Eni has been operating in Gela since 1953


  • Exploration & Production

    The development of the Argo and Cassiopea gas fields is one of the most important projects of the 2014 Memorandum of Understanding. In the original project, the gas extracted from the offshore wells would be treated on a new platform, Prezioso K, which was to be built near the existing platform. The project was the subject of an appeal to the Italian Consiglio di Stato (Council of State) by some local stakeholders. While waiting for the outcome of the appeal, which proved favourable, Eni evaluated further improvements to the project to reduce its environmental impact and benefit the local economy. As a result, a development programme was adopted that called for the natural gas processing plant to be built onshore, rather than offshore, using areas available within the refinery. In February 2018, Eni received approval from the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea (MATTM) on the environmental compatibility of the improved project.

  • Refining

    Through the enhancement of existing facilities and the application of proprietary technologies, activities in this area foresee the conversion of unconventional first (palm oil) and second generation (animal fat, frying oils) raw materials into green diesel, green GPL and green naphtha.


Eni is deeply rooted in the city of Gela and the surrounding territory thanks to the integrated presence of the whole team. Activities span research, production, transportation, transformation, sale of oil and natural gas, environmental remediation of areas affected by operations, the generation of electricity from renewable sources, and chemicals.


  • Bio-refineries

    Through its Bio-refineries Project, Eni has reconfigured the refineries in Venice and Gela by identifying innovative solutions using “green” cycles that are both environmentally and economically sustainable. In particular, a business model has been developed that, through the upgrading of existing plants and Eni proprietary technologies, facilitates the conversion of unconventional and low-cost biological raw materials, such as vegetable oils and spent cooking oil, into high added value finished products (e.g. green diesel, green LPG, green naphtha).

  • Alternating School-Work project

    The Alternating School-Work project is one of the initiatives introduced by Eni following the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR) and Ministry of Labour and Social Policies (MLPS) to promote full integration between business and educational establishments. The programme aims to provide an overview of the current energy situation and help children in their career choices, allowing them to discover a range of professional roles at Eni from up close and encouraging them to develop the transferrable skills needed for successful entry into the world of work.

  • First Level Apprenticeship

    The First Level Apprenticeship project, another of the initiatives that aims to promote full integration between business and educational establishments, involves students carrying out work experience and training at Eni’s premises alongside their regular studies. This is achieved through on-the-job training, traditional classroom-based courses and e-learning. The students involved come predominantly from technical and vocational colleges and attend various Eni industrial sites, from the Gela, Venice and Sannazzaro refineries to the Oil Centres in Val d’Agri. They are supported by tutors from Eni, who work closely with their school teachers.

  • Safety Training Center

    A new centre for the provision of training and refresher courses related to the conduct of on-site operations has been operating since June 2016. The Safety Training Centre will be able to handle up to 1,400 employees a year, offering important opportunities for the territory.

  • The Guayule project

    In the field of Green Chemistry, an experimental agricultural line has been initiated for the project, involving the transplantation of 100,000 guayule seedlings at 2 farms belonging to the Agricultural Development  Authority (ESA) of the Region of Sicily. Initial results will be available in the second half of 2017.

  • Waste to Fuel

    At Eni’s Renewable Energy and Environmental R&D Centre Eni has built a pilot plant to trial “waste-to-fuel” (W2F) – a technology that allows us to transform waste into energy and second-generation biofuels.

Biorefineries: green transformation projects

Eni has launched a zero-impact industry transformation programs with the conversion of the Venice and Gela Biorefineries.

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Stiamo realizzando impianti progettati con tecnologie innovative per rilanciare l'occupazione e dare nuova vita ai siti industriali dismessi presenti sul territorio.

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You can find further information on the activities of Eni in Gela and the Local Report at the link https://www.eni.com/it_IT/attivita/storie-persone/nuovo-piano-sviluppo-gela.page.

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REMIT Regulation

REMIT Regulation REMIT Regulation Overview Eni publishes on this website information on Natural Gas and Electricity that is relevant in accordance with the prescription of article 4 of Regulation (EU) [...] mln. m3/d. During the return to a normal transportation regime, flowrate fluctuations may occur at the Gela terminal over ...

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Upstream Italy

at 2020). Gela: new activities in a wide-ranging project Gela is a symbolic city that represents Eni's industrial history in Sicily. The Upstream activities conducted here are carried out by Eni Mediterranea [...] Central Northern District 671 people working in the Central Northern District Gela and the environment The bio ...

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Sustainability objectives

Contacts Sustainability objectives To monitor the effects of its sustainability activities, Eni updates its corporate objectives every year and provides incentives for outstanding performance. The integration [...] operational and economic-financial targets enables the company to build long-term success. Every year Eni defines its strategies and objectives regarding sustainability issues and monitors ...

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Biorefineries: green transformation projects

Sustainability and the environment: green refineries and new fuels. Venice and Gela: two pioneering refineries As a global energy major, Eni is looking into new technologies to reduce GHG emissions from transport, [...] biofuels . Eni has developed an in-house technology to convert the traditional fossil fuel refineries into biorefineries to produce ...

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Eni and CNR join forces to meet global challenges

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Eni’s activities in Italy

refinery) the chemical sector Eni offices and contacts in Italy Upstream Eni has been operating in Italy since 1926. In 2017, Eni's oil and gas production amounted to 134 kboe/d. Eni's activities in Italy are [...] 1- 20097 San Donato Milanese (MI), Italia Tel +39 02 520.1 ...

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Our Africa

The Greenstream undersea gas pipeline, which connects Mellitah, in Libya, with Gela, in Sicily, begins operation. 2004 Eni and Sonangol announce the success of deep-water exploration activities in offshore [...] exploration prospect in offshore Congo. 2014 Eni discovers Zohr, a supergiant gas field in the Egyptian offshore, the largest ever found ...

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Eni's strategy

enabled us to greatly reduce our emissions. For Eni, new skills and technology are a strategic choice. Strategy 2018-2021 | Digitalisation Financial strategy Eni will continue to focus on financial discipline [...] integration Organic growth, cost flexibility and fastest time-to-market continue to be the main pillars of Eni's strategy. Our value ...

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Petroleum refining and processing activities

carried out) and launched a project to do the same at our refinery in Gela. Eni's refining work in Italy comprises three refineries owned by Eni (Sannazzaro, Livorno and Taranto) and 50 per cent of the Milazzo [...] using Eni EcofiningTM technology. When fully operational, production will meet half of ...

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Eni’s operations: mission, challenges and exploratory successes

research, and aim to convert the industrial areas of Venice and Gela into bio-refineries. Discover more Eni's commitment to energy transition Eni is part of the process that will lead to the adoption of renewable [...] production A record breaking field - Nooros #NessunDorma - Zohr | Podcast Interview with Giorgio De Rita ...

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Business model for Eni stakeholders

Through the strategies contained in its business model, Eni aims to create long-term value for all stakeholders. Long-term value for everyone Eni's business model targets long-term value creation by delivering [...] Downstream sector, Eni has developed, in addition to the traditional business, the green production of biofuels, through the conversion ...

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Development of green investments

renewables, since several years Eni has paired its traditional business with the production of green fuels by converting the traditional refineries of Porto Marghera and Gela into biorefineries, using the [...] Green chemistry To support the traditional chemical business, Eni has developed the green chemistry business. Through its subsidiary Versalis, Eni ...

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Waste-to-fuel: new life for waste

A plant being constructed in Gela is focussed on this waste-to-fuel technology. The team that worked on the project in 2011 won the prestigious Recognition for Innovation Eni Award, the award for excellence [...] to biofuel Waste-to-fuel technology puts waste to good use. Waste-to-fuel: a new life for waste At Eni ...

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Giuseppe Ricci

held a series of additional responsibilities, such as the chairmanship of Gela and Milazzo. In 2012 he took on the delicate role of Eni's Executive Vice President Health, Safety Environment and Quality with [...] 12 September 2016. He has been a board member of Eniservizi since April 2016. Experience He ...

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Eni-MIT Upstream

Eni-MIT: research in the Upstream sector The technology developed as a result of collaboration enhances our portfolio of projects. Eni-MIT: research in the Upstream sector The technology developed as a [...] to remove them. Safety++ : being tested in the field for the first time at the Gela site, it ...

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The path to decarbonization

How we are securing Eni's long-term sustainability and success. Our low-carbon vision How we are securing Eni's long-term sustainability and success. A clean and sustainable future Eni's challenge is to [...] leading the drive to combat rising temperatures . To achieve this - and to secure our long-term success - Eni ...

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The sea: passion and opportunity

Where and when Where and when The meeting will take place at the Gela Refinery, Contrada Piana del Signore, on 8 June 2017. Poseidon: our plan for the sea World Oceans Day 2017 Dedicated to protecting [...] schools in Italian coastal areas. We chose to involve the pupils of IISS Majorana ...

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Green Diesel and Eni Diesel +

Green Diesel and Eni Diesel + Sustainable solutions drive our business. Green Diesel and Eni Diesel + Sustainable solutions drive our business. Fuels provided by nature The latest major milestone we have [...] biodiesels. It is produced in Eni's Venice biorefinery - the first example in the world of a `green' conversion of ...

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Sardegna Matrìca, a joint venture between Versalis Eni-Novamont saw the launch of a green chemistry hub. A strategy based on efficiency The strategy that Eni is pursuing will see the relaunch of the sector, [...] our growth in numbers through operational and financial results. 24.02 Mton Eni refining throughputs ...

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Concentrated solar power

even when the sun isn't shining. Designed by Eni in collaboration with Milan Polytechnic University and MIT in Boston, a pilot plant will soon be installed in Gela (Sicily), followed by a full solar farm in [...] features CSP alongside guayule bushes and bio-oil. Find out more Gela, Assemini and ...

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