The service stations of Eni in Switzerland in 2017 are 276

Sales of refined products in 2016

December 31, 2016, Eni's retail network in Italy consisted of 4,396 service stations, lower by 24 units from December 31, 2015 (4,420 service stations) , resulting from the release of low throughput stations (27 [...] (*) - - - Slovakia - (*) - - - Slovenia 15 - 1,709 2.2 - Switzerland 277 280 1,245 8.3 ...

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Refining and Marketing

Eni fuel Diesel+. Created with technology developed at the biorefinery in Venice, the environmental impact of the fuel is reduced. Refining and sales around the world Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

12 May 2016 Section: operations

Supply and sales of natural gas in 2016

In 2016, main gas volumes from equity production derived from: Italian gas fields (4.5 bcm) certain Eni fields located in the British and Norwegian sections of the North Sea (2.2 bcm) Libyan fields (1.5 [...] Hungary 0.93 - UK/Northern Europe 2.01 - Turkey 6.55 - France 7 ...

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The distribution of Eni products on the market

December 31, 2016, Eni's retail network in Italy consisted of 4,396 service stations, lower by 24 units from December 31, 2015 (4,420 service stations), resulting from the release of low throughput stations (27 [...] of Europe consisted of 1,226 units, decreasing by 200 units from December 31 ...

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The six-legged dog: a history of Eni’s logo from 1953 to 1998

outlets and service stations saw fit. Studio Unimark International The six-legged dog brandbook Once it had been decided that the six-legged dog would remain as the central element of the Eni trademark, [...] and the New York Stock Exchange. As Eni has evolved, so too has the story of the six-legged ...

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Eni products for people on the move

News Eni products for people on the move Eni cares about people who every day are on the move on the road with a range of products and services: Enistation, Enjoy, Oil Products, Multicard. Eni for business [...] activities, such as Eni stations and fuel, as well as our car sharing ...

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Eni Diesel + and urban transport

and animal fats transformed into high-quality biofuels . Eni Diesel + was launched in 2016 and is now available at around 3,500 Eni service stations . This is Eni's immediate response to the challenge of [...] Transport that respects the environment Eni's green fuel is changing the way we get around ...

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Supply and trading of Eni products

1% from North Sea and 2% from other areas. Marketing of Eni Diesel + In January 2016, at around 3,500 service stations in Italy, Eni launched new Eni Diesel+ with a 15 per cent renewable component produced [...] News Supply and trading The new Eni Diesel+. Thanks to technology developed in ...

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Eni’s activities in Austria

contacts Refining & Marketing Eni Austria GmbH Eni Austria Marketing GmbH Eni Mineralölhandel GmbH Millennium Tower Handelskai 94-96 1200 Vienna Tel. (0043) 1 240700 Link Eni in Austria Eni's activities [...] Power sector activities in the retail and wholesale market for petroleum products through Eni Austria Group Eni offices and contacts ...

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Servizi Fondo Bombole Metano

the Ministry of Finance issued a decree granting Eni S.p.A. the exercise of activities relating to the Fondo Bombole Metano for twenty years, enabling Eni SpA to conduct such activities through a subsidiary [...] following the sale of the business activity conducted by the Finance & Administration Department of Eni ...

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Petroleum refining and processing activities

a bio-refinery. From production to sale Eni produces high-quality fuels and lubricants at its refineries that are then distributed through 4,310 service stations in Italy alone. In 2017, biofuel production [...] News Refining & Marketing activities At its refineries, Eni produces quality fuel and lubricants which are sold in Italy and ...

4 May 2018 Section: operations

Supply and refining in 2016

North Africa, 1% from West Africa, 1% from North Sea and 2% from other areas. In January 2016 Eni launched the new Eni Diesel + fuel that contains about 15,000 renewable components produced from vegetable oils [...] oils at the refinery in Venice through Ecofining TM technology in about 3,500 ...

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Refining & Marketing: 2016 performance and capital expenditure

petroleum products in Europe (mmtonnes) 9,21 8,89 8,59 Service stations in Europe at year end (number) 6.220 5.846 5.622 Average throughput of service stations in Europe (kliters) 1.725 1.754 1.742 Balanced

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Photographs from Eni’s Historical Archive

history of Eni and many of its companies. This page provides a brief description of the resources that make it up. The AGIP photographic archive the historical and industrial evolution of Eni from the [...] through the Agip service stations two reports by Federico Patellani The Anic (Azienda Nazionale Idrogenazione Combustibili ...

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Eni’s activities in Italy

and the Green Refinery (the conversion into a bio-refinery) the chemical sector Eni offices and contacts in Italy Upstream Eni has been operating in Italy since 1926. In 2017, Eni's oil and gas production [...] term access to gas availability, Eni has signed a number of long-term gas supply contracts ...

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The assets of Eni’s Historical Archive

leading figures of the Eni Group and important personalities closely associated with Enrico Mattei, made in the 1980s by Eni's Historical Archive itself. A collection of testimony by Eni pioneers is currently [...] on activities conducted by Eni over the years in collaboration with companies and consortia such as Aipa ...

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Preserving the past with the historical archive

Mattei. Gateway to history The Eni Archive is headquartered in Pomezia: all the historical documents and papers belonging to Enrico Mattei and documentation relating to Eni as a company specializing in the [...] belonged to Enrico Mattei. Eni movies: Eni's audio-visual archive Bernardo Bertolucci, Gillo Pontecorvo and Folco Quilici are ...

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Eni gas e luce

world of home energy. Eni gas e luce is not just an energy supplier, but also a distributor of new services and innovative solutions at home and at work. There's so much to tell. Eni gas e luce helps you [...] The retail market: Eni gas e luce. Energy in ...

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Versalis: industrial chemical company in Eni

starting from base chemistry up to polyethylene, styrene polymers and elastomers. All applications : much of the stuff that surrounds us derives from polymers - from industrial packaging and food containers

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Eni Award 2012 Edition

developed by Eni. Eni Award 2011 Edition In 2010 Eni Award prizes went to six international research scientists and three projects developed in the Eni laboratories. Eni Award 2010 Edition In 2010 Eni Award [...] world. Eni Award 2016 The annual Eni Awards recognise the best results from around the world ...

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