The company’s four-year investment plan is focused on high value projects with quick returns and the development of conventional projects.


Eni operates in Oman in development activities in the Gas & LNG Marketing and Power sector and Upstream sector.

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Eni’s activities in Oman

Eni's activities in Oman Eni's activities in Oman Overview In detail: activities in the Upstream sector activities in the LNG sector through Unión Fenosa Gas, 50% owned by Eni Eni offices and contacts [...] Offices & contacts Upstream Eni Oman Bv c/o Eni International Bv, Strawinskylaan 1725 Amsterdam, 1077 ...

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Eni’s activities in Qatar

Eni's activities in Qatar Eni's activities in Qatar Overview In detail: Eni's main activities in Qatar in the E&P sector since 2008 Exploration & Production Eni's presence in Qatar dates back to [...] 1990s, Eni joined Elf (now Total) in the development of offshore blocks 1 and ...

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Exploration and development activities

coast. Eni has a 40 per cent stake in both blocks. In the Sultanate of Oman, meanwhile, we have concluded an exploration and production sharing agreement with the government and the state-owned Oman Oil Company [...] project engineering and reduce the time to reach a final investment decision (FID) is collected ...

24 July 2018 Section: operations

Exploration in 2017

wells (15.9 net to Eni). In addition, 78 exploratory drilled wells are in progress at year-end (41.2 net to Eni). The dual exploration model The Dual Exploration Model is a pillar of Eni's strategy which [...] additional 10% In Oman, signed with the Government of the Sultanate and ...

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2017 results

2017 results Eni's results in 2017 in the company's annual profile. In 2017 Eni delivered outstanding results proving the effectiveness of our deep transformation process started in 2014. As a result of [...] awareness addressed to Eni's people. In 2017, was launched the new Safety Training Center in ...

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Supply and sales of natural gas in 2016

natural gas: 2016 keyfacts In 2016, natural gas sales amounted to 88.93 bcm (including Eni's own consumption, Eni's share of sales made by equityaccounted entities and upstream sales in Europe and in the [...] LNG) the table with data on sales of gas in the world Supply of ...

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OPEC and non-OPEC agreement: will extending production cuts be enough?

Organization - namely Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Brunei, Equatorial Guinea, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Oman, Russia, Sudan, South Sudan - joined the OPEC decision and announced an overall commitment to reducing

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Eni’s activities in Spain

Eni's activities in Spain Eni's activities in Spain Overview In detail: Eni's presence in the Spanish natural gas market Eni's activities in Spain as a marketer of lubricants and fuel distributor Eni's [...] distributor Eni's offices and contacts in Spain direct link to the site ...

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Performance and investments

In 2017, our overall spending on R&D in the Exploration & Production sector was 83 million. The investment planned for our green businesses in the period 2018-21 is more than 1.8 billion, including expenditure [...] scenarios. Mid-Downstream restructuring All our Mid-Downstream sectors are now able to finance their own investments ...

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Eni’s activities on flaring

Eni's activities on flaring Eni's activities on flaring Overview In detail: Eni's commitments to the reduction of gas flaring results achieved by Eni at the 'Mboundi field in Congo the results of flaring [...] results in 2015. Eni's sustainability project in Congo Enrico Mattei was the first ...

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Eni’s sustainability projects in Ghana

format Documents Eni in Ghana pdf 4 MB Eni in Ghana, training projects and professional training pdf 817 KB Eni in Ghana, sustainable projects for the local communities pdf 923 KB Eni's commitment for [...] age. Education Eni has always considered high priority the transfer of know-how in host countries ...

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Eni's strategy

enabled us to greatly reduce our emissions. For Eni, new skills and technology are a strategic choice. Strategy 2018-2021 | Digitalisation Financial strategy Eni will continue to focus on financial discipline [...] rate of around 10 per cent. By 2021, more than 50 per cent of investments will be uncommitted, ensuring wide ...

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Finance in the transition toward a sustainable economy

financial institutions (such as the World Bank and the European Investment Bank) on account of the high initial risks that these types of investments, for the most part with high technological and innovative [...] frames of investments in the environmental area. Technological innovation in the energy sector, in particular, has taken ...

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Upstream Italy

terms of the recovery plan for offshore activities. 371 m euro for investments 2017 in the Central Northern District 371 m euro for investments 2017 in the Central Northern District 60.5 kboe/d production 2016 [...] ranging project Gela is a symbolic city that represents Eni's industrial history in ...

9 May 2018 Section: operations

Business risks

sustainability projects (i.e. Community Investment) within the Strategic Plan and incentive program; - Targeted communication plan and communication initiatives aimed at spreading Eni's strategy and activities, also [...] and strengthening the Climate Change issue in the strategic plan, with medium-term targets and investments in line with the action plan to ...

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OCTP Project Benefits

300,000 people has been developed by Eni Foundation within the framework of eni Community Health Programs. Moreover, in collaboration with IFC/WB, the OCTP JV Community Investment Strategy is under preparation [...] Area, in ways that are sustainable and tapping opportunities generated by OCTP investments. The OCTP JV sees community ...

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Restructuring Mid-Downstream sector

the enhancement of gas produced downstream of exploration and production investments , as well as a necessary condition for investments in liquefaction and regasification projects. The manufacturing companies [...] diesel, which in turn led to the bringing to market of new Eni Diesel + . The latter cuts polluting emissions considerably. Find out more ...

26 April 2018 Section: operations

Eni in numbers

Eni in numbers Eni in numbers Overview In detail: Selected consolidated financial data Selected operating data Profit and Loss account Summarized group balance sheet Summarized group cash flow [...] Includes Eni's share in joint ventures and equity-accounted entities. (b) Related to consolidated subsidiaries. (c) Three-year average. (d) Hydrocarbon production from ...

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Eni in Kenya

exploration and projects for the territory Through its subsidiary Eni Kenya, Eni has operated three blocks in the country's deep offshore since 2012. It's an area bordering Somali waters at depths ranging [...] FOCUS ON Eni in Kenya Our activities in the country are still in their early stages ...

18 May 2017 Section: media

Eni’s activities in Kenya

waters of the Lamu Basin. Eni offices and contacts in Kenya Upstream Eni operates in Kenya since June 2012, through its subsidiary Eni Kenya BV, in three blocks in the deep offshore of the country, bordering [...] square kilometers, 43,948 net to Eni. Contracts in place include mandatory minimum investments ...

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