Sustainability has been imprinted in the genetic heritage of Eni since its origins. Acting in a socially responsible manner means to creating opportunities, promoting respect for people and their rights, and protecting the environment.


Eni operates in Kenya with Exploration & Production activities, with offshore operations in the waters of the Lamu Basin.

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Our mission

Our model for sustainable development.

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Our people and employees

Eni’s employees are essential to achieve all the company’s goals. Their dedication and professionality are the boost of the competitiveness and sustainability of Eni business.

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Eni's sustainability projects in Kenya

The O&G industry in the country is still in its infancy, but it is already helping to fill some of the gaps by means of social intervention.

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Sustainability: our journey in Africa

From the "Mattei formula" to today's "dual flag" strategy, we will take you on a journey through words and numbers, the story of our road to sustainability in Africa. Because even numbers have a soul. And behind those numbers, there are always stories and people. Or rather, stories about ...


Eni in Kenya

FOCUS ON Eni in Kenya Our activities in the country are still in their early stages, but include exploration and also sustainability projects aimed at improving access to power and water. Offshore exploration [...] exploration and projects for the territory Through its subsidiary Eni Kenya, Eni has operated three blocks in ...

18 May 2017 Section: media

A new desalination plant for Lamu, Kenya

plant for Lamu, Kenya Thanks to a new project from Eni, the inhabitants of Lamu County, Kenya, now have access to drinking water. Eni provides communities with drinking water Pate, Kenya, is the largest [...] Drawing on innovation and technology, Eni has developed a solution to resolve the lack of this ...

22 March 2018 Section: media

Eni’s activities in Kenya

of the Lamu Basin. Eni offices and contacts in Kenya Exploration & Production Eni operates in Kenya since June 2012, through its subsidiary Eni Kenya BV, in three blocks in the deep offshore of the country, [...] Eni's activities in Kenya Eni's activities in Kenya Overview In detail: the main ...

12 May 2016 Section: enipedia

Water wells along the coastline of northern Kenya

ground. Eni Kenya is playing its part. Access to drinking water In March 2014, as part of its business strategy - and in line with statutory obligations towards the region and its communities - Eni Kenya, [...] Water wells along the coastline of northern Kenya A programme has been set up in Lamu ...

19 May 2017 Section: media

Light in Dadaab: talking about energy supplies

participation led him to ask the whole Eni family to suggest ideas over the corporate blog for initiatives that could help in this desperate situation. Eni operates in Kenya and, as always, wanted to be fully [...] 80km from the Somali border. Supplying sustainable energy and education In November 2015, the ...

19 May 2017 Section: media

Eni Special Partner of the Los Angeles Italia Film, Fashion and Art Fest

Eni Special Partner of the Los Angeles Italia Film, Fashion and Art Fest Eni Special Partner of the Los Angeles Italia Film, Fashion and Art Fest Los Angeles, 19 - 25 February 2012 San Donato Milanese [...] documentary "La via del petrolio", produced in 1967 by Bernardo Bertolucci, at the request of ...

7 February 2012 Section: enipedia


local communities and the environment, within Eni sustainability framework and in compliance with IFC Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability. As such, EniGhana and its Partners engage [...] Contacts Sustainability EniGhana and its Partners engage with the people affected by operations with the goal to sustain their livelihoods. EniGhana and ...

12 May 2016 Section: media

ENI Sustainability: development and sustainable energy

promote activities related to education and health. Policy Eni biodiversity and ecosystem services policy Eni biodiversity and ecosystem services policy Eni operates in a wide range of environments around the [...] Our sustainability projects across the world Our integrated approach to the countries where we work is inspired by the Mattei ...

12 May 2016 Section: Sustainability

Eni’s membership in sustainability indices

membership in sustainability indices Sustainability indices are compound indices for listed companies that bring together the best companies for sustainability and CSR performance. In 2017 Eni was confirmed [...] operates on behalf of more than 800 international investors managing assets worth over $ 100 trillion. Eni takes part in CDP's Climate ...

6 April 2017 Section: investors

The sustainability reporting certification process

The sustainability reporting certification process Eni's sustainability reporting has been certified by EY. Certified sustainability Our sustainability data has been certified by the auditing firm EY. [...] divisional and departmental levels, as well as by Sustainability Units. The level of assurance required by Eni is limited, which is the most ...

12 May 2016 Section: Sustainability