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Eni’s sustainability projects in Nigeria

of EITI criteria in Nigeria videos about the Kwale Okpai power plant, part of the Green River Project Green River Project To meet the Nigerian Federal Government's directive of 1986 requiring all foreign [...] Eni's sustainability projects in Nigeria Overview In detail: initiatives as part of the Green River ...

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Eni’s activities on flaring

elements in Eni's presence in Congo. Eni's sustainability projects in Nigeria Thanks to the Green River Project, Eni has created a system to support agriculture in the country. Link Global Gas Flaring

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Eni’s activities in Nigeria

water and primary education; economic programs for diversification purposes with the ongoing Green River Project; professional training and scholarship programs as well as renovation and construction of health

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Progetto Italia

opportunities: from Italy to a low-carbon future. Progetto Italia: promotion and employment Our contribution to a low-carbon future also includes renewables. As part of progetto Italia, we are installing solar panels [...] of additional capacity, from an investment of around 260 million . With regard to the environment, Progetto Italia initiatives will ...

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The history of Zohr

DESCALZI Zohr: stages of development and the design-to-cost model Development involves using hi-tech solutions to create infrastructure while meeting time, cost and quality objectives. Thanks to some highly advanced [...] improve project engineering and reduce the time required to arrive at the FID. This is the design-to-cost model; dividing ...

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The exploration model and projects

production chains. Our Upstream model Eni's exploration strategy is driven by time-to-market speed and cost-effectiveness while converting discoveries into production. How to reach first oil before other companies [...] few more details about dual exploration and the projects it was successfully applied to. Design to cost - the overlapping of ...

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Exploration in 2016

resources were discovered, at a unit cost of $0.6/boe. The exploration resources discovered over the last 3 years consequently amount to 3.4 billion boe at a unit cost of $1/boe. Exploration activities are [...] resources of 1.1 billion boe in 2016, at a unit cost of ...

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Exploration and development activities

new deposits and completed new exploratory wells. Eni's Upstream model Our goal is to focus on low-cost resources, flexibility over the short term and creation of sustainable value and growth over the long [...] evaluated. Exploration continues to be a key aspect of Eni's Upstream model, providing a ...

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Research and development for energy transition

energy Develop low cost production technologies from renewable sources that can be integrated in the Oil & Gas activities. A programme has been ongoing for several years to develop low cost technologies for

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to our projects around the world. What, then, is our new exploration strategy based on? Design to cost The magic formula is to prepare development analyses during exploration and use advanced technologies [...] Hub and OCTP, converting unused assets saved on development costs and sped up timescales. Design to cost The ...

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Exploration in 2017

1 billion boe of new resources, of which 800 million boe from in-house exploration with a discovery cost of approximately $1 per barrel. From 2014, we discovered over 4 billion boe, approximately double [...] significant experience in exploration activities and an extensive know-how in challenging and a lower cost to production ...

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2017 results

by the implementation of strategic drivers focused on upstream profitable growth, the turnaround and cost efficency initiatives in the mid-downstream business, leveraging on the scenario recovery. Upstream [...] 2017 added 1 bln boe of new resources, of which 0.8 bln boe from in house exploration with a discovery cost of ...

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Energy and renewable sources: Eni’s projects

mind, in solar we are focusing on systems that use less polluting materials, can be produced at lower cost and are more easily integrated into buildings - such as organic solar cells and luminescent solar

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Energy After Energy: from the present to the future of energy

LSC sheets We are focusing on systems that use fewer polluting materials and can be produced at lower cost. Luminescent solar concentrators are used to generate electricity from coloured and transparent glass

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Eni reaches all-time production record

CLAUDIO DESCALZI The exploration model Eni's exploration strategy is driven by time-to-market speed and cost-effectiveness while converting discoveries into production.The focus both now and going forward is

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Eni's strategy

Strategic Plan 2018-2021 | Video on demand Enhancing business integration Organic growth, cost flexibility and fastest time-to-market continue to be the main pillars of Eni's strategy. Our value creation

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Business model for Eni stakeholders

activity. Integrated business units enable the company to capture synergies in operations and reach cost efficiencies. Since 2015, the New Energy Solutions Department has been created for the development

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Development of green investments

can reduce investment costs and for solar thermal energy production. In collaboration with MIT, a low-cost, easy-to-implement and assemble solar parabolic collector has been developed, for the production in

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Research alliances and collaborations

developed in collaboration with MIT and the Politecnico di Milano, the identification of innovative low-cost heat fluids and the development of advanced coatings for receivers. Studies are also underway to evaluate

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Sustainability objectives

life, costs, included fiscal costs, and to remunerate the capital employed at the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) Sustainability objectives and results Objectives of the 2018-2021 Plan Safety TRIR

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