School Projects in Basilicata

Eni has confirmed its support for school and cultural projects in Basilicata, with initiatives aimed at meeting local needs in partnership with the Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, in line with agreements signed with the Basilicata Region. In particular, the “Piccole Scuole” (Small Schools) project will project, which involves the “Benedetto Croce” primary school in Pergola, will continue, focusing on the creation of a network of primary schools in of interest for Eni that will work on a shared multimedia platform. The project “Turismo scolastico nelle valli dell’energia” (School tourism in the valleys of energy), aimed at promoting school tourism in Basilicata and NECST, the aim of which is the development of a virtuous cycle of knowledge and exchange of good practice between the academic, school and business sectors on issues related to energy and sustainability in areas of energy production. Meanwhile, also in Lucania, Eni is committed to the “Alternanza scuola-lavoro” (Alternating School-Work) project, which aims to facilitate the orientation of young people in their choice of work in the future.

Eni school

Eniscuola Energy and Environment" is a project run by Eni to promote awareness of energy and environmental issues amongst students. In the Italian version, the website also offers digital lessons on Art, Science and English language.

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Intervista doppia - Progetto "Piccole scuole" | Eni Video Channel

Con l'attivazione dei laboratori di inglese e di coding, linguaggio multimediale di programmazione, è ripartito il progetto "Piccole Scuole" presso la scuola elementare di Pergola, a Marsico Nuovo. Intervista doppia alle tutor che seguono i due laboratori, Alessia Setaro per il coding e Laura Lacorcia per l'insegnamento della lingua inglese.

The OCTP project in Ghana

industrial development. The OCTP project in Ghana The OCTP project in Ghana The OCTP project in Ghana The OCTP project in Ghana The OCTP project in Ghana The OCTP project in Ghana OCTP combines value creation [...] The OCTP project in Ghana Oil and gas, access to energy and economic development ...

13 July 2018 Section: operations

OCTP Project Benefits

Contacts OCTP Project Benefits Through reliable supply of power, the OCTP Project will contribute significantly to the economic growth of Ghana's in the short-to-medium term. Ghana domestic natural gas [...] service delivery for power continuity against shortages currently being experienced in-country. OCTP Project multiple benefits can be summarized in the ...

12 May 2016 Section: media

Ghana: the OCTP project

Contacts Ghana: the OCTP project The Offshore Cape Three Points (OCTP) is an integrated oil and gas development project being a major contribution to access energy in Ghana. Caption Description OCTP will [...] and where needed most. Eni Ghana Exploration and Production Ltd is the Operator (47.222%) of the Project ...

12 May 2016 Section: media

Farm Recovery Project

Distribution of farm inputs and training The project distributed farm inputs of groundnut, sesame and green gram to enhance stable food production. The project also distributed vegetable seeds to 150 households [...] Contacts Food safety in Myanmar: the Farm Recovery Project Eni Myanmar and the NGO AVSI Foundation Myanmar have launched ...

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Eni’s sustainability project in Congo

Eni's sustainability project in Congo Eni's sustainability project in Congo Overview In detail: the initiatives of the integrated Hinda project (PIH) Eni's support in the country for access to energy [...] The Salissa Mwana Project pdf 1 MB The Integrated Hinda Project pdf 1 MB Sustainable development projects ...

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than 40 years. Project Management Services EniProgetti also offers project management services, tailored to meet specific customer needs. The services cover the entire life of the project, from the concept [...] detailed engineering. On the basis of the stage of the project, the contract strategy and client needs, EniProgetti defines the ...

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Agreement on the Kashagan project development

Agreement on the Kashagan project development Agreement on the Kashagan project development Overview In detail: the date of the event and a list of speakers the presentation viewable on Slideshare [...] Audiocast speakers: Paolo Scaroni - CEO Stefano Cao - COO E&P Division Agreement on the Kashagan project development Overview

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The exploration model and projects

production chains. Our Upstream model Eni's exploration strategy is driven by time-to-market speed and cost-effectiveness while converting discoveries into production. How to reach first oil before other companies [...] few more details about dual exploration and the projects it was successfully applied to. Design to cost - the overlapping of ...

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Our strategy for renewables: the "Progetto Italia" - Project Italy

Contacts Our strategy for renewables: the "Progetto Italia" - Project Italy The project involves the construction of large-scale generating capacity from renewable sources on industrial areas available

12 April 2018

Talacre Masterplan project: creation of environmentally sensitive car parks

Contacts Talacre Masterplan project: sustainable mobility The Talacre Masterplan project commenced in 2008, when two external consulting agencies were commissioned by Cadwyn Clwyd Rural Development Agency, [...] Flintshire County Council has been involved in a long-running project to increase the economic viability of the Talacre/Gronant area. Part of this project ...

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The history of Zohr

DESCALZI Zohr: stages of development and the design-to-cost model Development involves using hi-tech solutions to create infrastructure while meeting time, cost and quality objectives. Thanks to some highly advanced [...] place, collecting the necessary information to improve project engineering and reduce the time required to arrive at the FID. This ...

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EniPower - From a project to an industrial reality

EniPower - From a project to an industrial reality EniPower - From a project to an industrial reality Overview In detail: the date of the event and a list of speakers the presentation viewable on [...] and CEO EniPower Documents Presentation pdf 903 KB Presentation pdf 903 KB EniPower - From a project to ...

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The results of 2016 and how they were achieved

exploration - A `design-to-cost' approach in project development - Portfolio of conventional projects FINANCIAL RESULTS Cost Optimisation : CAPEX reduction - The overall cost optimisation programme has [...] the volume produced in the same period) - An average unit exploration cost 2008-2016 of $2 per barrel (around 20% of the average cost per barrel for ...

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Exploration in 2016

resources were discovered, at a unit cost of $0.6/boe. The exploration resources discovered over the last 3 years consequently amount to 3.4 billion boe at a unit cost of $1/boe. Exploration activities are [...] resources of 1.1 billion boe in 2016, at a unit cost of ...

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2017 results

which approximately 90% oil. Scheduled a fast-track development plan. Coral project Sanctioned by the partners the development project for the exclusive reserves in Area 4 in Mozambique amounting to 16 TCF [...] by the implementation of strategic drivers focused on upstream profitable growth, the turnaround and cost efficency initiatives in the ...

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The Hinda Integrated Project: our commitment to provide access to drinking water

Hinda Integrated Project: our commitment to provide access to drinking water Our commitment to provide access to drinking water for local communities is a fundamental part of a wider project being undertaken [...] partnership with local and national authorities, the population and NGOs . A project in two phases Split into two ...

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Development of green investments

(CSP) A project for the development of innovative Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) solutions that can reduce investment costs and for solar thermal energy production. In collaboration with MIT, a low-cost, easy- [...] steam reformer to produce hydrogen will allow the production to grow up to 560 kton/y by 2021 ...

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The path to decarbonization

that is based on 4 main drivers: the reduction of direct GHG emissions, in all our activities, a low-cost and low-carbon portfolio, the development of projects in the field of renewables, and investment in [...] shows we are leading the drive towards the use of biofuels that have zero environmental ...

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Exploration and development activities

new deposits and completed new exploratory wells. Eni's Upstream model Our goal is to focus on low-cost resources, flexibility over the short term and creation of sustainable value and growth over the long [...] development operations are carried out during exploration and the information required to improve project engineering ...

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Eni’s sustainability projects in Ecuador

Ecuador has embarked on a project of development and support for public health by setting up a system of preventative and therapeutic health services. Over the years, the project has gone through various [...] En's presence in Ecuador training programmes in the areas of activity the "Villano" biodiversity project for ...

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