develop the CUBE system, based on a proprietary and patented technology, in response to the unpredictability of hydrocarbon spill incidents in the sea. CUBE has been designed to be the last line of defence, in cases where it is not possible to intercept a blowout (the uncontrolled ascent of hydrocarbons from a well) with standard emergency systems. CUBE can be compared to an underwater vacuum cleaner, equipped with a, smaller than standard, liquid-gas separator, smaller that speeds up intervention operations and makes it unique.

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Eni Award for excellence in energy

The annual Eni Awards recognise the best results from around the world in the field of hydrocarbon sciences, the environment and renewable energy.

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New offshore technologies for oil & gas industry

A new study shows that the oil and gas industry could unlock more than $1bn of revenues by developing technologies to inspect offshore infrastructure. Which technologies are these? Where are they being built.? The oil and gas industry could generate an extra $1 billion in revenues if it were to ...


Reducing the environmental impact in Eni

the Eni company is strongly committed to reducing the environmental impact of its activities to combat climate change.

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Eni Innovation Awards 2016

Prizes for innovation were given to three projects developed by researchers in Eni’s own in-house laboratories.

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Rapid CUBE - Tecnologia e Innovazione | Eni Video Channel

Un sistema aperto, nato da un'idea di Eni e sviluppato grazie a Tecnomare, il cui scopo è quello di catturare gli idrocarburi sversati in mare, limitando l’impatto ambientale. Ecco a voi Rapid Cube. Approfondisci su Scopri di più su Iscriviti al nostro canale YouTube ----- Vuoi saperne di più sulle attività di Eni e sul mondo oil&gas? Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Flickr: Google+:

Rapid cube

News Rapid CUBE: emergency sea protection Rapid CUBE is Eni's innovative containment system that reduces environmental contamination in the event of an incident at a subsea well. (In Italian only) Rapid [...] Rapid CUBE: technology to protect the sea Rapid CUBE is Eni's patented innovative technology in response to ...

25 November 2016 Section: Innovation

MAXXI 'A tribute to Steve Jobs'

display, from the historic Apple I, kindly lent by Marco Boglione President of BasicNet, to the rare Next Cube and Macintosh 128K. ContemporaneaMente will continue until December. Forthcoming events: 11 October

4 October 2012 Section: enipedia

Eni Award 2016

Ferrario, Andrea Lainati, Alessandro Luongo, Daniele Vanzan Containment system for subsea blowouts: Rapid CUBE Daniele Bianchi, Alessandra d'Arminio Monforte, Fabio Oldani, Rossella Bortolo, Mario Baldassarre

20 October 2016 Section: enipedia