Massimo Mondazzi

He has been Chief Financial Officer in Eni since December 2012. He was born in Monza in 1963 and graduated in Economics and Business Administration from Bocconi University in Milan in 1987. He started working in Eni in 1992 in the Exploration and Production division of Administration and Control. From 2014 until September 2016, alongside his role as Eni's Chief Financial Officer, he was also responsible for Eni’s Integrated Risk Management department.


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Massimo Mondazzi

Massimo Mondazzi Chief Financial Officer Born in Monza in 1963, on 5 December 2012 he was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Eni and Manager charged with preparing the company's financial reports pursuant [...] pursuant to art. 154-bis of Legislative Decree no. 58/1998. Experience He joined Eni in 1992 after ...

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Internal Dealing Transactions Archive

23/08/2012 S 3,350 Paolo Scaroni Chief Executive Officer 31/05/2012 S 150,000 Alessandro Bernini Chief Financial Officer 28/02/2012 P 2,860 Alessandro Profumo Director 07/02/2012 S 556 Managed Asset S 117 Paolo [...] Auditor 17/01/2012 P 313 Managed asset. Communication ...

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2016 Third Quarter Results

institutional investors and financial analysts. 28th October 2016 Speakers: Massimo Mondazzi - Chief Financial Officer Documents 2016 Third Quarter Results pdf 855 KB 2016 Third Quarter Results - Press release

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Committees' meetings and activities in 2016

Review. 2) In performing its duties with respect to the internal control system as applied to the financial reporting model, during periodic meetings with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), also in his capacity [...] aspects of the individual and consolidated financial statements at December 31, 2015 of Eni and its subsidiaries ...

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Pietro Guindani

has been Director of Eni since May 2014. Since July 2008 he has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vodafone Italia SpA, where between 1995-2008 he was Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive

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Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting May 25, 2006

Resolutions The Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting of Eni S.p.A. held today resolved to: approve the Financial Statements of Eni S.p.A at December 31, 2005 which show a net income of euro 5,287,660,333.55; [...] follows: - to the payment of a dividend of euro ...

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Rosalba Casiraghi

investors. She was born in Milan in 1950 and she has been Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors of Eni since April 2017. She is certified public auditor. She is currently Chairman of the Board of Statutory [...] started her carreer as cost accountant in a subsidiary of a US ...

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List of Parties involved in administration, control or management of Eni SpA

Parties involved in administration, control or management of Eni SpA List of Parties involved in administration, control or management of Eni SpA Overview In detail, it is possible to consult: a table [...] or management" in Eni SpA are Directors, Effective Statutory Auditors, the Magistrate of the Italian Court of Auditors ...

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Financial risks

the value of Eni assets . To achieve this, Eni engages in risk management activities seeking both to hedge Group's exposures and to profit from short-term market opportunities and trading. Eni is engaged [...] monitoring and controlling activities . Although Eni believes it has established sound risk management procedures, trading activities involve ...

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Code of Ethics

Integrity and transparency Eni was one of the first European companies to create a Business Conduct Code. The first version dates back to 1994. These values are set forth in the Eni Code of Ethics , approved [...] 231 are underlined by the assignment to the Eni Watch Structure - established by Model ...

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