Diva Moriani

She has been a Board Member in Eni since May 2014 elected from the list presented by the Economy and Finance Ministry. She was born in Arezzo in 1968 and graduated in Economics from the University of Florence.


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Diva Moriani

Diva Moriani Director elected from the list of candidates submitted by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance She was born in Arezzo in 1968 and has been a Director in Eni since May 2014. She is currently

12 May 2016 eni.com Section: company

Committees of the Board of Directors

executive directors, all independent in line with current legislation and Corporate Governance Code: Diva Moriani (independent) All members have adequate professional qualifications and experience to perform

27 April 2018 eni.com Section: company

Compensation paid in 2017

the Chief Executive Officer and General Manager and, in aggregate form, Managers with strategic responsibilities 1 . The remuneration received from subsidiaries and/or associates, except that waived or paid [...] of Directors Chief Executive and General Manager 01.01 - 12.31 Other Managers with strategic responsibilities (**) (19) Remuneration in the company ...

27 July 2018 eni.com Section: company

Composition, Independence and other requirements

Karina A. Litvack , Alessandro Lorenzi , Diva Moriani , Fabrizio Pagani and Domenico Livio Trombone . Emma Marcegaglia, Claudio Descalzi, Andrea Gemma, Diva Moriani, Fabrizio Pagani and Domenico Livio Trombone [...] Marcegaglia and the Directors Andrea Gemma, Pietro A. Guindani, Karina Litvack, Alessandro Lorenzi, Diva Moriani and Domenico Livio Trombone satisfy the independence requirements ...

12 May 2016 eni.com Section: enipedia

List of Parties involved in administration, control or management of Eni SpA

Director Pietro A. Guindani Director Karina Litvack Director Alessandro Lorenzi Director Diva Moriani Director Fabrizio Pagani Director Domenico Livio Trombone Director Rosalba Casiraghi Chairman

9 September 2016 eni.com Section: enipedia

FAQs Board of Directors

Karina Litvack and Diva Moriani. Remuneration Committee (Compensation Committee until March 15, 2018): Andrea Gemma (Chairman), Pietro A. Guindani, Alessandro Lorenzi and Diva Moriani. Nomination Committee [...] Marcegaglia; Claudio Descalzi; Andrea Gemma, Pietro A. Guindani, Karina Litvack, Alessandro Lorenzi, Diva Moriani; Fabrizio Pagani, and Domenico Livio Trombone. Directors Guindani, Litvack and ...

6 April 2018 eni.com Section: enipedia

Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting April 13, 2017

A. Guindani, Director(2)**; Karina A. Litvack, Director(2)**; Alessandro Lorenzi, Director(2)**; Diva Moriani, Director(1)**; Fabrizio Pagani, Director(1); Domenico Trombone, Director(1)**; to set the annual

5 April 2018 eni.com Section: enipedia

Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting May 8, 2014

Guindani, Director(2)*; - Karina A. Litvack, Director(2)*; - Alessandro Lorenzi, Director(2)*; - Diva Moriani, Director(1)*; - Fabrizio Pagani, Director(1)*; - Luigi Zingales, Director(1)*. to set the annual

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Remuneration Policy 2018

Mix Managers with strategic responsibilities Market references The positioning of remuneration is assessed by comparing roles with the same level of managerial responsibility and complexity in national [...] the other managers with strategic responsibilities Chairman of the Board of Directors Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Managers with strategic responsibilities Non-Executive ...

22 July 2016 eni.com Section: enipedia

2007 - Securing a Competitive European Gas & Power Market(s) Lehman Leaders in Europe

2007 - Securing a Competitive European Gas & Power Market(s) Lehman Leaders in Europe 2007 - Securing a Competitive European Gas & Power Market(s) Lehman Leaders in Europe Overview In detail: the date [...] Presentation pdf 871 KB Presentation pdf 871 KB 2007 - Securing a Competitive European Gas & Power Market(s) Lehman Leaders ...

23 May 2007 eni.com Section: enipedia

The implementation of REACH giudelines in Eni

gives the industry responsibility for demonstrating the safety of its products. Our commitment Within the exploration and production and gas and power sectors, specific responsibilities have been defined [...] News Responsibility and safety: REACH regulation REACH is the European Regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, which came into ...

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the underlying shares are deposited in a local custodian bank. The ADR certificate states the responsibilities of the depositary bank with respect to actions such as payment of dividends, voting at shareholder [...] further information, please contact (please have your account number, exact address, and exact name(s) on the account ...

12 May 2016 eni.com Section: enipedia

Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting May 10, 2013

A. Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting held on May 10, 2013 resolved: Ordinary part to approve Eni S.p.A.'s Financial Statements at 31 December 2012, which reported a net profit amounting to 9,078,358,525.02 [...] policy on the remuneration of board directors, general managers and executives with strategic ...

13 May 2013 eni.com Section: enipedia

Each of us

thinking of their business alone, but taking on great responsibilities. Eni has always had a calling, an identity, steeped in corporate social responsibility. We aim towards efficiency and resiliency in our

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Giuseppe Ricci

additional responsibilities, such as the chairmanship of Gela and Milazzo. In 2012 he took on the delicate role of Eni's Executive Vice President Health, Safety Environment and Quality with responsibility for [...] 2010 he was made Senior Vice President of the Industrial Sector for Refining & Marketing, with responsibility for the ...

12 September 2016 eni.com Section: company

South Med Auction for Monthly Callable Subletting Product from 1st December 2013 to 30th September 2014

monthly price only for said month(s). The capacity will be offered through a monthly callable subletting product and shall be allocated among the interested operator(s) by means of auctions in accordance [...] del Vallo entry point, for a quantity corresponding to winning bidder's awarded lots, for the month ...

24 October 2013 eni.com Section: enipedia

Audit firm

secondary auditors; the independence of the Audit Firm and causes for incompatibility; reporting responsibilities and obligations of the Audit Firm; and the regulation of information flows towards the Company [...] framework of the statutory auditing, the Board of Statutory Auditors has been entrusted with the responsibility for the approval of additional ...

17 May 2017 eni.com Section: company

Eni’s sustainability project in Congo

of sustainable energy is a prerequisite for the development of all areas. Eni is aware of the responsibilities and opportunities associated with its role as an international energy company active in over [...] almost no gas since 2014, thus contributing significantly and positively to the reduction of Eni Congo`s gas ...

12 May 2016 eni.com Section: enipedia

Terms and Conditions

"International Indexes" (indications concerning the main international indexes DJ INDUSTR AVG INDX, S&P IND S&P 500 ST, NASDAQ COMB, FTSE 100, DAX, CAC 40, NIKKEI 225 INDEX ) "Exchange rates" (for major currencies) [...] made of such products and services. 9. Limitations of responsibility In view of the free provision ...

1 January 2016 eni.com Section: terms and conditions

Internal dealing and shareholdings

and shareholdings held by Directors, Statutory Auditors and by other Managers with strategic responsibilities. Here are communications related to internal dealing operations in 2017, 2016 and 2015 pursuant [...] - 00144 Rome. Shareholdings held by Directors, Statutory Auditors and Managers with strategic responsibilities The table below indicates the list of the shareholdings ...

19 September 2018 eni.com Section: company