Eni considers safety one of the most relevant issues for the sustainability of a company and promotes action on behaviour and processes, as well as action to improve preparedness and emergency response capabilities.


  • Eni in safety

    3 years after the launch, Eni in Safety aims to transform each employee into a safety leader, making each individual responsible not only for their own behaviour, but also that of their colleagues, intervening directly in the case of any dangerous situation arising.

  • Programma Hawosa

    In 2014, Eni promoted at its premises an internal awareness campaign to reduce injuries to the hands, which currently account for around 30% of the total.

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SAFETY ROAD SHOW: Obiettivo zero infortuni - Target zero injuries.

L’impegno di Eni a livello globale trova riscontro anche nell’andamento positivo degli indicatori infortunistici presso la Raffineria di Taranto: il 25 aprile 2015 sono stati raggiunti sia l’obiettivo "zero infortuni" aziendali per 1.700 giorni lavorati sia lo "zero assoluto" per 365 giorni. I dati sono stati presentati il 12 giugno a Taranto in occasione del Safety Road Show cui ha partecipato l’AD Claudio Descalzi: "La sicurezza è un valore imprescindibile per Eni e per il secondo anno consecutivo abbiamo conseguito risultati al top del settore Oil&Gas. Eni’s global commitment can be seen also from the positive performance of its injury indicators at the Taranto Refinery: on 25 April 2015 the "zero injuries" objective was achieved by the company over 1,700 working days and "absolute zero" over 365 days. These figures were presented on 12 June at Taranto during the Safety Road Show which was attended by the company’s chief executive Claudio Descalzi: "Safety is a priority value for Eni and for the second consecutive year we have delivered results that are at the top of the scale in the Oil & Gas industry.

Feeling safe! Safety++, wearable technology designed for personal safety

environment. Safety++ Undershirt - Wearable Technologies by Eni&MIT Safety++ Jacket - Wearable Technologies by Eni&MIT Safety++ H&S Ecosystem - Mesh Network Safety++ H&S Ecosystem - Carabiner Safety++ Shoes [...] News Feeling safe! Safety++, wearable technology designed for personal safety The Safety++ project, a result of Eni's partnership with MIT, aims ...

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Eni’s sustainability projects in Libya

rather aims for excellence. This is why Eni has adopted an occupational health and safety management system based on the international standard OHSAS 18001. In 2016, Eni North Africa BV, Eni's Libyan subsidiary, [...] gas flaring is in the offshore Bouri field, where project for the re-use of this gas ...

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Eni’s sustainability projects in Mozambique

activities are carried out with the support of Eni International Resources and Eni Corporate University. Also in Mozambique, Eni started the "Eni Professors@UEM" project, in collaboration with the Eduardo di Mondlane [...] implementation of some project activities thanks to its deep roots in the area. Health awareness through theatre Eni ...

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The culture of safety in the workplace

focused on the safety and health of our people. The safety of our people Campaigns, initiatives, solutions: safety is paramount. Occupational safety at Eni The health and safety of the people of Eni, the community [...] a culture of safety at Eni. For the past three years, Eni has organised a ...

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Regulations on product safety

Growth European Commission Eni safety profiles Regulations on product safety Overview The two regulations governing product safety Eni's role and commitment to safety Read also Link (3) [...] substances and blends Eni's commitment to product safety link to the web site for access to Safety Data Profiles The two ...

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Eni Partner of the Gemelli Insieme project

Eni Partner of the Gemelli Insieme project Eni Partner of the Gemelli Insieme project Rome,17 May 2013 - Eni is a partner in the Gemelli Insieme project, an initiative created by the Policlinico Universitario [...] promote a preventative health programme for the citizens of the capital. Supporting the health and safety ...

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Eni and MIT: a strategic collaboration delivering energy transition

modelling, as well as projects looking into major applications in the field of health, safety and the environment. The latter includes the Safety++ project, designed to improve employees' safety in the workplace. [...] the same direction as Eni. Projects focused on solar energy In this interview, Massimiliano Pieri describes the work ...

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Eni’s sustainability projects in Pakistan

Eni's sustainability projects in Pakistan Eni's sustainability projects in Pakistan Overview In detail: infrastructure constructed by Eni for agricultural and domestic use in Pakistan local stakeholder [...] licenses. Before initiating any activity or project, Eni Pakistan and its contractors contact the area's stakeholders to provide information about the ...

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Eni’s sustainability projects in Myanmar

that may affect the project during its life cycle facilitate a proactive development in relations that can become an asset during the life cycle of the project. Farm Recovery Project In Jult 2015, the monsoon [...] Exploration & Production. Eni Corporate University Eni Corporate University is responsible for recruiting, selecting and training ...

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Eni’s sustainability projects in Iraq

sustainability projects in Iraq Eni's sustainability projects in Iraq Overview In detail: the agreement with the Basrah Gas Company to supply associated gas for domestic use projects for the development [...] programming processes, to ensure the realisation of joint projects that create value and promote sustainable development. Safety and human ...

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