Eni has been present in Kazakhstan since the early 1990s in the Exploration & Production sector.


  • Exploration & Production

    Eni is co-operator of the Karachaganak, a liquid and gas giant field, and partner in the North Caspian Sea Production Sharing Agreement (NCSPSA). The NCSPSA defines terms and conditions for the exploration and development of the giant Kashagan field. In 2017, production of the Karachaganak field averaged 247 kbbl/d of liquids (54 kbbl/d net to Eni) and 931 mmcf/d of natural gas (209 mmcf/d net to Eni). Development activity progressed to increase production capacity of the Kashagan field up to 450 kbbl/d by installing additional gas compression capacity through the conversion of production wells into injection wells and the upgrading of the existing facilities.


Eni has been present in Kazakhstan since the early 1990s in the Exploration & Production sector.

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Offices & contacts
Agip Caspian Sea B.V.
Astan Tower 12 - Samal Micro District 19th Floor - Astana - 473000
Tel. sede di Amsterdam (0031) 20 5707100

Agip Karachaganak B.V.
Kazakhstan Branch 62
Kosmonavtov Street, 7th Floor Micro District - Astana
Tel. sede di Amsterdam (0031) 20 5707101

E&P: 2017 Production

  • Hydrocarbons (kboe/d) 132
  • Liquids (kbbl/d) 83
  • Natural gas (mmcf/d) 263.7
Source: eni.com

Eni in Kazakhstan

  • Commencement of operations 1992
  • Employees until December 31, 2017 118


  • Kashagan

    As part of the North Caspian Sea PSA, in which Eni holds a 16.81% stake, one of the most important discoveries of the last thirty years was made in July 2000: the giant Kashagan field, located 80 km south-east of Atyrau (Kazakhstan), in the Northern Caspian Sea.

  • Karachaganak

    Located onshore in the western part of the country, Karachaganak (29.25%, co-operator with Shell) is a giant oilfield that produces oil, condensates and natural gas. The operations carried out by the Karachaganak Petroleum Operating Consortium (KPO) are governed by a Production Sharing Agreement. Production in the year amounted to 231,000 barrels/day of liquids (61,000 for Eni) and 26 million cubic metres/day of natural gas (about 7 million for Eni).


  • Agreement with Kazakhstan

    JSC KazMunayGas (KMG) Chief Executive Officer, Sauat Mynbayev and Eni's CEO, Claudio Descalzi, signed an agreement at the Foreign Investors’ Council in Astana, in june 2017. The agreement renews the conditions for the transfer to Eni of 50% of the subsoil use rights in the Isatay block, located in the Caspian Sea, for exploration and production of hydrocarbons. The block, which is estimated to have significant potential for hydrocarbon resources, will be operated by a Joint Operating Company (JOC) formed by Eni and KMG. The JOC will begin working as soon as the transfer of 50% interest in the License is completed, subject to the approval of the transaction by the Republic of Kazakhstan.

A dream in Kazakhstan

Welcome to Atyrau, Kazakhstan, where the six-legged dog is contributing considerably to the growth of the country by participating in the industrialization program with several investment projects, creating new job opportunities and much more. The transformation of a city: Atyrau, Kazakhstan


Eni’s sustainability projects in Kazakhstan

Among the initiatives we launched the Ural River Park Project with the aim of protecting the environment to the development of the country.

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Our presence in the country: an overview.

Eni's activities in Kazakhstan

Karachaganak fields Eni offices and contacts in Kazakhstan Upstream Eni has been present in Kazakhstan since 1992. Eni is co-operator of the Karachaganak field and partner in the North Caspian Sea Production [...] Eni's activities in Kazakhstan Eni's activities in Kazakhstan Overview In detail: the main activities in the ...

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Upstream business trend and Kazakhstan projects

COO, E&P Division Kazakhstan programme Documents Upstream Business Trend and Kazakhstan Projects - Vittorio Mincato pdf 911 KB Eni Upstream Trend - Stefano Cao pdf 961 KB Kazakhstan Projects - Pietro [...] Trend and Kazakhstan Projects - Vittorio Mincato pdf 911 KB Eni Upstream Trend - Stefano Cao pdf 961 KB Kazakhstan Projects - Pietro Cavanna ...

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Tecnomare S.p.A. 2013 - Eni acquires Eni engineering e&p 2014 - Eni restructuring: integration of the business with the creation of the business unit DOT (Development Operation & Technology) 2015 - Reinforcement [...] Contact details for the company EniProgetti, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eni SpA, is Eni's engineering arm. EniProgetti ...

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The path to decarbonization

total). Large scale onshore wind is planned in areas with high technical potential (Kazakhstan, for example), where Eni has a consolidated presence and solid commercial agreements. Innovating for the future [...] leading the drive to combat rising temperatures . To achieve this - and to secure our long-term success - Eni has put the ...

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Payment transparency: implementing the EITI in countries of operation

sector in compliance with EITI provisions. EITI - Mozambique Kazakhstan In 2013, the EITI Board declared Kazakhstan "EITI compliant". In Kazakhstan the EITI is managed by a National Stakeholders Council (NSC), [...] Karachaganak BV, Eni is a member of the KazEnergy Association that, in turn, is part of the NSC. In 2015 ...

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The production activities of Eni oil fields

New fields' startups and production ramp-ups at fields started up in 2015 mainly in Angola, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Norway and Venezuela as well as increased production in Iraq were partly offset by planned facilities [...] negatives were partially offset by new fields start-ups and production ramp-ups in particular in Angola, Kazakhstan and ...

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Activities of exploration and productions of Eni

and production activities worldwide Eni operates in 42 countries in the exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas. Exploration and Production Eni is active in the exploration, development [...] gas, primarily in Italy, Algeria, Angola, Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Libya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Norway, Kazakhstan, the UK, US and Venezuela. The ...

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Production in 2016

share). The table with data on the production of Eni hydrocarbons in the Countries COUNTRIES WHERE ACTVITIES IN PRODUCTION ARE ON GOING 2016 Production net to Eni Country Production Liquids b Natural gas c [...] fields' start- ups and production ramp-ups at fields started up in 2015 mainly in Angola, Egypt ...

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2003 Financial results and presentations

business trend and Kazakhstan projects Podcast April 16, 2003 Euro Bond Road Show Presentation Podcast March 27, 2003 Eni 2002 Consolidated Results - March 2003 February 28 , 2003 Eni 2002 Consolidated [...] 2003 Third Quarter Results and Business Trends Podcast July 31, 2003 Eni 2003 Second Quarter and Half Year Results Podcast ...

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Exploration and development activities

offshore field. Eni has also signed an agreement with Qatar Petroleum, assigning it a share in the block subject to the approval of the country's authorities. Following these agreements, Eni will manage operations [...] operations in this area and own a 55 per cent stake. In Kazakhstan, an agreement has ...

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Eni’s relations with local communities

temporary support will be provided with the provision of food and medical care. Kazakhstan In the western region of Kazakhstan , the joint venture KPO (Karachaganak Petroleum Operating BV) is committed to [...] presence, such as in Basilicata, Eni continues its strategy for the involvement of stakeholders also by reinforcing communication and ...

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Exploration & Production: 2016 performance and capital expenditure

consolidated subsidiaries. (c) Three-year average. (d) Hydrocarbon production from fields fully operated by Eni (Eni's interest 100%) amounting to 122 mln toe, 125 mln toe and 117 mln toe in 2016, 2015 and 2014, [...] performance continued on a positive trend, with a total recordable injury rate of 0.34 ...

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Eni's investments in the Exploration & Production segment

performance continued on a positive trend, with a total recordable injury rate of 0.34 (unchanged from 2015). Eni is engaged in maintaining a high safety standard in each of its operations leveraging also on continuous [...] optimization and initiatives to contain fugitive emissions, in particular developed for the 2016 in ...

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Community development projects

projects Overview In detail: the countries, around the world, in which Eni has conducted community development projects areas in which Eni is active (health, education, socio-economic empowerment) data on community [...] Saharan Africa. In 2016 Eni made a significant commitment to economic diversification ( 29.1 million, 44% of the total) mainly ...

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2008 - Exploration & Production Update

18th, 2008 Speakers: Paolo Scaroni - CEO Claudio Descalzi - COO E&P Division Guido Michelotti - SVP Kazakhstan Programme Presentation Claudio Descalzi Guido Michelotti Paolo Scaroni Q&A Documents Upstream

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Grievance Mechanism

17 subsidiaries/districts, specifically: Eni East Africa (Mozambique) Eni Pakistan Agip Karachaganak (Kazakhstan) Eni Congo Eni Angola Eni North Africa (Libya) Eni Indonesia NAOC (Nigeria) DIME (South Italy [...] Agip Oil Ecuador IEOC (Egypt) Eni Myanmar Eni Ghana Eni Gabon Eni Norge (Norway) The application of the Grievance Mechanism at local ...

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Eni’s proved and undeveloped reserves

divestments (down by 523 mmboe) related to Mozambique and Egypt disposals, as mentioned above. During 2017, Eni converted 489 mmboe of proved undeveloped reserves to proved developed reserves due to the progress [...] for five years or more at the balance sheet date, mainly related to: (i) the Kashagan project in ...

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The exploration model and projects

XII block (Eni operator, with a 65 per cent stake): (i) the installation and launch of a new production platform ; (ii) the creation of a new sealine to export production to the Kitina hub (Eni operator, [...] effectiveness while converting discoveries into production. How to reach first oil before other companies ...

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Agreement on the Kashagan project development

15, 2008 Paolo Scaroni, CEO of Eni and Stefano Cao, COO E&P Division hosted a conference call regarding the MoU on the Kashagan field development signed with the Kazakhstan Authorities. Audiocast speakers:

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First half 2017 performance

exploration for Eni, with two wells drilled in the Amoco field. Thanks to the start-up of these new projects (in Angola, Ghana and Indonesia) and the ramp-up of those initiated in 2016 (in Kazakhstan, Egypt and [...] commercial services. Documents Press Release | Eni results for the second quarter and half year ...

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