Marco Bardazzi

He has been External Communications - Executive Vice President in Eni since February 2015. He born in Prato in 1967 and was a professional journalist for 28 years. He specialised in foreign politics and digital communication, particularly in communication in Europe and the US (where he lived and worked for nine years).


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Marco Bardazzi

Marco Bardazzi External Communication - Executive Vice President He was born in Prato in 1967, is married and the father of three daughters. He has been Executive Vice President for External Communication

12 May 2016 Section: company

List of Parties involved in administration, control or management of Eni SpA

Vice President Luca Franceschini Integrated Compliance Department Executive Vice President Marco Bardazzi External Communication Department Executive Vice President Jadran Trevisan Integrated Risk

9 September 2016 Section: enipedia