Water Wells Project

The project aims to improve living conditions and sanitation practices of about 4,000 people in the Palma area, with safe and durable access to drinking water. In 2015, a small water distribution network was created, consisting of two wells with submersible electric pumps, two suspended water tanks and three public supply points.

2017 Business Outlook

conventional resources, designed to cost operations and high value assets. Exploration & Production Confirmed 2017 target of 0.8 bln boe of new resources , at a unitary discovery cost of approximately 1 $/bbl. Confirmed [...] Structural positive EBIT from 2017 onwards . Planned cost position improvements by leveraging on long-term supply contracts revision ...

15 May 2017 eni.com Section: investors

Increase and improvement of resources, our strategy for 2019

Organically-developed conventional upstream projects, with a large resource base and a competitive cost structure Increasing and enhancing the use of discovered resources to improve cash generation Main [...] the carbon footprint and the gradual elimination of routine gas flaring. Large projects at low unit cost The upstream development model will continue ...

12 May 2016 eni.com Section: enipedia

Exploration activities and successful discoveries

billion boe of additional resources at a cost of 0.6 $/boe. Additions to the Company's resources backlog were 3.4 billion boe in the last three years, at a cost of 1 $/boe. Promising new prospects to be [...] 1.1 billion boe of additional resources at a cost ...

4 May 2017 eni.com Section: operations

Eni is a partner of the 2012 MIT Europe Energy Conference

nanotechnology and solar energy : an advanced approach to overcome the current limits of efficiency and cost of solar technologies, using very thin layers of innovative materials assembled devices built on a [...] The expectation is to be able to produce self-assembling materials using potentially simple and low cost processes. Artificial photosynthesis ...

28 March 2012 eni.com Section: enipedia

Our strategic plan 2016-2019

transformation into an integrated oil and gas company will enable us to meet this challenge with a competitive cost structure, an efficient operating model and a flexible asset portfolio. We have begun a new profitable [...] through sustainable upstream growth, the completion of the restructuring of other sectors, greater cost efficiency ...

18 March 2016 eni.com Section: enipedia

2016 results

billion boe of additional resources at a cost of 0.6 $/boe. Additions to the Company's resources backlog were 3.4 billion boe in the last three years, at a cost of 1 $/boe. Promising new prospects to be [...] lower non-recurring gains in G&P weighted for 0.6 ...

6 April 2017 eni.com Section: company


management Construction management Commissioning management Installation management Planning Cost control Cost estimating. Technologies and Innovative Projects EniProgetti is committed to the consolidation [...] the challenges facing the oil industry in the use of innovative technologies to improve the safety, cost-effectiveness and "time to market" of exploration activities and the development ...

22 June 2017 eni.com Section: enipedia

Eni financial highlights and key performance Indicators

creation of value. This process of radical change, begun in 2014, has enabled ENI to transform its cost structure. It is built around three central pillars: our transformation into an integrated oil and

3 May 2017 eni.com Section: investors

Top Risks

uncertainties section pages 78-79 Strategic risk Company profitability Potential differencies between the cost of supply and the minimum off take obligations in take-or-pay long-term gas supply contracts compared [...] Company profitability Upstream credit and financing risk partner related to the credit proceeds delay or cost recovery. Mid-downstream business credit risk. Finalization ...

24 July 2017 eni.com Section: investors

Eni reduces fuel costs in Lampedusa

to the initiative and agreed to allow its customers to fully benefit from this fuel, gas and petrol cost reduction. With this initiative, Eni reiterates its focus and commitment to support and sustaining

9 April 2011 eni.com Section: enipedia