Solar Energy Project

R&D projects in the field of solar energy and storage have as their objective the development of applications for the supply of electricity and steam in the oil & gas sector, reducing the overall energy footprint (e.g. in construction) and the implementation of sustainable initiatives to make available electricity in areas not currently or poorly served (e.g. sub-Saharan Africa). Research activities are focused on the design, development and subsequent application of technological solutions with a high innovation coefficient with respect to the state of the art. Research projects this sector are continuing in collaboration with MIT in Cambridge, MA (USA). In the context of the possible applications of intermittent renewable or non-programmable energy, such as solar, energy storage (the “Storage” project) aims to ensure continuity in the supply of energy.



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Maker Faire: La serra costruita con LSC

stampati in 3D, a supporto di guide magnetiche e conduttive. Demetra usa le tecnologie solari a supporto dell’agricoltura, della produzione di cibo, realizzando anche il primo prototipo di “vertical farm” a pannelli solari LSC.

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Eni in a day - Eniday | Eni Video Channel

A long journey in 24h inside Eni activities all over the world. See more on

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I diversi usi degli LSC - Ricerca Eni | Eni Video Channel

Un oggetto innovativo è un oggetto capace di rispondere a a un'esigenza in molte forme. Come possono essere utilizzati gli LSC? Iscriviti al nostro canale YouTube ————— Vuoi saperne di più sulle attività di Eni e sul mondo oil&gas? Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Flickr: Google+:"

Eni’s sustainability project in Congo

Eni's sustainability project in Congo Eni's sustainability project in Congo Overview In detail: the initiatives of the integrated Hinda project (PIH) Eni's support in the country for access to energy [...] The Salissa Mwana Project pdf 1 MB The Integrated Hinda Project pdf 1 MB Sustainable development projects ...

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New solar energy technology

Eni's advanced organic photovoltaic project (AdvancedOPV), one of the most innovative technologies to arise from the partnership between Eni and MIT. The aim of the project is to create solar panels using [...] sun's rays Eni and MIT have been working together on advanced solar-power technology since 2008. The ...

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Eni is a partner of the 2012 MIT Europe Energy Conference

a series of the institute's research projects. The collaboration with MIT is part of an important project that Eni began in late 2006 with the aim of achieving in the long-term a leadership in innovation [...] initiatives in the field of renewable energy - particularly solar energy - is an important part ...

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Eni and MIT: a strategic collaboration delivering energy transition

applications in the field of health, safety and the environment. The latter includes the Safety++ project, designed to improve employees' safety in the workplace. A low-carbon future Eni's strategy is based [...] Low-Carbon Energy Centres (LCECs) are research establishments that aim to reduce CO2 emissions - a project that sees MIT ...

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Eni Award 2015, Margherita Maiuri. High-speed energy that imitates photosynthesis

video in which the winner explains the project with which he participated in the Eni Awards profile of the winner, downloadable in PDF the winning research project, downloadable in PDF The Debut in Research [...] Research Award went to Margherita Maiuri for the research project Ultrafast Energy and Electron Transfer Processes ...

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Luminescent solar concentrators

converted to specific wavelengths. In this interview Francesca provides more detail about an ambitious project with huge social and economic potential. Visit the MITEI website How LSCs work. They capture the

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Eni Award 2013 Edition

Research project by Rajamani Krishna pdf 189 KB Biography of Philip G. Jessop pdf 87 KB Research project by Philip G. Jessop pdf 72 KB Biography of Frances H. Arnold pdf 129 KB Research project by Frances [...] Research project by James C. Liao pdf 74 KB Biography of Roberto Danovaro ...

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Eni’s sustainability projects in Angola

potential of these training courses carried out thanks to this social project. The second phase of the Health Capacity Building social project will take place during 2016 as a follow-up of the first phase, where [...] Kilamba Kiaxi project pdf 529 KB Eni Angola - Energy, Society, Sustainability (July 2016) pdf 1 ...

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High-speed energy that imitates photosynthesis

Transferring energy more quickly The Debut in Research Award went to Margherita Maiuri for the research project Ultrafast Energy and Electron Transfer Processes in Natural and Artificial Light-Harvesting Systems.

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More efficient solar technologies and sensors

the same process of capturing light in natural photosynthesis." Eni has therefore promoted a new project with MIT to study potential phenomena of quantum transport in these systems, which also sees the

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