Compensation paid in 2017

the Chief Executive Officer and General Manager and, in aggregate form, Managers with strategic responsibilities 1 . The remuneration received from subsidiaries and/or associates, except that waived or paid [...] of Directors Chief Executive and General Manager 01.01 - 12.31 Other Managers with strategic responsibilities (**) (19) Remuneration in the company ...

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Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting May 8, 2014

Chairman(2) - Paola Camagni, Effective Auditor (1); - Alberto Falini, Effective Auditor (1); - Marco Lacchini, Effective Auditor (2); - Marco Seracini, Effective Auditor (1); - Stefania Bettoni, Alternate

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Remuneration Policy 2018

Mix Managers with strategic responsibilities Market references The positioning of remuneration is assessed by comparing roles with the same level of managerial responsibility and complexity in national [...] the other managers with strategic responsibilities Chairman of the Board of Directors Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Managers with strategic responsibilities Non-Executive ...

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Each of us

thinking of their business alone, but taking on great responsibilities. Eni has always had a calling, an identity, steeped in corporate social responsibility. We aim towards efficiency and resiliency in our

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The implementation of REACH giudelines in Eni

gives the industry responsibility for demonstrating the safety of its products. Our commitment Within the exploration and production and gas and power sectors, specific responsibilities have been defined [...] News Responsibility and safety: REACH regulation REACH is the European Regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, which came into ...

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Giuseppe Ricci

additional responsibilities, such as the chairmanship of Gela and Milazzo. In 2012 he took on the delicate role of Eni's Executive Vice President Health, Safety Environment and Quality with responsibility for [...] 2010 he was made Senior Vice President of the Industrial Sector for Refining & Marketing, with responsibility for the ...

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Audit firm

this liability, EY SpA, in its report on the consolidated financial statements, has the role and responsibility of sole auditor for the Eni Group. Thus, the Audit Firm's overall proposal for Eni's Group as [...] secondary auditors; the independence of the Audit Firm and causes for incompatibility; reporting responsibilities ...

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Remuneration Reports – Full transparency

the 2018 Policy adopted by Eni for the remuneration of Directors and Managers with strategic responsibilities, specifying: the general aims pursued, the bodies involved, and the procedures used to adopt [...] Statutory Auditors, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager and other Managers with strategic responsibilities. The Policy described in the first ...

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Internal dealing and shareholdings

and shareholdings held by Directors, Statutory Auditors and by other Managers with strategic responsibilities. Here are communications related to internal dealing operations in 2017, 2016 and 2015 pursuant [...] - 00144 Rome. Shareholdings held by Directors, Statutory Auditors and Managers with strategic responsibilities The table below indicates the list of the shareholdings ...

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Remuneration: governance, purpose and summary indicators

Governance Eni defines its Policy on the remuneration of Directors and managers with strategic responsibilities , on the basis of a structured and transparent governance process in line with applicable regulations [...] Report, in favour or against the Remuneration Policy for Directors and Managers with strategic responsibilities described in the first section ...

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FAQs Remuneration

approves the policy for the remuneration of the Directors and other "Managers with strategic responsibilities`, which is described in the first section of the Remuneration Report available on the Company's [...] integrity, as describe in the Code of Ethics and Eni Policy "Our People"; recognising roles and responsibilities, results, and ...

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Compensation and benefits

success of the company. Eni's remuneration policy Our compensation policy aims to: recognise the responsibilities, results and quality of the professional contribution of each colleague promote behaviours in

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Sustainability, the environment and safety

The Integrated Management System for Health, Safety, Energy and the Environment outlines the responsibilities, procedures and tools necessary to pursue the programmes, achieve objectives for improvement

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Eni’s environmental management system: approach and strategies

System Guidelines document, a unique and shared instrument that clearly outlines the roles and responsibilities of the various organisational levels, disciplines the activities foreseen for HSE processes

6 July 2018 Section: Sustainability

Luca Franceschini

engaged in providing legal support in the regulatory and antirust areas, gradually extending his responsibilities and becoming, in 2009, head of Legal Assistance for the business and Antitrust issues in Italy,

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Enrico Maria Bignami

organization in the restructuring, internal audit and risks, the strategic role, functions and responsibilities of the Board of Statutory Auditors, the functions of the Watch Structure and governance in SMEs.

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Safety management to protect the health of employees

operations and reputation of the company are based. Information flows, coordination, roles and responsibilities, logistics; these are just some of the issues that drive these procedures. Emergency plans are

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Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting May 8, 2012

policy on the remuneration of board directors, general managers and executives with strategic responsibilities and the procedures used to adopt and implement this policy. Extraordinary part to approve

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The Internal Control and Risk Management System

disseminated: i) information flows and flows of authorization, that accurately identify the roles and responsibilities connected with the classification of an information as "inside information" and, subsequently,

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the underlying shares are deposited in a local custodian bank. The ADR certificate states the responsibilities of the depositary bank with respect to actions such as payment of dividends, voting at shareholder

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