The company’s four-year investment plan is focused on high value projects with quick returns and the development of conventional projects.


Our activities in Ghana are concentrated in the Exploration & Production and Refining & Marketing sectors.

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Eni’s sustainability projects in Ghana

English, downloadable in the PDF format Documents Eni in Ghana pdf 4 MB Eni in Ghana, training projects and professional training pdf 817 KB Eni in Ghana, sustainable projects for the local communities [...] access in Ghana pdf 815 KB Interview with Giada Namer Project Manager Eni Foundation Ghana pdf 1 ...

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Eni’s activities in Ghana

Eni's sustainability projects in Ghana Eni Ghana investments for development are driven by People, Business Integration, Resilience and Sustainability. Eni's activities in Ghana Overview Exploration & Production [...] Eni's activities in Ghana Eni's activities in Ghana Overview In detail: the main activities related to the E&P sector ...

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Ghana: the OCTP project

rural areas and where needed most. Eni Ghana Exploration and Production Ltd is the Operator (47.222%) of the Project with Vitol Ghana Upstream (37,778%) and the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (15%) [...] Contacts Ghana: the OCTP project The Offshore Cape Three Points (OCTP) is an integrated oil and gas ...

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Access to energy in Ghana

energy in Ghana Focus on A substantial contribution to energy access and the economic development of the country A concrete example of our "dual flag" approach The President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana [...] for the production start-up at the Sankofa field A happy day in Ghana: President Nana Akufo-Addo ...

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Eni's investments in the Exploration & Production segment

approximately 5% from 2016. Successes and investments In 2016 we achieved numerous goals including investing in development, exploration and production. Capital investment Capital expenditure Capital expenditure [...] News Exploration and production: performance and investments during the year Among the results achieved in 2016: the trend of GHG emission index compared to ...

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OCTP Project Benefits

300,000 people has been developed by Eni Foundation within the framework of eni Community Health Programs. Moreover, in collaboration with IFC/WB, the OCTP JV Community Investment Strategy is under preparation [...] Area, in ways that are sustainable and tapping opportunities generated by OCTP investments. The OCTP JV sees community ...

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Eni reaches all-time production record

Eni reaches all-time production record 1 million and 920 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day. Eni reaches all-time production record 1 million and 920 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day. [...] day. A winning strategy The results achieved by Eni prove the success of the integrated exploration and development ...

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Community development projects

around the world, in which Eni has conducted community development projects areas in which Eni is active (health, education, socio-economic empowerment) data on community investments in the last three years [...] million, 24% of the total), with significant activities in Ghana and Turkmenistan. Documents Community investment pdf 73 KB Community investment ...

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How we operate

The energy world is changing How is Eni responding: strategy, environmental redevelopment, investments. Our strategic objectives Creating value not only means guaranteeing financial stability but also [...] this has resulted in a reorganisation of the mid-downstream, a strengthening of the upstream, more investment in research and technology and the beginning of ...

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Exploration in 2016

discovery in the operated Shoruk (Eni 100%) block in Egypt. The agreements have had economic effect from 1 January 2016 and foresee the reimbursement to Eni of the investments incurred during the period and [...] exploration wells (10.2 for Eni). The commercial success rate is at the top levels for ...

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