Operating Profit Adjusted for Eni in 2017 was (€ million) 5,803

Source: Integrated Annual Report 2017

2017 results

Eni’s results in 2017 in the company’s annual profile.

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Adjusted operating profit

Adjusted operating profit from continuing operations on a standalone basis was €2,315m.

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Selected consolidated financial data

Here you can find the annual economic and financial data by business sector. You can read the chart and an interactive version.

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Eni's strategy

Our commitment and aims for the period to 2021

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Investor relations contacts

For further information on Eni's shares, stock markets and strategy contact our Investor Relations experts

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2017: annual and fourth quarter performances

results for 2017 reveal growth at Eni, more than doubling the adjusted net profit and adjusted operating profit for the third quarter. In 2017 Eni saw an adjusted operating profit of 5.8 billion and an adjusted [...] & Marketing achieved an adjusted operating profit of 532 million, up by 91% y-o-y ...

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The production activities of Eni oil fields

Shorouk block (operated and 60 per cent owned by Eni) offshore of Egypt has over 850 billion m^3 of potential gas in place (approximately 5.5 billion boe ). Eni recently launched the second production unit [...] News Production activities Eni continued its growth in 2017, reaching a record production level ...

11 May 2018 eni.com Section: operations

Eni’s results for the first quarter of 2018

quarter of 2017, the Brent price in euros has increased by 8 per cent while the group's adjusted operating profit has gone up by 30 per cent and the resulting cash generation has increased by 22 per cent." [...] through a 47 per cent increase in hydrocarbon production, which has ...

27 April 2018 eni.com Section: operations

Exploration & Production: 2016 performance and capital expenditure

consolidated subsidiaries. (c) Three-year average. (d) Hydrocarbon production from fields fully operated by Eni (Eni's interest 100%) amounting to 122 mln toe, 125 mln toe and 117 mln toe in 2016, 2015 and 2014, [...] performance continued on a positive trend, with a total recordable injury rate of 0.34 ...

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Eni SPA dividend and how they are distributed

account the dividend for each year. This is the ratio between the total dividend distributed and operating profit. Calculate the dividend payable on your shares with our Investor tool Note 1 Depending on the [...] dividends are subject to a withholding tax or are treated in part as taxable income. Find ...

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Eni: energy company

Positive figures all round for Eni and a return to profit.The first half of 2017 ended for Eni with an adjusted net profit of 1.2 billion and an adjusted operating profit of 2.9 billion - three times greater [...] are thin, light and flexible - like photographic film. News Eni ...

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Eni’s activities in Russia

detail: the main activities in the Upstream sector conducted by Eni in Russia activities in the Gas & LNG Marketing and Power sector: Eni has a 50% stake in the Blue Stream undersea gas pipeline that connects [...] wholesale marketing of petroleum products in the R&M sector Eni offices and contacts ...

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2017-2020 Strategic Plan targets

presentations Eni Financial Results and Presentations: quarterly, half year and full year results, and the presentations to the financial community. 2016 results and 2017-2020 strategy Eni Financial Results [...] reduction and disposal program targets) Health, safety and environment objectives (HSE) Upstream Eni confirms the target of an annual growth rate of ...

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Eni's investments in the Exploration & Production segment

performance continued on a positive trend, with a total recordable injury rate of 0.34 (unchanged from 2015). Eni is engaged in maintaining a high safety standard in each of its operations leveraging also on continuous [...] the full year. For the full year 2016, the E&P segment reported a ...

4 May 2017 eni.com Section: operations

Refining and marketing: performance and investments

the second part of the year. In 2016, the Refining & Marketing business reported an adjusted operating profit of 278 million, down by 28% from 2015. This reflected negative impact of an unfavourable refining

3 May 2017 eni.com Section: operations

A year of solid results for the Company

transformed Eni into a company able to create value , even in such difficult times as the past three years, when the oil industry has been under severe strain. In 2017, our adjusted operating profit more than [...] Record proceeds of 3.8 billion from net divestments. These are just some of ...

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Eni gas e luce

world of home energy. Eni gas e luce is not just an energy supplier, but also a distributor of new services and innovative solutions at home and at work. There's so much to tell. Eni gas e luce helps you [...] The retail market: Eni gas e luce. Energy in ...

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Versalis: industrial chemical company in Eni

starting from base chemistry up to polyethylene, styrene polymers and elastomers. All applications : much of the stuff that surrounds us derives from polymers - from industrial packaging and food containers

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Eni Award 2012 Edition

developed by Eni. Eni Award 2011 Edition In 2010 Eni Award prizes went to six international research scientists and three projects developed in the Eni laboratories. Eni Award 2010 Edition In 2010 Eni Award [...] world. Eni Award 2016 The annual Eni Awards recognise the best results from around the world ...

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How to apply to join Eni

an online recruiting process Why work at Eni Eni is a major integrated energy company that offers job opportunities in many professional fields. On this page you can find information about how to apply for [...] How to apply to join Eni Our selection process includes an online registration and the ...

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Eni Award 2008 Edition

developed by Eni. Eni Award 2011 Edition In 2010 Eni Award prizes went to six international research scientists and three projects developed in the Eni laboratories. Eni Award 2010 Edition In 2010 Eni Award [...] all'Innovazione Eni 2008 pdf 9 KB Read also Eni Award 2017 The Eni Award aims ...

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Amran's story

Contacts Amran's story Amran is from Bangladesh, he is 25 and works for Eni. In this video he tells us his unique story, from his Eni scholarship to his career inside the company. From Bangladesh to Italy. [...] proved invaluable: enroll at a night school and continue your studies. The ...

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Production and reserves of mineral deposits

Eni is developing technologies to maximize the production and reserves of mineral deposits. Get the best Eni sets its sights on maximising reservoirs' productivity by using systems that increase the effectiveness [...] and how, and how much will each well produce? The answers to these questions are far from simple - and ...

12 May 2016 eni.com Section: Innovation

Second and third generation of Biofuel

News Biorefinery Eni has converted its refinery in Porto Marghera, Venice, to the production of high quality bio-fuel from vegetable oil and biomass. From oil to biomass Eni has breathed new life into [...] reduction in emissions. Our ambitions By 2021, Eni's Venice biorefinery will be able to process as ...

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Investor Day 2016

the significant headway already achieved on the road to Eni's transformation. It "will give rise to a much more stable company, which can tackle falling oil prices in a sustainable way while continuing to [...] investment programme to finance projects, initiatives and technological solutions to reduce emissions, Eni is first ...

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