The retail sales of petroleum products of Eni in Switzerland in 2017 were 276 (ktonnes)

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Sales of refined products in 2016

July 2015 as well as in Slovenia and Hungary in the second half of 2016. Retail sales in Italy: 2016 key facts In 2016, retail sales in Italy were 5.93 mmtonnes, with a slight decrease compared to 2015 (about [...] positive balance of acquisitions/releases of lease concessions (3 units ...

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Eni’s activities in Switzerland

Marketing Eni Suisse S.A. World Trade Center Losanna Av. De Gratta Paille 1 - 1018 Losanna Tel. (0041) 21 6443111 Fax (0041) 21 6443101 Link Eni in Svizzera Eni's activities in Switzerland Overview [...] Eni's activities in Switzerland Eni's activities in Switzerland Overview In detail: Eni's activities ...

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Power Portfolio

and scheduling , for relevant and non relevant units (Eni and third parties) in Italy and in Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Holland and Switzerland) manages short and long term forecasting for the customer [...] News Power Portfolio Eni places about 25 TWh of production on the Italian market each year with bilateral ...

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Supply and sales of natural gas in 2016

In 2016, main gas volumes from equity production derived from: Italian gas fields (4.5 bcm) certain Eni fields located in the British and Norwegian sections of the North Sea (2.2 bcm) Libyan fields (1.5 [...] Hungary 0.93 - UK/Northern Europe 2.01 - Turkey 6.55 - France 7 ...

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Sales of refined products in 2017

(4.4) TOTAL SALES OF REFINED PRODUCTS 3 3.20 33.41 35.24 (0.21) (0.6) Retail sales in Italy: 2017 key facts In 2017, retail sales in Italy were 6.01 mmtonnes, with a slight increase compared to 2016 (about [...] 0.05 22.7 TOTAL RETAIL AND ...

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Refining & Marketing: 2017 performance and capital expenditure

amounted to 0.24 mmtonnes, up by 14.3% compared 2016. Retail sales in Italy were 6.01 mmtonnes, up by about 8 ktonnes from 2016, or 1.3%. Retail sales in the rest of Europe (2.53 mmtonnes) were down by 4.9% [...] throughputs on own account (mmtonnes) 24 ...

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Petroleum refining and processing activities

increase on the previous year. Retail sales in Italy (6.01 million tonnes) have increased compared to 2016 (up by approximately 8,000 tonnes or 1.3 per cent). Retail sales in the rest of Europe (2.53 million [...] News Refining & Marketing activities At its refineries, Eni produces quality fuel ...

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Refining & Marketing: 2016 performance and capital expenditure

up by 5% compared to a year earlier . retail sales in Italy were 5.93 mmtonnes slightly decreasing from 2015 (down by approximately 30 ktonnes, or 0.5%). retail sales in the Rest of Europe (2.66 mmtonnes) [...] throughputs on own account (mmtonnes) 25,03 26,41 24,52 Retail ...

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Eni’s activities in Italy

and Chemicals Retail sales in Italy Eni is a leader in the Italian retail market of refined products with a 25% market share , up by 0.7 percentage points from 2016 . In 2017, retail sales in Italy were [...] and the Green Refinery (the conversion into a bio-refinery) the chemical sector ...

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Eni in numbers

Eni in numbers Eni in numbers Overview In detail: Selected consolidated financial data Selected operating data Profit and Loss account Summarized group balance sheet Summarized group cash flow [...] 7.9 8.0 Direct GHG emissions (mmtonnes CO2 eq) 11.23 11.17 10.57 10.12 11.27 GHG emissions ...

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Eni Peers

Contacts Eni Peers How Eni compares with the principal companies operating in the same sector: Exxon, Shell, Chevron, Total, BP, Conocophillips, Statoil, Anadarko, Apache e Marathon Oil. There was an error

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Governance Eni

Corporate Governance Code This is a governance model that Eni has adopted and improved to define the following: functions and relationships between the management and control bodies in the company; principles

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Eni: energy company

Eni is main partner of the exhibition dedicated to Achille Castiglioni La Triennale di Milano is dedicating a major monographic exhibition to Achille Castiglioni (1918-2002), one of the most important [...] leading social network channels on a single page: to keep up to date in real time about the world of ...

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Eni Award

Changes ahead with the 10th award Energy scenarios change, the landscape evolves, new talents emerge. The Eni Award will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2017 with important changes to the categories and the [...] Focus on the environment Environmental protection and the safeguarding of ecosystems is crucial to Eni in its ...

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Eni after 6

Eni after 6 Debating the world after work Eni after 6 is our flagship event in Brussels. Born in 2015, it brings together policy and opinion makers, corporate leaders and NGOs to debate the hot topics [...] environment journalist. For further information, please contact Previous editions Eni after ...

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Eni in the World

stories Our roots are in Italy but from the very beginning we have looked beyond our national borders. Eni carries out oil and gas exploration, development and extraction in 46 countries, trades in oil, gas, [...] Mozambique, Zohr, the largest gas field in the Mediterranean, and the Salissa Mwana project in ...

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Investors and ENI stakeholders

2018 Second Quarter Results 2018 Second Quarter Results Eni's Top Management has presented the 2018 Second Quarter Results. The conference call was held on Friday 27 July. Find out more We are an en

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Eni Award Announcement 2019

Eni Award Announcement 2019 Eni Award Announcement 2019 Overview In detail: list of Eni Award categories regulations and application forms for candidacies downloadable (PDF) documents for participation [...] in the next edition of the Eni Awards Eni Award 2019 You can find below and download all the information about the competition ...

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Eni Trading & Shipping (ETS)

News Eni Trading & Shipping (ETS) One hundred per cent owned by Eni, ETS is the company responsible for the integrated management of all trading and shipping activities. Global operations The Eni Trading [...] market. A comprehensive view of the commodities market Eni Trading & Shipping (ETS) was established as an independent company ...

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Eni selected operating data

in Operations We are an energy company.We are working to build a future where everyone can access energy resources efficiently and sustainably. Our work is based on passion and innovation, on our uniq

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