Code of Ethics

Integrity and transparency Eni was one of the first European companies to create a Business Conduct Code. The first version dates back to 1994. These values are set forth in the Eni Code of Ethics , approved [...] 231 are underlined by the assignment to the Eni Watch Structure - established by Model ...

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Committees of the Board of Directors

the Sustainability and Scenarios Committee. Eni Committees are formed by four members and thus less than the majority of Board members. The composition, duties and functioning of the Committees are governed [...] functions for the Board of Directors The role of Committees The Committees of the Board of Directors of Eni ...

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Eni is a partner of the 42nd edition of the International Study Days at the Centro Pio Manzù

Eni is a partner of the 42nd edition of the International Study Days at the Centro Pio Manzù Eni is a partner of the 42nd edition of the International Study Days at the Centro Pio Manzù A female 21st [...] to the duties of leadership`; and finally, on Sunday 23 after ...

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Reducing the environmental impact in Eni

the environment and people Eni puts safety first and develops systems and structures to protect the environment and its employees. A duty to respect the environment Eni is strongly committed to reducing the [...] system, developed and patented by Eni, to minimise environmental contamination in the event of accidents in subsea ...

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Eni Governance Awards Archive

2013 Eni Governance awards in 2012 Eni Governance awards in 2011 Eni Governance awards in 2010 Eni Governance awards in 2009 Eni Governance awards in 2008 Eni Governance awards in 2007 Eni Governance [...] board committees. Eni Governance Awards Archive Overview Eni Governance awards in 2017 Eni Governance awards in 2016 ...

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Committees' meetings and activities in 2016

aspects of the individual and consolidated financial statements at December 31, 2015 of Eni and its subsidiaries Eni Trading & Shipping (ETS) and Syndial and Eni's half-year consolidated financial report [...] of the appointment of members of the Eni Watch Structure, board of directors and board of statutory auditors of Versalis and the members of the board of directors of Eni International BV; completed an examination

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FAQs Board of Directors

Board shall promptly call a Shareholders' Meeting to elect a new Board. Who are the members of the Eni Board of Directors? The Shareholders' Meeting of 13 April 2017 appointed the following Directors: [...] 58/1998 cd. Consolidated Law on Finance) and principles of the Italian Corporate Governance Code, which Eni ...

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FAQs Statutory Auditors

auditing committee" are consistent and substantively in line with the duties already assigned to the Board of Statutory Auditors of Eni, with specific consideration of its role as the "Audit Committee" under [...] of all shareholders (relevant and minority shareholders). The slate voting system was introduced in Eni By-Laws pursuant to ...

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The Internal Control and Risk Management System

of persons with access to Eni inside information has been brought into line with the new legislation; Eni has also opted to create a "permanent" section of the list for the Eni personnel who meet the strictest [...] relevant persons (other than the shareholders of Eni) and persons closely associated with ...

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Board's Policy on the maximum number of offices of Directors in other companies

control in other companies for Eni Directors, as defined by the current Board of Directors In accordance with the recommendations of the Corporate Governance Code which Eni has adopted, the Board of Directors [...] maximum number of additional non-executive offices for Eni Directors in relevant companies compatible with the effective performance ...

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