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    At the beginning of March 2016, three new generation plants for the oil, gas and water treatment (Initial Production Facilities – IPF) started. Those plants together with existing restructured and modernized facilities increased oil and natural gas treatment capacity of Zubair field (Eni’s interest 41.6%) to approximately 650 kbbl/d and will ensure the maximization of the associated gas utilization.


Eni has been operating Iraq since 2009 with activities in the Exploration & Production sector.

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Eni’s activities in Iraq

city of Bassora Eni offices and contacts in Iraq Exploration & Production Eni has been present in Iraq since 2009 and is performing development activities over a developed acreage of 1,074 square kilometres [...] Eni's activities in Iraq Eni's activities in Iraq Overview In detail: the main activities in ...

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Eni’s sustainability projects in Iraq

service contracts). Eni provided information about payments. Read also Eni's activities in Iraq Eni has been operating Iraq since 2009 with activities in the Exploration & Production sector. Link Eiti [...] guarantee access to education in the Zubair area the implementation of EITI criteria in Iraq Access to energy Eni Iraq ...

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The production activities of Eni oil fields

new fields start-ups and production ramp-ups in particular in Angola, Kazakhstan and Norway as well as higher production in Iraq. Performance and progress Hydrocarbon production in 2016 remained unchanged [...] News Production activities In 2017, expected production growth to a record of 1.84million boe/d (up by 4.5%) leveraging ...

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Eni's investments in the Exploration & Production segment

natural gas production was 1,759 kboe/d, in line with 2015 , in spite of the Val d'Agri shutdown. Production start-ups and ramp-ups added approximately 280 kboe/d in 2016. 2017 expected production will achieve [...] Exploration and production: performance and investments during the year Among the results achieved in ...

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World Oil and Gas Review

mainly due to the contribution of additional reserves in Iraq. World oil production remains nearly at the same level of 2015 (+0.3%). Along with production changes, a significant discontinuity emerges in terms [...] Review, that will be published this Autumn. Eni presents the 16 th edition of the World Oil ...

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Eni’s proved and undeveloped reserves

the contractual delivery quantities in Libya, Eni will implement phased production start-up from the relevant fields which are expected to be put in production over the next several years. Eni's proved and [...] mmboe) mainly reported in Congo and Iraq; reclassification to proved developed reserves (down by 646 mmboe) mainly ...

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The assets and operations of development of Eni's oilfields

such as: the Goliat Norwegian fields (Eni operator with a 65% interest) in the Barents Sea, achieving a production plateau of 100 kboe/d (65 kboe/d net to Eni); production re-start of the Kashagan field (Eni's [...] the Great Nooros Area (Eni's interest 75%) in Egypt, achieving a ...

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Offshore Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition – OMC 2013

Ministry of Economic Development, Claudio De Vincenti , and by Eni, chief executive Paolo Scaroni , with the representatives of Egypt, Iraq, Algeria and Libya. The programme was enhanced with workshops [...] Introduction: PAOLO SCARONI, ENI CEO CLAUDIO DE VINCENTI, Undersecretary, Ministry for Economic Development OSSAMA KAMAL, Minister of Petroleum, Egypt ABDULKAREEM LUAIBI ...

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Payment transparency: implementing the EITI in countries of operation

- Nigeria Iraq Iraq achieved "EITI compliant" status in December 2012. In December 2015 it published an EITI report based on data from 2013. Eni provided information about payments. EITI-Iraq Indonesia [...] Karachaganak BV, Eni is a member of the KazEnergy Association that, in turn, is part of the NSC. In ...

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World Energy Outlook: transformation, prospects and possible scenarios

developing countries; Non-OPEC production is expected to stabilise around 2020, before going into decline; also at the beginning of 2020, tight oil in the USA will reach a production peak of 5 mil. bbl/d; In [...] importer; 75% of production will be concentrated in four countries by 2040: China, India ...

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