The dividend for Eni in 2016 was 0,8 (€)

Source: Integrated Annual Report 2016

Dividend History

Eni’s remuneration policy envisages a progressive cash dividend.

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2016 results

Eni’s results in 2016 in the company’s annual profile.

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Eni SPA dividend and how they are distributed

How dividends are distributed: the part of the annual net profit due to shareholders.

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Investor relations contacts

For further information on Eni's shares, stock markets and strategy contact our Investor Relations experts

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Eni's strategy

Our commitment and aims for the period to 2021

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Financial Calendar Archive 2016

May 12, 2016 Press release Second quarter 2016 results and interim financial report as at June 30, 2016 Interim dividend announcement for the financial year 2016 July 28, 2016 Meeting of the Board of [...] December 31, 2015 Dividend proposal for 2015 March 17, 2016 Meeting of the Board of Directors ...

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Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting May 12, 2016

Announcement: publication of documents 12 April 2016 pdf 27 KB Announcement: publication of documents 7 April 2016 pdf 26 KB Eni Board of Directors Report AGM 2016 pdf 33 KB Ministry of Economy and Finance [...] Announcement: publication of documents 12 April 2016 pdf 27 KB Announcement: publication of documents 7 ...

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Press Announcements 2016

newspapers in 2016 with the essential information about corporate operations of events during the year. Download the notices published by Eni in newspapers in 2016. Documents Payment of the Interim Dividend 2016 [...] Meeting 2016 Resolutions pdf 1010 KB Availability of the Annual Report 2015 and other documents pdf 1010 KB ...

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2017-2020 Strategic Plan

of $50/bbl, much lower than the $127/bbl rate registered in 2013, and one of the best results in our sector. Claudio Descalzi 2016: a year beyond expectations Over the past three years, Eni has restructured, [...] (Cash Flow = CAPEX+dividend): in 2017 with $60/bbl, in 2018- 20 < $60/bbl Free Cash Flow: 20 bln Cash Flow From Operations 12 bln in 2019-2020 Shareholder remuneration Confirmed 2017 dividend ...

1 January 2016 Section: investors

Financial Calendar Archive 2017

Financial Calendar Fourth quarter 2016 results and financial statements 2016 Consolidated financial statements and draft financial statements as at 2016 Dividend proposal for 2016 Meeting of the Board of Directors [...] during the day. The final dividend for the 2016 fiscal year will be paid on April 26, 2017 (ex-dividend ...

20 January 2017 Section: enipedia

FAQs Eni on the stock exchange and dividends

investors. FAQs Eni on the stock exchange and dividends Overview What is Eni's dividend policy? What is the taxation on dividends? What is the code number for Eni shares? Does Eni have a dividend reinvestment [...] that identifies Eni shares where to check the current listing and the performance of ...

12 May 2016 Section: enipedia

Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting May 8, 2014

Shareholders in the form of a dividend of 0.55 euro per share owned and outstanding at the ex-dividend date, excluding treasury shares on that date, thus completing payment of the dividend for the financial year [...] the financial management of Eni; to approve the Long-Term Monetary Incentive Plan (2014- ...

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List of shareholders

basis of registered recipients of the interim dividend payment for the year 2017. The interim dividend for 2017 was paid on 20 September 2017, with ex-dividend date of 18 September 2017 and record date of [...] based on 2017 interim dividend payment (January 10, 2018 update) Major shareholders and other ...

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Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting April 30, 2009

payment of an interim dividend of euro 0.65 per share as follows: - payment of the final dividend of euro 0.65 for each share outstanding on the ex-dividend date. The overall 2008 dividend per share amounted [...] Payment of year 2008 final Dividend Eni S.p.A. shareholders' meeting ...

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Share total return chart

who purchased the Eni share on X day and sold it on Y day. This calculation considers all the dividends paid by the company as if they were reinvested in the Eni share at the ex-dividend date. 01/11/2018 [...] Contacts Share Total Return An overview of the total ...

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