Eni considers safety one of the most relevant issues for the sustainability of a company and promotes action on behaviour and processes, as well as action to improve preparedness and emergency response capabilities.


2014 2015 2016
Injury frequency rate (injuries/worked hours) x 1,000,000 0.33 0.2 0.23
- employees (injuries/worked hours) x 1,000,000 0.28 0.19 0.3
- contractors (injuries/worked hours) x 1,000,000 0.35 0.2 0.19
Injury severity index (days of absence/worked hours) x 1,000 0.015 0.009 0.01
- employees (days of absence/worked hours) x 1,000 0.01 0.012 0.017
- contractors (days of absence/worked hours) x 1,000 0.017 0.007 0.007
Total recordable injury rate (TRIR) (recordable injuries/worked hours) x 1,000,000 0.71 0.45 0.35
- employees (recordable injuries/worked hours) x 1,000,000 0.56 0.41 0.36
- contractors (recordable injuries/worked hours) x 1,000,000 0.79 0.47 0.35
Fatality index (fatal injuries/worked hours) x 1,000,000 1.03 1.46 0.72
- employees (fatal injuries/worked hours) x 1,000,000 0 0 0
- contractors (fatal injuries/worked hours) x 1,000,000 1.53 2.23 1.09
Near miss (number) 1,729 1,489 1,644
Training hours on safety 245,976 260,557 251,383

Last few years of Eni's results and investments in security and safety

Source: Eni for 2016

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Safety Performance - 2017 | Eni Video Channel

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SAFETY ROAD SHOW: Obiettivo zero infortuni - Target zero injuries.

L’impegno di Eni a livello globale trova riscontro anche nell’andamento positivo degli indicatori infortunistici presso la Raffineria di Taranto: il 25 aprile 2015 sono stati raggiunti sia l’obiettivo "zero infortuni" aziendali per 1.700 giorni lavorati sia lo "zero assoluto" per 365 giorni. I dati sono stati presentati il 12 giugno a Taranto in occasione del Safety Road Show cui ha partecipato l’AD Claudio Descalzi: "La sicurezza è un valore imprescindibile per Eni e per il secondo anno consecutivo abbiamo conseguito risultati al top del settore Oil&Gas. Eni’s global commitment can be seen also from the positive performance of its injury indicators at the Taranto Refinery: on 25 April 2015 the "zero injuries" objective was achieved by the company over 1,700 working days and "absolute zero" over 365 days. These figures were presented on 12 June at Taranto during the Safety Road Show which was attended by the company’s chief executive Claudio Descalzi: "Safety is a priority value for Eni and for the second consecutive year we have delivered results that are at the top of the scale in the Oil & Gas industry.

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How to improve workers' health and safety - #Innovation4Energy | Eni Video Channel

In collaboration with MIT, a technological way to prevent injuries, illnesses and reduce risks, improving the health and safety of workers. Subscribe on Eni Video Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4T5-TgmOJWXgeOLGwj-Ekw ----- Want more from Eni? Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EniItalia/?fref=ts Twitter: https://twitter.com/eni https://twitter.com/Eniday Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eni/ Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/enidigital/albums Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/2/106162487688494239281/posts


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line with the best international technologies and practices, Eni has adopted an integrated Health, Safety and Environment Management System at all its plants and units. Sustainability and environmental performance [...] six-monthly basis. In 2016, Eni established the Environmental Award, which, from 2017, will join the Safety Award to reward operational realities ...

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Environmental certifications

Word For us, the continuous improvement in protecting the environment and ensuring the health and safety in the places where we operate are essential components of our sustainability strategy. Certifications [...] Unit Main business areas Subsidiaries OHSAS 18001 ISO 14001 UPS 2 27 96% 96% R&M 11 23 96% 96 ...

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Refining & Marketing: 2016 performance and capital expenditure

Taranto and Sannazzaro refineries; the trend was influenced by the shutdown of the Dunkerque plant (Versalis) in the second part of the year. in 2016 the Refining & Marketing and Chemicals segment reported [...] and optimization. The refining break-even margin improved to 4.2 $/bbl yearly average from the 2016 target of ...

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