The gas production of Eni employees in Italy in 2016 was 471.2 mmcf/d

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A new life for old assets. Using synergies that create integrated projects with Upstream activities, from Italy to North Africa, and worldwide. Marco Alfieri interviews Luca Cosentino, Energy Solutions - Executive Vice President. Find out more on Subscribe on Eni Video Channel ----- Want more from Eni? Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Flickr: Google+:

Eni’s activities in Italy

refinery) Eni offices and contacts in Italy Exploration & Production Eni has been operating in Italy since 1926. In 2016, Eni's oil and gas production amounted to 133 kboe/d. Eni's activities in Italy are [...] 52 01 Gas & Power Piazza Ezio Vanoni, 1 20097 San Donato Milanese (MI) Tel ...

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History of oil exploration in Italy

History of oil exploration in Italy Eni revolutionised the Italian oil industry by focusing on innovation, training and international vision. The stone oil In Italy oil has been known and used since ancient [...] companies consolidating their operations in North America, the Middle East, the Caucasus and even in Italy. Italy ...

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Eni’s activities in the Gas & Power segment

gas marketing Gas & Power: the long journey On ships or through pipelines, gas makes a long journey before being fed into the distribution network and reaching industries and homes. The cities of electricity [...] Ferrera Erbognone, Ravenna, Mantova, Brindisi, Ferrara and Bolgiano are the places around Italy where we produce electricity ...

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The procurement and sale of natural gas

procurement and sale of natural gas Eni is active in the supply and sale of gas. The volumes of natural gas procured in 2015 increased. The long journey of gas Transportation of gas from the production sites [...] locally. Supply of natural gas In 2016, Eni's consolidated subsidiaries supplied 82 ...

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The marketing activities and markets for gas sales

Gas marketing activities Eni is active in 30 countries worldwide in the trading of oil, natural gas, LNG and electricity. Gas and electricity trading Eni is highly competitive in the wholesale marketing [...] Russia, the Netherlands, Norway, Libya, Italy and Algeria; outlet markets are mainly Italy and Europe, but also North ...

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Focus Snam

In 1961 creation of a natural gas infrastructure for southern Italy got underway. Construction began on two major gas pipelines. The first brought to Terni and Rome the gas discovered in the province of [...] country. In 1974 gas began to arrive from Russia and Holland . The gas from fields in ...

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Eni at the Sanremo Festival: "many tales, one story"

for the gas and electricity market (with "Eni Gas Light and the simplest solution") and fuel (with "Eni station. There is a world within"). The decision, made by Eni in collaboration with TBWA\Italia, to entrust [...] born in Italy and now reside in Holland. Rewarded for the courage displayed in ...

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The perfect tool for learning about the Eni world The perfect tool for learning about the Eni world These dossiers delve into the most important topics relating to Eni, providing in-depth information on the [...] projects under development by the company in Italy and around the world. Company profile We are ...

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Workshop CNR – Eni

Workshop CNR - Eni Workshop CNR - Eni > Cnr - Eni Eni has today renewed the Framework Agreement with the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) for cooperation in research, focused on the production [...] idea that research and development activities are crucial to produce more occupation, wealth and social cohesion. Workshop CNR - Eni Cnr ...

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Gas Systems

hydrocarbons but also non-hydrocarbon components. Examples? Methane gas : bacterial processes may generate significant amounts of methane gas, as evidenced by the recent discovery of the Zohr reservoir. Solphidric [...] Libya, Vietnam and Pakistan or hydrogen sulphide in Kazakhstan. Thanks to Gas Systems we can also include inorganic mechanisms The Gas Systems ...

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