The sales through equity-accounted entities of Eni in Portugal in 2015 were 1,58 (bcm)

Press announcements 2006

AGM-EGM 2006 pdf 0 Project of merger of Project of merger of Eni Portugal Investment in Eni pdf 34 KB Project of merger of Enitecnologie in Eni pdf 0 Financial Statements 2005 and Annual Report 2005 pdf [...] AGM-EGM 2006 pdf 0 Project of merger of Project of merger of Eni ...

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Eni’s activities in Spain

marketer of lubricants and fuel distributor Eni offices and contacts in Spagna direct link to the site dedicated to Spain (multilingual) Gas & Power Eni operates in the Spanish gas market through a [...] had been stipulated the moment the network and extra-network activities ceased in Spain and Portugal in 2008. Eni ...

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Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting May 24, 2007

the Financial Statements of Eni Portugal Investment S.p.A. and Società Finanziaria Eni - Enifin S.p.A., both merged into Eni S.p.A. on January 2, 2007, and the allocation to Eni S.p.A. Reserve of carried [...] information and documentation. Resolutions The Eni S.p.A Ordinary ...

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Archive Acquisitions and Disposals

out by Eni. Acquisitions and Disposals 2013 Disposals 26 July Eni completes sale of 28.57% of Eni East Africa'share to CNPC 31 May Eni completes the sale of 6.7% of Galp's share capital 08 May Eni launches [...] market 21 March Eni acquires 32 new exploration licenses ...

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Eni Award Announcement 2016

Innovation Eni - patent Curriculum Vitae Form 2016 List of Publications Form 2016 Regulations Eni Award 2016 Summary of the Thesis Debut in Research Prize 2016 Documents Regulations for Eni Award 2016 pdf 164 [...] developed by Eni. Eni Award 2011 Edition In 2010 Eni Award prizes went to six international research ...

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Eni Innovation Awards 2016

Eni Innovation Awards 2016 Eni Innovation Awards 2016 Prizes for innovation were given to three projects developed by researchers in Eni's own in-house laboratories. The best ideas from our people With [...] With the Eni Innovation Awards, Eni rewards the most revolutionary projects developed by our researchers and technical experts ...

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North West East Europe 1st April 2016 1st October 2016

October 2016 North/West & East Europe Auction for Subletting and Swap Products from 1st April 2016 to 1st October 2016 Eni S.p.A. intends to make available transportation capacity from 01/04/2016, 06:00 [...] 00 a.m. to 01/10/2016, 06:00 a.m. Auction Eni S ...

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Remuneration Policy 2016

Remuneration Policy 2016 Remuneration Policy 2016 Overview Eni's Remuneration Policy is decided by the Board of Directors, based on proposals made by the Compensation Committee and defined in accordance [...] to the Remuneration Policy 2016 as applied to the chairman, the chief executive and general manager, key managers and non-executive ...

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Strategy 2013-2016

conference Documents 2013-2016 Strategy pdf 2 MB Eni 2013-2016 Strategic Plan - Press release pdf 49 KB Conference call transcript pdf 146 KB 2013-2016 Strategy pdf 2 MB Eni 2013-2016 Strategic Plan - Press [...] Strategy 2013-2016 Strategy 2013-2016 Overview On this page, the company's financial ...

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2016 Third quarter results

There was an error - check the logs for details Contacts Piazza Vanoni, 1 - 20097 San Donato Milanese (MI) Telephone: +39 0252051651 Email: We are an energy company. We are

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