Green River Project

An integrated programme of agricultural and livestock business development in the Niger Delta, founded in 1987 with the aim of facilitating technology transfer, through vocational training and guidance to increase the availability of food, increase employment opportunities and incomes, and facilitate access to social services.

Eni’s sustainability projects in Nigeria

criteria in Nigeria videos about the Kwale Okpai power plant, part of the Green River Project Green River Project The Green River Project is an integrated programme of agricultural and livestock development [...] detail: the initiatives of the integrated development project for farming and livestock, the Green River Project, in the ...

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Community development projects

elements in Eni's presence in Congo. Eni's sustainability projects in Nigeria Thanks to the Green River Project, Eni has created a system to support agriculture in the country. Eni's sustainability projects

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Exploration and production strategy

will see an increase in production as the result of new projects, the discovery of new deposits and cost reductions. Prospects and objectives New projects, new fields and reduction in costs: in a few years [...] years covered by the strategy, Eni expects new discoveries of 1.6 billion barrels at ...

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Increase and improvement of resources, our strategy for 2019

the carbon footprint and the gradual elimination of routine gas flaring. Large projects at low unit cost The upstream development model will continue to be characterised by the presence of large-scale, [...] near fields undergoing development, predictions of new discoveries of 1.6 billion boe at a competitive cost of $2 ...

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2017 Business Outlook

growth by building a high margin portfolio based on material and conventional resources, designed to cost operations and high value assets. Upstream Hydrocarbon production is expected to grow by 3% per year

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Eni is a partner of the 2012 MIT Europe Energy Conference

nanotechnology and solar energy : an advanced approach to overcome the current limits of efficiency and cost of solar technologies, using very thin layers of innovative materials assembled devices built on a [...] The expectation is to be able to produce self-assembling materials using potentially simple and low cost processes. Artificial photosynthesis ...

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Here is the strategic plan of for 2016‐2019: take a look

consolidation of profitable growth in all our business, the turnaround of the mid-downstream, and a major cost efficency program wich was already underway. Thanks to the continuous effort and a strong commitment [...] Production area, Eni expects new discoveries of hydrocarbons of 1.6 billion boe at the competitive cost of ...

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management Construction management Commissioning management Installation management Planning Cost control Cost estimating. Technologies and Innovative Projects EniProgetti is committed to the consolidation [...] the challenges facing the oil industry in the use of innovative technologies to improve the safety, cost-effectiveness and "time to market" of exploration activities and the development ...

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Exploration activities and successful discoveries

the presence of 1.4 billion barrels of new resources at a unit cost of $0.7/boe (compared to a target, respectively, of 500m barrels at a cost of not more than $2/barrel) primarily in near-field areas with

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Our strategic plan 2016-2019

through sustainable upstream growth, the completion of the restructuring of other sectors, greater cost efficiency and the management of a flexible portfolio. In addition, thanks to our financial flexibility,

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