The petroleum production of Eni in Nigeria in 2017 was 57 kbbl/d

Source: Integrated Annual Report 2017

Eni’s sustainability projects in Nigeria

Thanks to the Green River Project, Eni has created a system to support agriculture in the country.

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developed. The Government of Nigeria agreed to become the contracting party to Eni and committed to deliver to Eni and Shell the rights in OPL 245. In order to do so, the Government of Nigeria had separately structured [...] necessary prerequisite to the assignment of rights committed to Shell and Eni ...

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Eni’s activities in Nigeria

onshore and offshore blocks of the Niger Delta in which Eni operates Eni offices and contacts in Nigeria Upstream Eni has been present in Nigeria since 1962. In 2017, Eni's oil&gas production averaged [...] Eni's activities in Nigeria Eni's activities in Nigeria Overview In detail: the main ...

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Payment transparency: implementing the EITI in countries of operation

sector: the Ministry of Finance the Ministry of Petroleum the Petroleum Commission the Public Sector Reform Secretariat Private sector: Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) Kosmos Energy Tullow Oil [...] Stool Lands (OASL) Eni has been actively involved since 2016 in the local Multi Stakeholder Group, which met three times during the ...

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2002 Financial results and presentations

2002 Fortum Petroleum Acquisition Podcast October 25-27, 2002 2002 Field Trip to Nigeria London - Carpenter's Hall - Thursday 27th June, 2002 2002 Eni Oil and Gas Business Trend February, 2002 Eni 2001 Consolidated [...] direct link to the page with information about financial events Quarterly Results November 13, 2002 Eni 2002 ...

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Claudio Descalzi

National Petroleum Council for 2016/2017. Experience He joined Eni in 1981 as Oil & Gas field petroleum engineer and then became project manager for the development of North Sea, Libya, Nigeria and Congo. [...] subsidiary in Congo and in 1998 he became Vice President & Managing Director of Naoc, a subsidiary of ...

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Our answers to Amnesty International - Key finding 2 - Failure to take prompt steps to prevent pollution

and Remediation of Contaminated Land in DPR Environmental Guidelines and Standards for Petroleum Industry in Nigeria (EGASPIN) as well as NAOC JV procedure and international standards. "The main steps to [...] causing the delay were promptly communicated twice to the operations controller of the Ministry of Petroleum resources: AOO/ENV/HSE ...

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EU-Africa: Strengthening a Sustainable Partnership

Africa +18 mln have access to electricity in Nigeria and Congo thanks to 4 Eni installations +18 mln have access to electricity in Nigeria and Congo thanks to 4 Eni installations 12/04/2017 - 12:00 PM [...] Africa at the heart of things for Eni Claudio Descalzi presents EU-Africa: "Strengthening ...

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Eni’s proved and undeveloped reserves

divestments (down by 523 mmboe) related to Mozambique and Egypt disposals, as mentioned above. During 2017, Eni converted 489 mmboe of proved undeveloped reserves to proved developed reserves due to the progress [...] infrastructures. The large part of the planned expenditures for such project have already been made by Eni and ...

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2002 Field Trip to Nigeria

2002 Field Trip to Nigeria 2002 Field Trip to Nigeria Overview In detail: the date of the event and a list of speakers the presentation viewable on Slideshare and/or the podcast and/or the direct [...] Presentation of Stefano Cao pdf 276 KB Presentation of Claudio Descalzi pdf 2 MB ...

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Our answers to Amnesty International - Key finding 3 - Unreliable or misleading information

local laws and regulations including the Environmental Guidelines and Standards for the Petroleum Industry in Nigeria - EGASPIN, and National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency Act 2006 No. 15), as well [...] report. Moreover, the digital copy of the JIV report is available on the NAOC sustainability website. Eni is committed ...

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The rebirth of Ponticelle

encapsulates the philosophy of this project, which is based on bringing together skills and abilities within Eni and on close integration with the region in which the site is located. Reclamation: combining technology [...] requirement in the 1980s and 1990s following the political decision to involve the then state-owned Eni in ...

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Eni: the history of a great company

Mattei's Eni, in collaboration with the country, was able to play a delicate and courageous diplomatic role in the dialogue between the parties. A stratified strategy In the following years, Eni decided [...] the Libyan government in September 1974 was followed by further agreements in Egypt, Nigeria and Tunisia. From ...

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Eni’s activities on flaring

commitments to the reduction of gas flaring results achieved by Eni at the 'Mboundi field in Congo the results of flaring down in Nigeria The reduction of flaring is one of the pillars of our climate strategy: [...] are key elements in Eni's presence in Congo. Eni's sustainability projects ...

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OPEC and non-OPEC agreement: will extending production cuts be enough?

completed. The consequences of the cuts Despite meeting the quantitative target set, the Agreement did not produce the hoped for effect on prices : following a first rally between November 2016 and February 2017, [...] open some legitimate doubts as to their actual value . Continuous attention is paid to the Libya and ...

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Local community development: Eni’s projects

Access to energy For Eni, access to energy is fundamental to the development of the countries in which it operates and guarantees the growth of local energy systems, that is part of our strategy as can [...] as can be seen by, among others, the M'Boundi field in Congo the ...

1 January 2016 Section: Sustainability

Debut in Research: Young Talents from Africa-Blessing Onyeche Ugwoke

Efficient and renewable energy comes to Nigeria Dr. Ugwoke, a young talent from Africa, studies off-grid renewable energy systems in Nigeria. Technological innovation in the field of renewables reaches [...] to serve as a bench mark for its adaptability in Nigeria . Also, detailed analysis of the current status of off grid ...

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The production activities of Eni oil fields

operations reported a decrease of 13% compared to the previous year. The best improvement was reported in Nigeria due to the revamping of industrial installations. Productive wells Productive wells In 2016, oil

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Biodiversity: protection of water

increase in new development and production water reinjection projects in Nigeria, Congo and Turkmenistan. Biodiversity and ecosystem services Eni operates in several environmental contexts around the world, characterized [...] Environment (HSE), as well as Eni's operating practices. In 2017, Eni updated the BES Policy and identified, among the international and ...

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Statement on Decarbonisation Strategies for the 2016 AGM

with this vision, Eni has established an integrated strategy to make a contribution to the energy transition towards a low carbon future based on three fundamental pillars: we want to produce low carbon impact [...] Contacts Statement on Decarbonisation Strategies Eni has established an integrated strategy to make a contribution to ...

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Activities of exploration and productions of Eni

and production activities worldwide Eni operates in 42 countries in the exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas. Exploration and Production Eni is active in the exploration, development [...] oil and natural gas, primarily in Italy, Algeria, Angola, Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Libya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Norway, Kazakhstan, the UK, US ...

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