The strategic transformation outlined in the plan will create a much more robust Eni, able to face a period of low oil prices while continuing to create sustainable value.

Business lines

  • Exploration & Production

    E&P is our main business. It is currently present in over 40 countries and is focused on finding and producing oil and gas. Eni’s strategy is to deliver organic production growth, leveraging on a highquality portfolio of assets and longstanding relationships with host countries. Our strategy combines geographical diversification with scale benefits and project synergies.

  • Gas & Power

    G&P is engaged in all phases of the gas value chain: supply, trading and marketing of gas and electricity, gas infrastructures, and LNG supply and marketing. Eni sells more than 60% of its gas outside Italy and its leading position in the European gas market is supported by competitive advantages, including its multicountry approach, longterm gas availability, access to infrastructure, market knowledge, wide product range and strong customer base.

  • Refining & Marketing and Chemicals

    R&M refines and markets fuels and other oil products primarily in Italy. Our R&M division is relatively small compared to the R&M segment of our peers. Eni is the largest refiner in Italy and the leading operator in retail marketing of fuels with a market share of around 25%. Eni’s strategy in R&M is to cut capacity and costs and enhance margins to return to profitability.

R&M - 2017 highlights

  • adj operating profit (€ millions) 991
  • capex (€ billions) 0.7
  • throughput (Mtonnes/year) 24

E&P - 2017 highlight

  • adj operating profit (€ millions) 5.2
  • capex (€ billions) 7.7
  • production (Mboe/d) 1.82
  • proved reserves with a life index of 11,6 y (bln boe) 7
  • organic reserve replacement ratio (%) 103

G&P - 2017 highlights

  • adj operating profit (€ millions) 214
  • capex (€ billions) 0.1
  • gas sold worldwide (bcm) 81
  • electricity sold (TWh) 35

Our mission

Our model for sustainable development.

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Eni's 2018-2021 plan: value expansion in all business. 2018-2021 Strategy.

2018 Business Outlook

Management’s expectations for our business performance in 2018 are provided below.

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Eni's strategy

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Petroleum refining and processing activities

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Intervento dell'Amministratore Delegato, Claudio Descalzi al Parlamento Europeo

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Eni wins award for HPC supercomputer

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Eni Trading & Shipping: activities, products and services

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Being part of Eni

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Market Share

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Eni Award 2016

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Committees' meetings and activities in 2017

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Statement on Decarbonisation Strategies for the 2016 AGM

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