• Distribution of Refined Products

    In Italy Eni is the leader in the distribution of petroleum products with a market share of 24.3%, down by 0.2 percentage points from 2015. In 2016, sales in the retail market (5.93 million tonnes) showed a decrease on 2015 (about 30 ktonnes, -0.5%) due to a reduction in volumes marketed in Eni’s highway segment, partially offset by a slight increase in volumes marketed in Eni’s owned stations. On 31 December 2016, the retail network in Italy consisted of 4,396 service stations.


Eni operates in Italy with all its activities: Exploration & Production, Gas & Power and Refining & Marketing and Chemicals.

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Eni’s activities in Italy

refinery) Eni offices and contacts in Italy Exploration & Production Eni has been operating in Italy since 1926. In 2016, Eni's oil and gas production amounted to 133 kboe/d. Eni's activities in Italy are [...] (MI) Tel. +39 02 52 01 Refining & Marketing Via Laurentina, 449 00142 Roma Tel ...

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Refining and marketing: performance and investments

refining activities in Italy and outside of Italy ( 298 million), aiming mainly at maintain plants' integrity, as well as initiatives in health, security and environmental issues; marketing activity, mainly [...] News Refining and marketing: performance and investments The improvement in results is due to better refining margins as well as efficiencies ...

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The refining, commercialization and marketing activities of Eni

countries and communities where we operate. Registered Head Office Piazzale Enrico Mattei, 1 00144 Rome, Italy Company Share Capital 4.005.358.876,00 paid up Rome Company Register, Tax Identification Number 00484960588

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The marketing activities and markets for gas sales

Gas marketing activities Eni is active in 30 countries worldwide in the trading of oil, natural gas, LNG and electricity. Gas and electricity trading Eni is highly competitive in the wholesale marketing [...] Russia, the Netherlands, Norway, Libya, Italy and Algeria; outlet markets are mainly Italy and Europe, but also North ...

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Refining and Marketing

Eni fuel Diesel+. Created with technology developed at the biorefinery in Venice, the environmental impact of the fuel is reduced. Refining and sales around the world Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland [...] which we process crude oil for fuel and high-quality lubricants, quality products that we sell in Italy and abroad ...

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The distribution of Eni products on the market

picture of distribution in Italy, Europe and in the wholesale market. Rising sales in the petrochemical sector. Distribution We sell our products all over the world. Marketing of refined products In 2016, [...] 2015 as well as in Slovenia and Hungary in the second half of 2016. Retail sales in Italy ...

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Eni’s subsidiaries and affiliates

international partners. Eni SpA Fuel Centrosud Within the refining and marketing and chemicals sectors, the company sells fuels on the wholesale market mainly in the centre and south of Italy through an extensive [...] Eni's subsidiaries and affiliates Eni operates in the domestic and international market, as well as through ...

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Supply and trading of Eni products

12% from Italy, 11% from North Africa, 1% from West Africa, 1% from North Sea and 2% from other areas. Marketing of Eni Diesel + In January 2016, at around 3,500 service stations in Italy, Eni launched [...] launched new Eni Diesel+ with a 15 per cent renewable component produced from ...

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Eni’s activities in the Gas & Power segment

30 countries around the world. Russia, Netherlands, Norway, Libya, Algeria and Italy are the main countries of supply and Italy and Europe, as well as North America, are our target markets. [...] gas marketing Gas & Power: the long journey On ships or through pipelines, gas makes a long journey before being ...

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Financial results and presentations

commited to growth in the activities of finding, producing, transporting, transforming and marketing oil and gas. Eni men and women have a passion for challanges, continuos improvement, excellence and particulary [...] people, the environment and integrity. Registered Head Office Piazzale Enrico Mattei, 1 00144 Rome, Italy Company Share Capital 4.005 ...

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