Stefania Bettoni

Statutory auditor elected from the list of candidates presented by the Ministry of Economy and Finance Substitute statutory auditor.Stefania Bettoni (Brescia, 1969) has been a substitute statutory aud

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FAQs Statutory Auditors

(standing), Paola Camagni (standing), Andrea Parolini (standing), Marco Seracini (standing), Stefania Bettoni (alternate) and Claudia Mezzabotta (alternate). The standing Statutory Auditors Casiraghi (Chairman)

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Composition and Appointment of the Board of Statutory Auditors

Maria Bignami; Paola Camagni; Andrea Parolini e Marco Seracini; alternate Statutory Auditors - Stefania Bettoni and Claudia Mezzabotta. Legal requirements of the Statutory Auditors As stated in the Corporate

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Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting May 8, 2014

Auditor (1); - Marco Lacchini, Effective Auditor (2); - Marco Seracini, Effective Auditor (1); - Stefania Bettoni, Alternate Auditor (1) - Mauro Lonardo, Alternate Auditor (2). to set the Chairman of the Board

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News News Every day we communicate the main events in which the company is involved around the world: institutional events, new discoveries, exhibitons, partnerships. Eni "International Oil Company of

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Operations News

eni pedia Read more on Enipedia More than 500 content and more than 1000 documents to learn about the history and the current situation of Eni. Read more We are an energy company. We are working to

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Innovation News

The Eni Award aims to promote the most effective and efficient use of energy resources and to stimulate new generations of researchers, a demonstration of the importance that Eni attributes to scien

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Fuel Cafè: oil and gas news

world gas reserves 2016 vs 2015 +0.9 % world gas reserves 2016 vs 2015 +0.7 % world gas production 2016 vs 2015 +0.7 % world gas production 2016 vs 2015 +2 % world gas demand 2016 vs 2015 +2 % world g

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world Europe ( 22 ) Africa ( 21 ) The Americas ( 8 ) Asia & Oceania ( 20 ) News archive ( 304 ) An overview of news and facts from Eni's recent past Culture ( 41 ) Events ( 56 ) Sustainability

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Marco Bardazzi

member of the team that worked on the transformation of a traditional newspaper to an integrated digital news organization, creating an innovative "concentric circles" multiplatform newsroom. He was one of the [...] Wyborcza and Suddeutsche Zeitung. Before joining "La Stampa", he was U.S. correspondent for the Italian news agency ANSA ...

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