Eni’s sustainability projects in Nigeria

criteria in Nigeria videos about the Kwale Okpai power plant, part of the Green River Project Green River Project The Green River Project is an integrated programme of agricultural and livestock development [...] detail: the initiatives of the integrated development project for farming and livestock, the Green River Project, in the ...

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Community development projects

elements in Eni's presence in Congo. Eni's sustainability projects in Nigeria Thanks to the Green River Project, Eni has created a system to support agriculture in the country. Eni's sustainability projects

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Increase and improvement of resources, our strategy for 2019

Organically-developed conventional upstream projects, with a large resource base and a competitive cost structure Increasing and enhancing the use of discovered resources to improve cash generation Main [...] the carbon footprint and the gradual elimination of routine gas flaring. Large projects at low unit cost The upstream development model will continue ...

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Eni is a partner of the 2012 MIT Europe Energy Conference

nanotechnology and solar energy : an advanced approach to overcome the current limits of efficiency and cost of solar technologies, using very thin layers of innovative materials assembled devices built on a [...] The expectation is to be able to produce self-assembling materials using potentially simple and low cost processes. Artificial photosynthesis ...

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2016 results

billion boe of additional resources at a cost of 0.6 $/boe. Additions to the Company's resources backlog were 3.4 billion boe in the last three years, at a cost of 1 $/boe. Promising new prospects to be [...] lower non-recurring gains in G&P weighted for 0.6 ...

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2017-2020 Strategy

the 3.4 billion boe discovered over the last 3 years, 1.1 billion were discovered in 2016, at a unit cost of $0.6 boe. Production Production reached a record 1.86 million bbl/day in the last quarter Dual [...] historical record for Eni. E&P efficiency target Eni ...

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Exploration activities and successful discoveries

the presence of 1.4 billion barrels of new resources at a unit cost of $0.7/boe (compared to a target, respectively, of 500m barrels at a cost of not more than $2/barrel) primarily in near-field areas with

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Solar cells: lighter and more flexible

cheaper, particularly in the nanotechnology and energy industries. But they are only viable if a quick, cost-effective and low environmental-impact technique can be found for their manufacture. Bella's research

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Targets, risks and treatment measures

uncertainties section pages 78-79 Strategic risk Company profitability Potential differencies between the cost of supply and the minimum off take obligations in take-or-pay long-term gas supply contracts compared [...] Company profitability Upstream credit and financing risk partner related to the credit proceeds delay or cost recovery. Mid-downstream business credit risk. Finalization ...

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Eni's efforts in the energy transition and the role of natural gas

energy policy guidelines for gas if it wishes to achieve a balanced energy mix , market dynamics and the cost of other alternatives must be taken into account. Long term investments will be needed since, as we [...] emissions . Emissions by factories, power plants and transportation have a negative external impart, a ...

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