Progetto Zubair

Eni has devised an education strategy for the Zubair area for 2017-22, in line with its local and national development plans, to be carried out through a comprehensive programme featuring a number of infrastructure, teaching and vocational-training projects. These include restoring and rebuilding 50 schools, completing the construction of 27 school buildings, improving teaching standards and providing professional training. Eni has been in Iraq since 2009 and, true to the spirit of the ‘dual flag’ model, alongside its commercial operations it also promotes initiatives that benefit local communities. In recent years we have built and improved buildings and classrooms and helped to supply teaching materials, aiming to ensure that young people receive a quality education in a safe, functional, efficient and welcoming environment.


With pencil in hand, children prepare for their future lives. Eni's partnership with local communities in Iraq is helping to secure children’s right to education.

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Eni and Saipem are offended parties in the enquiry

of the Eni Group to third companies. At Eni, the employee involved is a non executive manager responsible for procurement at the Eni-controlled Eni Zubair SpA company, with relation to an Eni project in Iraq. [...] Eni and Saipem are offended parties in the enquiry Eni and Saipem are offended ...

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Eni’s proved and undeveloped reserves

Congo . During 2016, Eni converted 646 mmboe of proved undeveloped reserves to proved developed reserves due to the progress of development activities, production start-ups and project revisions. The main [...] to the following fields/projects: Kashagan (Kazakhstan), Perla (Venezuela), Litchendjili (Congo), Zubair (Iraq) and Goliat (Norway). Reclassification In 2016, capital expenditure ...

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Eni’s activities in Iraq

the E&P sector conducted by Eni in Iraq since 2009 a focus on the Zubair field, located close to the city of Bassora Eni offices and contacts in Iraq Exploration & Production Eni has been present in Iraq [...] Plan) of Zubair field was completed with the start-up of these new ...

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Eni’s sustainability projects in Iraq

content initiatives to guarantee access to education in the Zubair area the implementation of EITI criteria in Iraq Access to energy Eni Iraq BV (EIBV) supports the Iraqi government's strategy to reduce, [...] Facilities (IPF) and Power Plant Generation (PPG) both fuelled by associated gas from the Zubair field operated ...

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Eni’s sustainability project in Congo

and onshore areas. Link Eni and Congo, a long-standing friendship Eni Foundation EITI Eni's sustainability project in Congo Overview Focus on the Hinda Integrated Project Access to energy Environment [...] Eni's sustainability project in Congo Eni's sustainability project in Congo Overview In detail: the initiatives of the integrated ...

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Our strategy for renewables: the "Progetto Italia" - Project Italy

renewables: the "Progetto Italia" - Project Italy The project aims to enhance the Syndial industrial areas, not currently in use or economically unattractive. We invest in the country where we were born [...] the sites with large-scale initiatives, investing in the Italian territory and creating jobs. The project involves the construction of ...

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Eni Partner of the Gemelli Insieme project

Eni Partner of the Gemelli Insieme project Eni Partner of the Gemelli Insieme project Rome,17 May 2013 - Eni is a partner in the Gemelli Insieme project, an initiative created by the Policlinico Universitario [...] preventative health programme for the citizens of the capital. Supporting the health and safety of Eni ...

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OCTP Project Benefits

Contacts OCTP Project Benefits Through reliable supply of power, the OCTP Project will contribute significantly to the economic growth of Ghana's in the short-to-medium term. Ghana domestic natural gas [...] addition, Healthcare Project to strengthen primary infant and maternal medical services in three of the coastal districts in the Western ...

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Farm Recovery Project

Contacts Food safety in Myanmar: the Farm Recovery Project Eni Myanmar and the NGO AVSI Foundation Myanmar have launched an aid programme for the people of Magway. The project's aim is to improve the nutrition, [...] beneficiaries in the Magway and Minhla townships located in Magway Region. Eni Myanmar brings ...

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Ghana: the OCTP project

Contacts Ghana: the OCTP project The Offshore Cape Three Points (OCTP) is an integrated oil and gas development project being a major contribution to access energy in Ghana. Caption Description OCTP will [...] requirements in urban and rural areas and where needed most. Eni Ghana Exploration and Production Ltd is the ...

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